Ink Master: Redemption

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Ink Master: Redemption is a TV series featuring artists who got cut and human canvases who left unhappy from the original series Ink Master. In the new show, formerly fallen artists will have the opportunity to redeem themselves through a whole new set of competitive tattooing challenges featuring disgruntled canvases looking get what they deserve. This spin-off series brings back Dave Navaro as host and mediator, from the original Ink Master series. Fans everywhere constantly ask Dave, "What happens to the human canvases who get a terrible tattoos?"

The new series creates an answer that question; the human canvases who didn't leave the studio happy before, will return to give redemption seeking artists another chance. Artists and canvases will be tested, and only the human canvases can decide if the artists have been redeemed. Ink Master: Redemption shows a whole new side of the Ink Master story. Before this series creation, canvases just had to deal with their less than satisfactory tattoos. There were no Ink Master provided support systems in place to get their bad ink fixed or covered. With the new show, they'll have the opportunity to get their ink fixed or get a whole new tattoo.

Viewers will find themselves caught up in the suspense and intensity of Spike TV's latest Ink Master spin-off. Spike has done an excellent job of twisting the competitive nature of artists and viewers. No two episodes will be exactly alike and the jaw-dropping pair offs between redeeming artists and unsatisfied canvases is pure drama magic. There won't be a moment of this series when viewers won't be on the edge of their seats.

Tuesday 11:00 PM et/pt on Spike TV
4 Seasons, 44 Episodes
September 8, 2015

Ink Master: Redemption Full Episode Guide

  • Early season artists Bili Vegas and Mark Matthews return to prove they've grown as people, but the pressure is on when their unhappy canvases return with angry loved ones.

  • Champion Anthony Michaels steps back into the Ink Master ring to coach two artists who didn't make it past the first bell.

  • Craig Foster returns and he and Dave Navarro take to the streets in search of unhappy Canvases.

  • One of Ink Master's most divine Artists returns with three unhappy Canvases. Can he achieve redemption or will his dark side prevail.

  • Nick D'Angelo and Robbie Ripoll must swallow their emotions as two angry Canvases return to the shop with family back-up to confront their Artists.

  • When a 2-on-1 canvas leaves unhappy, twice as many artists get blamed, but only one will get a shot at redemption; old wounds get reopened when artists E.S., King Ruck, John Collins and Sirvone return to settle a score.

  • Two angry canvases return with their equally upset loved ones as Tuff Tito and Miami Burgess fight for a second shot.

  • An unhappy canvas brings extra terrestrial back-up, and Mike McAskill tries to right his wrongs.

  • Three Ink Master Redemption veteran artists return: Christian Buckingham, Duffy Fortner and Jime Litwalk. Each faces an angry human canvas and a bone to pick.

  • Two angry canvases return to confront both of their artists from a botched Team Challenge. Four artists return, but only two will get a shot at redemption.

  • Hoping the third time is the charm, canvases return to confront their artists, including Ron Givens, Randy Vollink, St. Marq, and Kruseman.

  • Artists Ashley Velazquez and Tim Lees return for their shots at redemption with help from fan favorite Cleen Rock One.

  • Two canvases with political portraits return to the shop to settle the score; artists Christian Buckingham, Megan Jean Morris and Sarah Miller return.

  • Two upset canvases with bird tattoos return to the Ink Master shop with their spouses; Mark Longenecker and Made Rich try to make it right.

  • Nervous Alex Rockoff returns to the Ink Master shop and must swallow his pride when facing three unhappy canvases.

  • Canvases with memorial tattoos theyd rather forget return to confront the Artist who wronged them. Artists Jesse Smith and King Ruck return.

  • Emotions run high when pissed off canvases return with an overprotective parent. Keith Diffenderfer and Aaron Is return.

  • Artists Don Peddicord and Sebastian Murphy return to fix horror tattoos their canvases hate with the help of past winner and horror master Steve Teft.

  • In an Ink Master Redemption first, sweetheart and fan favorite Tatu Baby flips the redemption tables seeking out her unhappy canvases by going to their home towns.

  • Ty'Esha Reels and Duffy Fortner return and face angry canvases and their overprotective loved ones.

  • Scarred with tattoos that look like private parts, 2 canvases are pissed at their artists for turning their tattoos into turn offs. Artists Miami Burgess and Frank McManus return.

  • Artists that were eliminated first get some help from gues judge Tommy Montoya to ensure they don't make the same mistakes twice on their upset canvases.

  • Tatu Baby and King Ruck return to complete unfinished work for unhappy canvases.

  • In a Redemption first, Runner-Up Master Canvases defend their tattoos against the Artists who robbed them of the title. Cleen Rock One, Anthony Michaels, Jime Litwalk and Joey Hamilton return.