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This sketch comedy series tackles topics surrounding personal relationships, including dating, sex, love, and more. It is a product of the CollegeHumor online content channel, and it debuted on the web in 2017. It features comics Emily Axford and Brian K. Murphy playing fictionalized versions of themselves.

3 Seasons, 30 Episodes
February 14, 2017
Comedy, Romance
Cast: Brian Murphy, Emily Axford
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Hot Date Full Episode Guide

  • After sustaining injuries in an incident, Emily and Murph plan to get married immediately for his insurance. Bridget goes into labor and realizes her baby will be born a Sagittarius, unless she can hold it in until midnight to make it a Capricorn.

  • After a fight with Emily, Murph heads to the bar to blow off some steam and consider if Emily really is "the one."

  • Em and Murph go undercover at a mommy meetup to find out if being parents is for them. Bridget's gender reveal party doesn't go the way she hoped. Online personality FITMOM demonstrates how to win the unspoken competition that is motherhood.

  • Emily and Murph head to couples counseling to untangle the stress of wedding planning; Cole pours his heart out to the stripper giving him a lap dance; and Hannah holds a friendly Lyft driver, Creighton, hostage in exchange for dating advice.

  • A creepy host pressures Murph and Em to mingle at a cocktail hour.

  • Emily and Murph try to manage their wedding invite list but are tested when invited to a party. Bridget surprises Bryce with news that she's pregnant, hoping their announcement goes viral. Gaudy wedding planners Kitty and Stan fleece a sweet couple.

  • Murph is promoted at work and wants to celebrate, but Em's just been fired and is irate. Bridget, a life coach, meets a client at a local cafe where barista Kyle is being hounded by his mother, Loretta, who accidentally unionizes the staff.

  • Murph and Emily try to prove they can plan their wedding, but the barn they book turns out to be a disaster. Emily receives inappropriate advice from her Mee Maw. Drama erupts when Steve asks Ashley to marry him, but reveals he asked for her dad's approval.

  • Bloodied and disoriented, Murph and Emily wake up in an alley, piecing together what happened after a bottomless mimosa brunch. Emotions run high when Bridget has a run-in with Brad, and Laura freaks out over Mike's choices in friends and beverages.

  • Murph cares for a very sick Emily. Rebecca's blind date gets wasted. Teen couple Kyle and Hayley vow to run away together.

  • Murph tries to convince a sick Emily to embrace western medicine. Rebecca goes out with someone who can't handle his liquor, and teen couple Kyle and Hayley try to convince their parents that their love is real.

  • Murph and Emily throw an impromptu potluck in an effort to hoard the leftovers and restock their fridge. Tensions brew between Beth and Seth after an unexpected outburst at a provocative erotic dance show, and a mild-mannered divorcee quickly learns the challenges of dating a college student.

  • Murph and Emily decide to spice things up in the bedroom at a sex store (run by Mena Suvari). Bridget and Darius bicker while trying to keep up appearances on Instagram. Ellie turns to private investigator Jack Briggs and learns an awful secret about her husband.

  • Offended that they weren't invited to the wedding of two friends they introduced, Murph and Emily set out to prove their matchmaking skills and get the recognition they deserve. Teenager Kyle helps his mother Loretta navigate the modern dating scene, and Kiki and Hannah teach Jeremy the "right" way to look for love... with apps.

  • Murph and Emily come into a large sum of money following the death of a relative; Brittany and Kiki want Rachel to stay with her rich boyfriend; Travis and Karin let a mobile-payment app take over their entire relationship; Tawney considers a new life.

  • Emily and Murph search for new couple friends. Meanwhile, Bridget comes out to Sue; Darius and Denise have a blowout fight; and podcast host Sam Keurig battles loneliness.

  • Murph thinks Emily is too concerned with her exes' personal lives, so he seeks out his own ex, Bridget, to prove a point about the dangers of dwelling on the past.

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