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In House: Volcom Pipe Pro from Red Bull TV showcases one of the biggest events in the world of surfing - the Volcom Pipe Pro. Held annually at the Banzai Pipeline, a wave break off the Hawaiian island of Oahu, the competition draws some of the best surfers from around the globe to compete in one of the world's most challenging surf spots.

The show takes viewers behind the scenes of the competition, giving them a sneak peek into the lives of the surfers as they prepare for the event, their strategies, fears, and challenges they face. The show also offers a glimpse into what it takes to make this event happen, from the organizers to the production crew.

The first episode of the show kicks off with some of the surfers talking about their love for the sport and the adrenaline rush they get from riding the waves at the Banzai Pipeline. Some of the surfers also talk about the sacrifices they've made to pursue their passion for surfing, including leaving their families for extended periods.

As the show progresses, viewers get to see the surfers preparing for the competition, from training exercises to their mental preparation. Some of the surfers talk about the challenges they face, such as the immense pressure and the competition's intense nature. Others talk about the physical risks of surfing at the Banzai Pipeline, where waves can reach 30 feet or more, and wipeouts can be particularly dangerous.

Viewers also get a sense of what it's like to be in Hawaii during this prestigious event. They see the crowds flocking to the beach to watch the best surfers in the world compete, the carnival atmosphere, and the excitement that comes with the event.

The show's production crew also gets a chance to shine, with viewers getting a glimpse into what it takes to produce a live surfing competition. They see the camera crews setting up their equipment, the commentators preparing their scripts, and the production staff working behind the scenes to ensure the event runs smoothly.

As the competition gets underway, the tension builds, and viewers get to see some of the exciting moments of the contest. footage of the surfers riding the waves, demonstrating their skills and risking their safety for a shot at victory. Viewers also get reactions from the surfers after their performances, including their thoughts on their performance and the waves they encountered.

The show's commentators provide valuable insights into the competition and the surfers, offering their expert analysis of the waves and the surfers' performances. They also offer some good-natured banter and jokes along the way, making for an entertaining and informative viewing experience.

Overall, In House: Volcom Pipe Pro is an excellent show that offers a unique and fascinating behind-the-scenes view of one of the most exciting events in surfing's calendar. It encapsulates the spirit of surfing and the thrill of competition, and it's sure to be a hit with fans of the sport and newcomers alike.

In House: Volcom Pipe Pro
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The Starting Block
4. The Starting Block
As the winter season and 2015 campaign come to a close, it's high drama at the Vans World Cup of surfing as our surfers try to qualify for the WCT, with the first big swell of winters hits pipeline. As the surfing world closes the chapter on this season, the Volcom Pipe Pro offers one last opportunity for our surfers to make their mark and start 2016 with an emphatic performance.
Contest Day
3. Contest Day
January 21, 2016
The Vans World Cup of Surfing is here and all of Volcom's big names, and a couple dark horses, are looking to make their mark. Elsewhere, one of the team's most iconic surfers turns up at the house and we meet a rising star from Brazil.?
Turkey Day
2. Turkey Day
The Volcom Houses get ready for Thanksgiving. Tai Vandyke cooks his 18th annual feast for the team, Mitch Coleborn trains for the Vans World Cup, and a pair of vets and groms share their take on what surfing in Hawaii means to them.
The Gathering Place
1. The Gathering Place
An inside look into the two Volcom Houses at Pipeline and the group of surfers living there for the winter. Carlos Munoz takes us to the "Dungeon", Dusty Payne defends his title at the Hawaiian Pro, and the group paddles out for a fallen friend.