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Guns & Ammo Full Episode Guide

  • We have the Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion 9mm At The Range. We test SBR suppressed vs. unsuppressed in New Mexico in our Ballistic Science feature. We examine a historical engraved Marlin revolver in our Marlin 150th Anniversary feature.

  • We test the affect of extreme gun temperature in New Mexico in our Ballistic Science feature. We examine the Marlin Model 336 in our celebration of 150 yeas of Marlin. In the Pros vs. Joes competition, we challenge Chris Cereno in the Field Gun vs. 3-Gun Shotgun drill.

  • We have the Blackhawk T Series Holster At The Range. We test Big Ballistics in New Mexico in our Ballistic Science feature. We continue our Marlin 150th anniversary with a look at the Marlin Model 39A.

  • We have the Benelli Lupo .300 Winchester Magnum At The Range. We celebrate Marlin's 150th anniversary at the Cody Firearms Museum. In the Pros vs. Joes competition, Tom Beckstrand shows his skill with a lever action rifle.

  • We have the Kel-Tec KSG Titanium 12 Gauge At The Range. We test boat tail vs. flat base in New Mexico in our Ballistic Science feature. In the Pros vs. Joes competition, Chris Cereno is challenged in a revolver vs. high capacity pistol challenge.

  • We have the Springfield Hellcat 9mm At The Range. We test the affect of rain on bullet trajectory in New Mexico in our Ballistic Science feature. In the Pros vs. Joes competition, shooting superstar Jesse Harrison takes on a G&A producer in a drill called Smoke & Hope.

  • Our experts show us a great shooting & well equipped compact metal framed pistol, the Kimber EVO SP. Craig Boddington will review a lightweight sport utility rifle from KelTec and how far will Chris Cerino take our average Joe in the Step Back drill.

  • Jim Tarr shows us a stylish addition to the Walther PPK family, the PPKS. We take time to learn about the Student Air Rifle Program, which is growing throughout the US. Kyle Lamb tries to tire out Tom Beckstrand in the Never Ending Magazine drill.

  • In our At the Range segment we review a very lightweight .308 option from Springfield Armory & shoot some 9mm through a titanium suppressor from SureFire. Tom Beckstrand goes long range against an average Joe & Kyle Lamb shows us the Highsmith Drill.

  • Kimber tactical rifles are built for real-world law enforcement and military use. Our experts take one to the range. Ruger fans will enjoy seeing the flat dark earth options from Davidson's. Taurus' Jessie Harrison shoots against an average Joe.

  • Now you can own a piece of history in the making with the S&W Classic revolver line. The SIG Sauer MPX has been a leader in the PCC category for years. It now has a competition ready version. Kyle Lamb shows off his footwork in the Zig Zag Drill.

  • The Springfield Armory 1911 RO Elite series ups the ante in power by introducing it's newest model in 10mm. Kyle Lamb shows us how to shoot fast without double-tapping in Stay in the Fight. In Pros Vs Joes Jim Tarr using a revolver against a pistol.

  • The Colt Gold Cup has been reborn and we have it in At the Range. It's amazing how long the Umarex Gauntlet .25 air rifle can shoot without recharging, Richard Nance & Jim Tarr take it to the range. Tom Beckstrand show's he is a Pro with the .375 H&H.

  • If you need rapid deployment & precision you need to consider the SIG SAUER Rattler. Glock fans are going to enjoy seeing some Davidson's exclusives. We review both in today's show. We also get professional shooter Jessie Harrison taking on a Joe.

  • Accuracy is very important in the world of shooting. We will take a look at the tack driving TX22 from Taurus and the Crimson Trace Laser Saddle created for shotguns. Jim Tarr provides helpful competitive shooting tips in Pros Vs. Joes.

  • In our At the Range Segment we review a truly unique looking 1911, the Kimber Rapide. For the revolver fans we get our hands on the Colt King Cobra. We have fun going full auto with Umarex. Kyle Lamb shows us fancy footwork in his "Blaze X" drill.

  • 3 new segments highlight Guns & Ammo TV: Average gun guys will take on some of the industry's best in Pros Vs Joes. Umarex Air will profile advancements with airsoft and air guns. Kyle Lamb is back and teaches us how to Stay in the Fight.

  • We take aim with the new iron sights from Tru-Glo, and during Camera's Don't Lie we discover that while miniature red dot sights on pistols are all the rage, iron sights aren't going anywhere soon. You've heard the term movie magic, we see how it's made.

  • G&A TV spends some quality time with suppressors this episode and examine how heat effects them and how they increase long-range shooting performance. If you're a Marvel fan - stay tuned - we handle the firearms of the blockbuster hit Black Panther.

  • Rossi's new RB-Series might just be the best bang for your buck in rimfire rifles and during Camera's Don't Lie, we watch a couple of today's hottest rimfires creep out of the bore in slow-mo. We shoot Hornady's new 6.5 PRC out to a mile.

  • G&A TV reviews several cutting-edge shooting accessories ranging from prisms to clip-on night vision, weather meters to range logs. .38 Special and .357 Magnum recoil characteristics are examined before we look at Tom Selleck's guns in Magnum P.I.

  • The hit TV show Bonanza influenced many of us during our formative years and we get some hands-on experience with several of the guns that made the show great. Bryan Morgan launches a .50BMG and impacts a sub-MOA target at almost 2.2 miles away.

  • G&A visits the ISS Prop House and reenacts an impressive shot from Tom Cruise's Collateral. We look at the Roland Special and how it compares to a more stock platform before sitting down with PRS Champion Bryan Morgan and learning a thing or two.

  • Big bore semi auto or a lever gun? We look at the futuristic .450 Bushmaster and how it compares to the tried and true .45-70. ISS Prop House gives us the rundown on the guns used in Enemy at the Gate. We ping steel with a .300 WinMag at over a mile.

  • Have you ever wondered what rifle US Special Forces use? We show you their improved service rifle before giving you a sneak peek into the future of SOCOM sniping. Our camera's show you the differences between rifle and pistol suppressors, in thermal.

  • American Sniper was recently a Hollywood blockbuster and G&A gives you the scoop inside the period correct guns used. We cover some tips & tricks of ankle carry and look at AAC's new Ti-RAID silencer. How far do you think we can shoot a .308 Win?

  • Long-Range Tech dominates this episode as we look at Remington's M2010, followed by what improvements you can get by dropping your old action into a new high-tech chassis. SIG's award winning BDX will change the way you shoot. We talk pocket carry.

  • The new .300 Blackout is here to stay, and we take some time to look at new technology surrounding this cartridge. Next, we pit subsonic rivals against each other before stretching the legs of this CQB round out to 600 yards from a short 9-inch barrel.

  • In the new season of Guns & Ammo TV, we introduce two new series and bring back a viewer favorite - "Camera's Don't Lie". We look at long-range tech and see how to make shots previously thought impossible. Next, we visit ISS Prop House in Hollywood.

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