Horsepower is a television show on Spike TV dedicated to mechanics and other people interested in cars and how they work. The show teaches people tips and tricks that they can use to make sure the engine in their vehicle is running at maximum capacity. Horsepower shows viewers the latest developers from car manufacturers as well as aftermarket equipment that can boost someone

Spike TV
8 Seasons, 153 Episodes
August 26, 2006

Horsepower Full Episode Guide

  • Horsepower's hottest engine tech

  • Class Ford inline six budget build

  • Driveway rescue and new supercharger tech

  • Horsepower turns a Nissan 240 SX into a 240/LS.

  • High performance camshafts in the making and a Super Chevy celebration of speed and beauty.

  • Horsepower builds a big block engine, augmented with two power adders.

  • Header tech & high-tech dyno testing.

  • Horsepower Engine Tech

  • Building a Coyote heads up race car.

  • An event where car and driver go all-out for top speed bragging rights.

  • How to build a reliable torque wrenching big block that produces big numbers on the dyno.

  • Part two of Horsepower's budget 383 stroker build - the top end.

  • Horsepower's detailed how-to on the preparation and build of a stroker smallblock short block.

  • Horsepower modifies a new 5.0 Mustang giveaway car with a supercharger, performance suspension and more!

  • Horsepower's all about the new COPO Camaro this time - from the factory to the race track.

  • Horsepower builds a Ford 331 stroker, using new aftermarket EFI technology.

  • Horsepower budget tips and LS innovations.

  • Talk about a pocket rocket! The Horsepower guys found a unique home for one of their LS-1 engines: in the engine bay of a Mazda RX-7. This show is all about turning a little 1992 sporty car into beast on the road course - complete with new tranny, performance suspension and more.

  • Homemade machining and power-making

  • How to feed a hungry, modified Mustang.

  • Contemporary EFI performance tuning.

  • Horsepower's Dirt Track engine.

  • Woodward Dream Cruise

  • How to build a streetable, LSX race engine.

  • Horsepower rebuilds an unsung horsepower hero, the classic Olds 350.

  • Horsepower builds an E-Street Vortech.

  • Horsepower continues its build of a Cleveland and Windsor 351, setting up a small block shootout on the dyno.

  • Cleveland/Windsor 351 engine builds and dyno tests.

  • Horsepower how-to budget head refreshening.

  • Supercharging a Coyote-powered Mustang for a potent payoff on the street and the chassis dyno.

  • Horsepower test several aftermarket parts for value on the dyno.

  • Horsepower builds a new-age Hemi with old school carburation and supercharging.

  • A build-up of AMC's unsung engine hero - the 360 small block.

  • Horsepower's "Other Engine" build: the Cadillac 500 Big Block.

  • Horsepower launches Project "Sucker Punch", a sleeper wagon that'll surprise the competition with knock-out power.

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