Grandma's Cats (Are Trying To Kill Her!)

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Lucas was planning on a fun summer filled with candy and video games at Grandma's house, but instead he uncovered a deadly secret -- her cats are trying to kill her! They're pulling out all the stops, including robotic cat monsters, mini golf disasters and even electric cozy chairs! Can Lucas rescue Grandma from the crazy cats' fatal traps?

1 Season, 19 Episodes
August 21, 2015
Cast: Malcolm Campbell, Louie Granda
Grandma's Cats (Are Trying To Kill Her!)

Grandma's Cats (Are Trying To Kill Her!) Full Episode Guide

  • When Grandma goes for a make over to increase her luck on an online dating site, Lucas has to figure out how to spruce up Grandma while keeping the cats at bay.

  • The cats try to take the bull by the horns with a new online purchase but their scheme does little to raise red flags for Lucas and Grandma.

  • When the cats get a big idea from Lucas and Gma's zombie video game obsession, Lucas has to use his wiliest tricks to keep Gma from becoming one of the undead.

  • When the cats repurpose Grandma's satellite TV signal to bring Aliens to abduct her, Lucas uses his mad video game skillz to beat the cats at their own game!

  • When Lucas discovers Grandma's past history as a famous wrestler, he thinks that this could be the perfect way to turn the tables on the cats. But has he set Grandma up for the title belt or the big grand slam?

  • Grandma is working on her yearly prune jam canning project but the cats think canned-grandma sounds much better.

  • Grandma's garden has gotten out of control and Lucas has to help her tame it! However, the cats have bigger surprises in the jungle other than overgrown petunias!.

  • When a swimming pool appears in the backyard overnight, Grandma is thrilled! It reminds her of her time on the Titanic! But Lucas is less thrilled since he knows that danger can lurk under the surface of the water.

  • It's Grandma's Birthday and Lucas is excited to give Grandma her favorite treat, but the cats have a different Birthday Surprise in mind!

  • Grandmas is a big fan of summer fireworks, but the cats have a more explosive idea in mind.

  • The cats are getting creative in their ways to off Grandma and lure her to one of her favorite past times. Little does she know that winning bingo could be her last victory!

  • When Grandma settles in for a trip down memory lane, the cats try to make it her last voyage!

  • The cats make a play to beat Grandma at Mini Golf and end her athletic career permanently.

  • The cats find a sneaky way to get into Grandma's sewing room and try to turn her hobby against her.

  • Lucas and Grandma settle in for a relaxing night of horror movies, but the cats have other ideas and turn her chair into the most horrific thing of all!

  • Lucas is suspicious of Grandma's long lost love coming over for dinner. He's proven right when dinner turns deadly!

  • Boo Boo takes one for the team and volunteers for a vet trip so Clyde can execute an automobile catastrophe.

  • What do two sneaky cats, a special delivery cheese pizza, and Grandma's bathtime spell? Trouble!