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January 1, 2013
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Guns & Ammo Full Episode Guide

  • Everyone loves .22's, so we take some time to look at Aguila's family of rimfire cartridges and we prep for upland hunting with Remington's new V3 shotgun. G&A evaluates CrossBreed's IWB hybrid holster offerings before concluding our 6mm special.

  • Jerry Miculek talks about how G&A has influenced his shooting career, after Beckstrand & Fortier approach fisticuffs debating the 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 Grendel. G&A evaluates Nikon's new image-stabilizing rangefinder, the Monarch 7i VR and more.

  • We walk down memory lane and examine several G&A exclusives. Beckstrand rides in a German Leopard 1A4 tank after we discuss how Springfield dominated the AR market in just 2 short years by giving the consumer just what it asked for with its SAINT. 

  • G&A visits the True Velocity plant in Dallas and learns about its three-piece polymer case design. Staff test-fires Hitler's Buzzsaw, the elusive MG42 in 8mm Mauser. Boddington takes a hard-look at the popular 6.5 Creedmoor as a hunting cartridge.

  • Jason Hornady joins us to discuss the FBI's adoption of Hornady's 135-grain +P Critical Duty load issued to its field agents. G&A brings you an exclusive look at SIG's new 716 G2 DMR chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Finally, we sit down with Todd Jarret.

  • The 6.5 Grendel is a well-kept secret. How did it evolve; how did it elbow its way into the mix of legitimate 6mm cartridges? Legendary lawman Bill Jordan never bragged about his shooting ability, he let his hip shooting ability do the talking for him.

  • Elmer Keith heads up a "Who's Who" list of some of the greatest gunwriters of all time and how they made what G&A is today. Mention "SOCOM" and the words courage and credibility come to mind...and the word is SOCOM is adopting the 6.5 Creedmoor.

  • The 10mm cartridge could be called today's "comeback kid." We retrace the history of the cartridge and G&A's Jeff Cooper's involvement. Hornady has never been shy about launching new rifle cartridges, and the 6mm Creedmoor is the latest.

  • Springfield and SIG have been leaders when it comes to engineering ingenuity; the Saint and Rattler are 2 examples. If you're right-eye dominant, try to shoot left-handed. G&A's John Wootters taught himself, and we show you just how hard it can be.

  • The 6.5 Creedmoor is No. 2 in popularity behind the .223--and here are the reasons why. Unusual--even bizarre--covers left an indelible mark among 600-plus G&A covers. Here's a sampling. "Anti-tank means heavy artillery, & the Lahti is no exception".

  • 6mm cartridges are all the rage & we've got the "Success of the Sixes" covered in this new series. 3 of the best pro shooters in the country--Rob Leatham, Jerry Miculek and Todd Jarrett--kick off G&A's 60th anniversary series by going head to head.

  • The 10mm cartridge is making a strong comeback and it's being chambered in Springfield Armory's new semi-auto pistol. Jim Sullivan will always be remembered as a member of the team that developed the AR-15 platform, but he represents so much more.

  • Technology has advanced to the point where manufacturers are building guns with polymer foundations like Taurus' new Spectrum & S&W's M&P Shield EZ. Crimson Trace has new LaserGuards which we unveil & we take a look at unique switch-barrel technology.

  • Black Hills has a long reputation of producing ammunition you can count on, but did you know Black Hills offers new and re-manufactured ammo? Check out this report along with a review of the war-tested 'Grease Gun' and improvements on the classic M4.

  • The 6.5 Creedmoor is all the rage amongst shooters, and we take the S&W new M&P 10 in 6.5 to the range. Blackhawk has a new multi-point sling that we attach to an AR to show its versatility. Then we fire up a flame thrower in

  • Springfield Armory has been a major player in the 1911 arena and its new 911 .380 pistol has all the features you need in a compact package. Streamlight has added more power to its TLR line and we take a look at a classic military arm, the M249 SAW.

  • G&A has the exclusive new product reviews on SIG's P365 semiauto pistol and Nikon's first-ever reflex sight, the P-Tactical Spur. We continue our series on military weaponry, an extraordinary gun designer and show you what the "naked eye" can't see.

  • Benelli has done a special run of tactical 12-gauge shotguns that replicates the US Marines model, we check it out along with the SIG Predator in .300 Blackout & turn on the high-speed cameras to see the differences in ported vs non-ported barrels.

  • Most shooters take magazines for granted. But Jim Suilivan has poured an incredible amount of time into developing reliable large-capacity magazines. Walther has a new subcompact pistol, and we check out'and fire'the amazing British Chieftan tank.

  • The 6.5 Creedmoor is the hottest cartridge going as we enter 2018, and we review S&W's new Model 10 chambered for it. Springfield has a new 'AR pistol', we'll check out Nikon's new rangefinder and a classic military firearm'the M134 Mini Gun in 7.62.

  • Few people are aware that movie icon John Wayne collaborated with Jim Sullivan to design a .22 rimfire semi-auto rifle. What ever happened to it? We review Black Hills' .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP ammo, and we fire an anti-tank 75mm PAC.

  • Walther's legendary lineup of pistols expands once again with its new Q4 Tac, and there's a high-end AR-platform rifle new to the market. Plus, the M16 is infamous in the annals of U.S.-designed firearms, but the Vietnam War brought about change.

  • Driving and firing a real Sherman tank, how the Taurus Judge reacts to firing a .410 defense load and a behind the scenes discussion about Gene Stoner's 63 all in this week's show, along with Springfield's new Elite RO family & Ruger's 1911 series.

  • New cartridges are the name of the game this week: A new handgun cartridge chambered in a massive semi-auto pistol , a new 'Six' rifle cartridge. Plus, we verify unmatched consistency in .22 rimfire ammo - plus launch three new segments.

  • Crimson Trace introduces its new Linq laser/light system for ARs and now AKs. Home defense is the topic in Real World Training and we need you to contact your representatives in Washington DC. It's extremely important. Here's why.

  • Kahr brings two new 9mm pistols to market & Magnum Research has a revolutionary new suppressed rimfire rifle. Blackhawk has you covered from .22 rimfire to .338 Lapua when it comes to suppressors, and Hornady now has you covered with home security.

  • Subsonic and high-velocity ammo is drawing more attention due in part to suppressed and unsuppressed firearms. Our experts compare velocities and decibel levels. A totally new semi auto pistol is all the rage as we get a first look at the Spectrum.

  • Polymer materials are now being used in the rimfire suppressor category, and we show you how and why. SIG is known for its firearms, ammo, and optics, and SIG continues to make its mark with its own suppressor lineup.

  • 3 suppressors can cover your basic shooting needs & we'll show you how. In At the Range S&W and Walther continue to the bulls-eye with a constant stream of new and innovative firearms. We will also look through an illuminated reticle from TruGlo.

  • A G&A exclusive - Springfield's new XDE pistol highlight this week's At The Range reports. Ever wonder what goes into the development of a holster? Crossbreed cuts through the confusion (and leather) in this Starting From Scratch report.

  • Lasers have become commonplace, & Crimson Trace talks prototyping, 3D modeling & more with its LaserGuard Pro. Ever considered using foam when shooting your suppressed firearm? The .450 Bushmaster is making noise with help from Ruger and Hornady.

  • Ruger has quickly moved to the forefront in suppressed rimfires with threaded barrel .22 firearms, its very own .22 suppressor, & now has a integrated suppressed 10/22. Nikon has its first-ever laser range finger/binocular package.

  • Suppressors are in the spotlight as Blackhawk tells us how they developed an entirely new line. We also test point of impact with suppressed vs unsuppressed. Benelli is all about semi-auto shotguns, but we review its first over/under-the Model 828.

  • MagPul introduces the Backpacker X-22. You have to see it to believe it. Inland Mfg, a major manufacturer of M1s during WW II, walks the viewer through how it has duplicated the Paratrooper model. We also look at options for attaching your suppressor.

  • Handgunners love the 1911 pistol, and Doublestar adds to one of the reasons why with its new PhD pistol. Hornady show how it developed its new ELD and ELD-X Match bullets and factory loadings. In Real World Training we review a carjacking scenario.

  • 14 accessories on one AR? We show you how Blackhawk has got you covered for accessorizing your AR. S&W, renowned for its DA revolvers, applies a custom touch to these Performance Center guns. Suppressors are all about saving your hearing. Here's why.

  • Two new segments highlight this season of Guns & Ammo TV: Starting From Scratch highlights the R&D process for bringing new firearms, ammo and optics/accessories to market. Suppressors 101 covers everything from A to Z on this red-hot category.

  • We have a group of totally new products this week to go along with a review of Hornady's reworked and modernized .25-35 factory load and then we confront the unthinkable - an assailant who is wearing body armor. What to do?

  • Is there a place for both laser sights and standard conventional sights on your favorite firearms? We think so and our resident experts will tell you why. We also have a great grouping of new handguns and rifles, and the extension of a popular AR-15.

  • We spend a lot of time in parking lots, grocery stores, malls and convenient stores. You need to be prepared if confronted. James Tarr and Michelle Casada experience it first-hand in Real World Training. We also look at the Inland Custom Carry & Govt 1911A1.

  • Without new ammo introductions, our world would be pretty boring. Hornady makes certain boredom doesn't enter the picture with its Black ammo lineup that includes more than a dozen new offerings. We also check out 2 totally different Taurus Pistols.

  • A potpourri of new products highlights the show this week, starting with Ruger's new American pistol and SIG offering an expanded lineup of center fire rifle ammo, to include loads built for hunting everything from varmints to big game.

  • Classic firearms designs will never lose a place in the shooting sports, and we check out a few of them this week with a review of a lever-action rifle and single-action revolver and also look at the advancement of the Springfield XD Family.

  • S&W has always been front and center when it comes to new center fire semi-auto pistol designs and it has a huge announcement in store for handgunners in 2017. Don't miss this exclusive report. Also, Doublestar doesn't disappoint with its new 5.56 ARC.

  • Ruger continues to be one of the major players when it comes to new product introductions, and it doesn't disappoint in 2017 with its Mark IV .22 semi-auto pistols as this next gen pistol will become a favorite of hand-gunners.

  • Craig Boddington has always been a fan of Kimber's lightweight hunting rifles, and he takes a closer look at their offerings, including the new Hunter bolt action and we check out a pair of Springfield .45s - the Range Officer and XDm.

  • Springfield's first-ever AR-15 platform rifle and Inland's detailed replica of the original Advisor Pistol spotlight this week's show and in Real World Training, our experts are confronted with how to react during a shooting in a public place.

  • Guns & Ammo TV kicks off its 15th season with exclusive product reviews in its At The Range segments that highlight throughout the year new firearms, ammo, optics and accessories, and launches 2 new segments - Family Comes First and Classic Challenge.

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