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  • TV-Y7
  • 2015
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.1  (2,371)

Harvey Beaks was a children's animated television series that aired on Nickelodeon from 2015 to 2017. The show follows the adventures of Harvey, a kind-hearted and curious young bird who lives in the magical world of Littlebark Grove. Harvey's best friends are Fee, a determined and bold female bird, and Foo, a mischievous and impulsive young bat.

Harvey lives with his family in a treehouse, and his parents are Irving and Miriam Beaks. Irving is a stern and no-nonsense type of father, who often tries to keep Harvey safe from harm or trouble. Miriam is Harvey's loving mother, who adores her son and is always supportive of him, no matter what he does. Harvey's sister, Michelle, is a shy and intelligent bird who often prefers to spend more time with her books than with her family.

The show is filled with a vibrant and colorful cast of characters, who help to make Littlebark Grove a unique and wacky place to explore. There are the Dadelehs, a family of eccentric and artistic snails; the Kratzers, a group of wild and rowdy raccoons; and the Barkers, a quirky and nerdy family of beavers. Harvey and his friends often interact with these characters, getting into all sorts of new and exciting adventures.

Throughout the series, Harvey learns new skills and discovers new passions, all while trying to stay true to his good-hearted nature. He learns to play music with the Dadelehs, practices his kung-fu with his sister, and even becomes a frog hunter with the Barkers. Along the way, Harvey also has to navigate the nuances of his relationships with his friends and family, learning about the importance of honesty, empathy, and forgiveness.

One of the most endearing qualities of Harvey Beaks is its commitment to exploring feelings and emotions in a way that is accessible and relatable for children. The show tackles complex topics like jealousy, anxiety, and peer pressure, all while maintaining a light-hearted and whimsical tone. It's a refreshing change of pace from other children's shows, which often rely on simplistic storytelling and one-dimensional characters.

The animation in Harvey Beaks is also noteworthy, with its playful and expressive style. The characters are all uniquely designed, with exaggerated features and energetic movements. The backgrounds of Littlebark Grove are also richly detailed, with lush forests, winding rivers, and colorful skies. It's a joy to watch Harvey and his friends explore this imaginative world on their adventures.

Overall, Harvey Beaks is a charming and heartwarming children's show that is sure to entertain and delight its young audience. With its clever writing, memorable characters, and beautiful animation, it's a standout addition to the Nickelodeon lineup.

Harvey Beaks is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (93 episodes). The series first aired on March 29, 2015.

Harvey Beaks
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The End And The Beginning
13. The End And The Beginning
December 29, 2017
Fee and Foo are reunited with their parents and their lives and their friendship with Harvey changes forever.
Leaf It To Kathy/a Child's Guide To Surviving In The Wild
12. Leaf It To Kathy/a Child's Guide To Surviving In The Wild
December 28, 2017
Kathy hosts an online advice show and helps Kratz find love. The boys get lost in the woods and learn how to survive, Rooter style.
Grand Motel/Missing Harvey
11. Grand Motel/Missing Harvey
December 27, 2017
When Harvey and his family check in to a motel he gains a new life's purpose, going down the pool's water slide! Harvey's away for one day and his friends can't cope with his absence.
Princess Wants A Mom/rage Against The Michelle
10. Princess Wants A Mom/rage Against The Michelle
December 26, 2017
Princess orders her dad to start dating again so she can have a new mom.Michelle wrecks Harvey's stuff, so Harvey must cope with an unfamiliar emotion, RAGE!
Break The Lake/the Amazing Harvey
9. Break The Lake/the Amazing Harvey
December 22, 2017
There's a new lake spirit in town who tries her best, but she still has a lot to learn.Harvey becomes a magician, but keeping the secrets behind the magic turns into a great burden.
Later Dingus/hair To Help
8. Later Dingus/hair To Help
December 21, 2017
When Fee's long time friend passes away she learns how to say goodbye. Tara has lost her creative inspiration for hairstyling so Piri Piri and Harvey help her to rediscover her passion!
Photo Finished/squashbuckling
7. Photo Finished/squashbuckling
December 20, 2017
Miriam gets into a social media war to prove Harvey and Michelle are the cutest kids in Littlebark. Randl wants an old boat for scrap, but much to his dismay it's infested with children pretending they're pirates.
The Late Late Afternoon Show With Harvey Beaks/grunicorn
6. The Late Late Afternoon Show With Harvey Beaks/grunicorn
December 19, 2017
Harvey hosts a talk show in his living room, but goes off-script when learning a terrible truth. The kids are on a race to find a rare magical creature and the winner is granted their hearts desire.
Hug Life/on The Fence
5. Hug Life/on The Fence
December 18, 2017
Harvey's gotta prove he's tough in order to join Blister's greaser gang! Harvey finds an innocent project that could bring the community together, which of course does the exact opposite.
The Ballad of Muesli and Jangles/Floo-id
4. The Ballad of Muesli and Jangles/Floo-id
April 5, 2017
Irving tells Harvey, Fee, and Foo the story of how he met Miriam...with a few creative improvements. Foo finds a strange way to become less clumsy.
The Blister/The Bad Seed
3. The Blister/The Bad Seed
March 29, 2017
Fee is forced to spend the day at a nursing home and finds a friend in a grumpy old geezer. Michelle isn't allowed to watch a horror movie with Harvey, so she finds a horrifying way to retaliate!
Secret Gordon/The Unknown Comic
2. Secret Gordon/The Unknown Comic
March 22, 2017
Piri Piri and Harvey find a magical garden, but Piri wants to keep the discovery their special secret. Littlebark falls in love with a comic book created by a mystery artist, who could it be?
The Split/The Dade
1. The Split/The Dade
March 15, 2017
When Dade and the twins have an epic fight Harvey is torn between the two warring sides. Dade gets a sandwich named after him and finally feels special.
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Harvey Beaks is available for streaming on the nickelodeon website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Harvey Beaks on demand at Paramount+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    March 29, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (2,371)