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Hell Date is a comedic dating show. Unsuspecting contestants sign up for this show called (Hell Date) to try to find true love, or maybe just go on a harmless date. But these unsuspecting contestants find out the dates they were matched up with are way more than they bargained for. The contestants are totally unaware that they are going on a disaster date, or a date from hell. The whole date is a set up from the beginning and the contestants are being tricked into thinking this is a legit date being aired on national television. The dates are usually being taped at a restaurant, or some kind of open or public setting so the date can at least look and feel real. Because if the contestants start to second guess the date's authenticity' the cover could be blown and there wouldn't be a show.

The other person on the date knows all about the deceit and plays along with the mockery of a date. The person playing the joke, the undercover waitresses, disguised customers, and staff all hone in on the game. The date is created to make the contestant mad, angry, or upset and basically pushed to their boiling point. Anything can happen on this date: your fake girlfriend could show up at the same restaurant and cause a big fuss. Or the other person could act very strange which could embarrass you. But when things start to escalate during the date and when everyone can tell the contestant is getting angry or about to storm off and leave the date, a little midget dressed in a devil costume with the pitch fork in hand comes from behind you and reveals that this is indeed a joke and not a real date. When it is revealed, the contestant is relieved that this date wasn't what it seemed. And at the end of the show the contestants tell how relieved they are that this was a set up, and they are usually pretty embarrassed at this time.

Hell Date is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (124 episodes). The series first aired on March 1, 2021.

Where do I stream Hell Date online? Hell Date is available for streaming on BET, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hell Date on demand at BET+, Amazon Prime, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 124 Episodes
March 1, 2021
Cast: Chris Hollyfield
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Hell Date Full Episode Guide

  • this guy feels like his window of opportunity in the entertainment industry is about to close. He has been dealt a bad hand, suffered bad luck and been the victim of unfair circumstances.

  • The ringer is consumed with holistic healing, natural foods, avoiding additives and always pointing out the dangers in everything.

  • This date is all about a crazy girl who can't get enough of the dater especially if he's covered in hot sauce.

  • As the date progresses so does this girl's age and the problems that come with aging.

  • This girl hopes to be the first black female president and to do so is a "good Samaritan" with an aim to win over every single eligible voter.

  • A short guy with a "thing" for super sized sisters.

  • The guy with no personal goals or aspirations. He's living off his mom and doesn't have any sense of responsibility.

  • This is a female who is knowledgeable about many things and isn't afraid to let you know bout it.

  • This guy is an aspiring rapper with no talent and lots of confidence. He likes to rap in spurts; In fact, three or four bars are enough to get his point across. Say hello to the best worst rapper alive.

  • This girl feels that this is her chance to become famous by repeating bizarre famous celebrity moments on camera.

  • The ringer is a high profile celebrity across the country, well only in her mind.

  • This guy is one of those face painting super sports fans who eats, sleeps, and breathes Atlanta Football.

  • As the date progresses this girl's case of low self esteem spirals out of control making life hell for the dater.

  • The guy who constantly pushes the dater to reach levels worthy of his affection.

  • This girl sells human body parts on the African Black market. She gets people to "donate" their organs sometimes with a little bit of violent persuasion.

  • A sad man and his lost puppy. Can it be cloned?

  • Imagine a mixed girl whose father is a border line white supremacist. Needless to say, There are no black people on her "˜top 8.'

  • Everyone can't make it out of high-school by the time they reach 18 years-old. This dater is an Atlanta high school super senior.

  • A woman tries to regain her teenage youth.

  • This man lives his life by time, and the world is on his personal time clock; so hurry up!

  • She's got hands of stone and a razor blade tongue with the confidence that she can TKO anybody.

  • This guy feels like he's Spike Lee on a dating show. He's more focused on the way this date will turn out on camera than getting to know the other dater.

  • A woman who has changed her life for the better but her past keeps calling her.

  • The ringer has a different view on life and how people should act, especially women through his psychology

  • This girl's identity is dependent on her looks. She's looks banging until you realize that it's all a facade. She's a "so-so" girl in a dime-piece's costume.

  • The ringer is a guy who was kicked out of the Marines. Now his every breathing moment is to prove that he belongs in the marines.

  • She is a girl who either ignored or just refused to pay attention when manners and etiquette were being taught.

  • This guy puts an inordinate amount of pressure on the dater to assure they have a good time or he's going to "turn" gay.

  • This girl has had some mean exes, now she's out to make sure that no man treats her badly again... sorry, dude.

  • This "so-called" director of documentaries shows that he likes to be on the other side of the camera for the purpose of filming hush hush, private, and in most cases perverted moments of his women.

  • This date is a girl who gets excited and loud very easily.

  • This girl grew up in the church with a pastor for a father but is working feverishly to break every commandment.

  • This fella is all country and has barnyard manners. He just can't understand his nasty city-fied date.

  • This girl thinks everything is a medical emergency and thinks her date will have the next sickness.

  • This cute guy is a little out of touch with his own culture however he makes up for it with his knowledge of White culture. He loves X-treme sports, mosh pits, and hanging ten.

  • This untrusting bitter and damaged chick has seen it all. She looks at potential suitors like a crime case that needs to be cracked open and solved. She seeks out womanizing cheating characteristics like clues at a crime scene.

  • This guy sees himself as a future Secret Service agent. Unfortunately for the dater, he is incredibly over-protective.

  • This girl is on the hunt for a man to have a child with, but he has to meet certain minimum requirements.

  • Guys collect a lot of things..this one collects souvenirs of beautiful woman.

  • Sometimes you need to take the law into your own hands and this girl is going to track down and recover everything that was stolen from her apartment.

  • This guy thinks he's an undiscovered basketball superstar. He feels like life dealt him a bad hand and his date better watch out for flying elbows.

  • This girl is a girly girl at heart, but likes to be in control and unknowingly likes to fill the dominant male position rather than submissive girl.

  • This guy has a passion for entertaining and performing in front of people. The only thing that no one knows is that he loves to do it dressed as a woman.

  • Rumor has it this girl turned her ex into her late-ex. How will that effect her date?

  • This guy never had a mommy and he thinks his date has all the attributes needed to be a good mother... to him.

  • This guy has a temper and he tries to control it, but on this date everything makes him angry.

  • A guy who is a little too thoughtful and romantic.

  • This guy is obsessive about the way he looks and even protects his gear while eating.

  • A beautiful woman who runs scams and tries to include her date in one.

  • A guy who is in serious gambling debt and asks his date to help him out.

  • A girl who changes the size of her breasts in order to impress her date.

  • A guy who used to be an angry person but now wears his emotions on his sleeve.

  • A woman who is annoyed by babies.

  • This guy wants to go to prison to get a surgery that he can't afford out of prison.

  • This overly affectionate girl gropes strangers and kisses family members on the mouth.

  • A guy who goes in and out of his old lifestyle as a thug and things people are disrespecting him.

  • She hates her ex; she loves her ex; this girl is a hot mess. Meanwhile, making it with the sisters tops making it with her date.

  • This chick is crazy... no seriously... she's totally 5150. Meanwhile, do little sounds bother you sometimes? This guy hears everything and it all makes him grumpy.

  • The only thing getting turned on his the cell phone! Meanwhile, will she have luck turning this country bumpkin into an urban cowboy?

  • A woman who thinks everyone is out to get her and a single dad.

  • She's woman, she's strong, she's proud... she's a pain in the butt. Meanwhile, he needs love, but he's been burnt and you're going to pay for it.

  • This guy is experimental...he's trying out a woman for the first time. Meanwhile, she's large and full of confidence... can any guy handle this?

  • First up in "All My Exes Are Gay," a girl has a lot of exes who just happen to all be women. Second date features the "Runaway Nut Job" where some guys are crazy for a girl but this guy is just plain nuts.

  • You know women have mood about personality swings? Meanwhile, don't you hate cell phone addicts... how about the jerk with the ear thing who seems to talk to invisible people?

  • A guy with some weird delusions and a girl with a negative girlfriend.

  • The world's ending in one month, so tear it up...that's what she believes. Meanwhile, he's made some recent changes and now he's a guy on the outside, but still a woman at heart.

  • A guy who gets sick at everything and a girl who likes her guys thick and meaty.

  • A guy tries pledging to a fraternity on his date and a mom and daughter team that can't be passed up.

  • This guy has an eye for hot women... unfortunately he's on a date with you. Meanwhile, gotta love a girl who can't keep her hands off you...unless she leaves bruises.

  • She likes a guy to be neat, but is helping him floss necessary. Meanwhile, he likes to have company in bed... lots of company... think she'll care.

  • This guy can't shake his broken heart and this girl has no sympathy for him. Meanwhile, she'll never find anyone to love her as much as she loves herself.

  • A man in love with his shoes and two girls fight over one man.

  • She's proud to be black, but is hating mayonnaise reasonable? Meanwhile, he thinks he's funny, you'll think he's annoying and some folks think about punching him out.

  • A man looking for a quiet wife with goats and a cute but stupid girl.

  • A girl with freakish fetish's and a fake thug, just ask his mother.

  • A insecure gorgeous girl and a prize to be won.

  • He's in great shape but he's got to stop pumping iron sometime, right? Meanwhile, she's funny... until you become the butt of her jokes.

  • A girl who loves all the guys and who all the guys love and a guy with OCD.

  • Does he want you to be his love or his possession? Meanwhile, sure you're hot, but it's the over-heated planet she really cares about....and you better too!!!

  • You've got to train to date this girl, "˜cause she's ready for the game. Meanwhile, he loves the earth and all its garbage and he's sharing it with you.

  • A girl who is the sure thing for some cash and a guy who plays nice.

  • A guy who speaks from a dummy and a girl with a mean daddy.

  • Don't trust your date? Have your hot roommate spy on him. Meanwhile, don't like this dude's personality...don't worry it'll change it 2 minutes.

  • A clumsy guy who falls hard for a girl and a woman who punishes bad behavior.

  • A girl who tries to get guys to join her cult and a guy who is missing a brain.

  • What's a nice girl like you doing with that male appendage? Meanwhile, a troublesome sibling can get on your nerves, but it's worth the price.

  • A guy with a coach and a girl that tests her dates.

  • The guy's a hot hunk of manhood... but with the manners of a hog. Meanwhile, she's trying to go straight, but push her and she's straight up gangster... watch your back, brother.

  • First up is "Gold Dogger" where if he's as rich as he seems, this girl just scored big time. Second date features "Too Much Info" where this girl is willing to share everything... but this guy will wish she had a few secrets.

  • You the man... okay, actually daddy's the man and you are a poor substitute. Meanwhile, dedicated to his martial arts, a profound thinker... this brother is just weird.

  • A girl likes a guy who can perform, but this isn't the kind of performance she's looking for. Meanwhile, this guy might be with the wrong girl because chocolate isn't her favorite flavor.

  • She's cute and disgusting and a guy who lives at home.

  • A swinger and a man who is perfect on paper but doesn't match up to his description of himself.

  • A guy who can't hear and a girl who loves the spotlight.

  • A man who's pure and polite and a woman with child but no husband.

  • A girl who falls, a lot and a brother who everyone knows.

  • A dude who is into white chicks and a woman who acts like an infant.

  • Who doesn't love a sense of humor... anyone who has been the butt of a practical joke. Meanwhile, what's your effect on women, guys? How about causing an annoying nervous twitch.

  • Your date claims to have spent a little time aboard a UFO... freaky or fascinating? Meanwhile, music is peaceful and good for the soul... unless your date sings everything she says!

  • A guy who will put up with a lot of disgusting things for a score and a man betting on everything.

  • Can a brother get over his criminal ways and a girl who keeps stealing things.

  • Tough choice... a hot girl who doesn't put out or roommate who guarantees it. Lust or honor? Meanwhile, a man who helps a girl with things is a great catch... unless starts treating the girl like a mindless child.

  • A girl wants to marry you and a guy who is popular with the ladies has them keep showing up on his date.

  • What's past is past...unless your date keeps calling you by her ex's name. Meanwhile, ever dated a guy with "˜unusual' beliefs? How about a guy who thinks he talks to the animals?

  • A guy who thinks the thicker the better when it comes to his women and a girl's big ex.

  • A woman who wants to make a commitment on the first date and a a woman with only negative opinions.

  • First Up "Ex-Pimp" where this guy's dropped out of the game... but now he's found some hot new merchandise in his date. Second date features "Wanna Be Black Girl" where this OC girl wants to be OG. That is until she gets busted.

  • First up is "Germaphobe" where it's nice to be clean and neat, but this guy is over the top. Second date is "All the World's An Ex" where every guy wants to date a popular girl... but this girl seems to know every guy in town.

  • First up, a girl has a revelation while on the date when she discovers that she's actually black. Second date features an arrogant hell dater.

  • He seems like a regular guy... until the freak comes out. Meanwhile, if you don't like her mood, don't worry it's going to change every 5 minutes... all the way to wacko.

  • A beautiful woman entices a young man back to her hotel to meet her twin sister... but nobody said identical twin. Meanwhile, an overly sensitive young man puts his date through a challenge to her race consciousness.