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  • 2013
  • 1 Season
  • 6.3  (24)

Guy Court was a comedic show that aired on MTV2 from 2013 to 2014. The show was hosted by comedian Donnell Rawlings and featured regular appearances from model and TV personality Melanie Iglesias and actor Jeremy Redleaf. The show's concept revolved around the idea of a court for men, where disputes between male friends would be settled in a lighthearted and comedic manner.

The show was essentially a mock courtroom, with Rawlings serving as the judge and Iglesias and Redleaf as the bailiffs. The cases, which ranged from disputes over sports or video games to more serious issues like relationships and money, were argued by the litigants, who were typically friends or acquaintances.

The cases were always presented in a humorous manner, with Rawlings often using jokes and witty banter to keep the mood light. The show also featured skits and mini-segments, such as Rawlings explaining the "guy code" or Iglesias giving dating tips.

Despite its comedic nature, the show still had a structured format. Rawlings would hear arguments from both sides and often call upon Iglesias and Redleaf to give their opinion. The show also had a real-life bailiff and court reporter, who would react to the often absurd cases.

One of the unique features of Guy Court was its interactive component. Fans were encouraged to submit their own cases to be argued on the show, and some even had the opportunity to appear as litigants. The show also encouraged viewers to weigh in on the cases and vote on who they thought should win.

Throughout the show's run, there were several memorable cases that stood out. In one episode, a man accused his friend of stealing his girlfriend. In another, two friends argued over who was the bigger "bro" after one accused the other of not adhering to the "bro code." The show also tackled more serious issues, such as a man who was seeking repayment from his friend for a loan.

While the show was met with mixed reviews from critics, it became a cult favorite among MTV2's young male audience. Many praised Rawlings' humor and the show's willingness to tackle the often-absurd disputes that arise between male friends.

Despite this, the show only ran for one season, with its final episode airing in 2014. While it's unclear why the show was canceled, it's possible that its niche concept didn't appeal to a broad enough audience.

Overall, Guy Court was a unique and entertaining show that offered a humorous look at the disputes and conflicts that can arise between male friends. While it may not have been for everyone, it certainly had a dedicated fan base who continue to praise the show's comedic style and memorable cases.

Guy Court
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  • Premiere Date
    November 6, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (24)