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  • 2019
  • 1 Season

Infantry Weapons and Tactics is a thrilling television series that explores the most advanced and cutting-edge firearms and war tactics used by infantrymen around the world. The show produced by Total Content Digital, a leading production company renowned for producing top-quality documentaries and shows that are both informative and entertaining.

Throughout its episodes, the show relied on expert opinions and inputs from seasoned military veterans, weapon experts, and battle strategists to provide viewers with a glimpse into the formidable arsenal of modern-day infantry units. It comprehensively covers everything from standard-issue rifles, pistols, grenades, and machine guns to the latest advancements in military hardware, such as sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The series also delves into the various tactics utilized by military infantrymen in different situations, from close-quarters combat to long-range engagements. It provides insights on tactical formations, stealthy maneuvers, communicating in the battlefield, and handling enemy attacks. Infantry squad and platoon leaders explain how they lead their subordinates while considering the battlefield terrain, available weapons, and enemy tactics. This information is critical in understanding how real-world battles are fought and won.

One of the show's most significant strengths is its ability to showcase weapons in use, slowing the action down, and providing viewers with a closer look at how these firearms work. The series demonstrates how different firearms, from the AK-47 to the M1 Garand or M16, compare in terms of accuracy, power, and ease of use. It covers the technical specifications of each weapon and how they are maintained, assembled, and disassembled.

Another essential aspect of this show is the way the series delves into the history of ancient and modern infantry weapons. Each episode features a brief historical background of a specific firearm or weapon used throughout different wars, which provides viewers with an understanding of how old technology has evolved into the modern-day weapons used in combat.

Infantry Weapons and Tactics also explores how different military forces conduct their training, showing the combat simulations they use to prepare for real-world situations. The show takes viewers behind the scenes, demonstrating how recruits undergo grueling physical and mental training to prepare them for the rigors of combat. Soldiers in training learn specific skills, such as urban warfare tactics, camouflage principles, and how to coordinate various weapon systems to take down a target.

Throughout the series, viewers get to see various military strategies and tactics put into practice, with footage from real-world conflicts such as the Gulf War, Vietnam War and Iraq. These scenes provide entertainment for viewers and valuable insights into how military units use weapons to take down enemies in various environments.

The show's production quality is top-notch, with an excellent camera crew capturing footage from different angles and up-close shots of explosive events. The sound editing is also impressive, with sound effects that give viewers an "in the moment" experience during combat scenes. The show's narration is clear and precise, explaining the various aspects of each weapon and including commentary from military experts and veterans.

In conclusion, Infantry Weapons and Tactics is a must-watch show for military enthusiasts and anyone interested in learning about modern-day infantry weapons and tactics. Total Content Digital has produced an informative and entertaining series that covers every aspect of infantry warfare, from the latest military hardware to combat tactics used around the world. With its unwaveringly engaging episode format, it is a perfect show for military history buffs seeking to explore the most advanced gun-toting infantry tactics.

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German Sniper Training
17. German Sniper Training
June 14, 2019
German Sniper Training.
Combat in Deep Snow and Extreme Cold
16. Combat in Deep Snow and Extreme Cold
June 14, 2019
Infantry rifle company illustrates combat technique and survival methods applicable to arctic conditions.
Fighting Men: Kill or Be Killed
15. Fighting Men: Kill or Be Killed
June 14, 2019
This military training film shows that there are no rules of sportsmanship or fair play on the battlefield. As expressed in the film: "Anything goes when the stakes are kill or be killed." Soldiers were encouraged to use any weapon that comes to hand which could be anything from a rifle, to a bayonet or hand grenade.
Combat Firing with Hand Guns
14. Combat Firing with Hand Guns
June 14, 2019
Correct grips; three basic firing positions; firing quickly and instinctively.
Fundamentals of Small Arms Weapons - Part III: Semi-Automatic and Automatic Fire
13. Fundamentals of Small Arms Weapons - Part III: Semi-Automatic and Automatic Fire
June 14, 2019
Typical firing mechanisms constructed with models and basic principles of the two firing methods are demonstrated.
Fundamentals of Small Arms Weapons - Part II: Types of Operation
12. Fundamentals of Small Arms Weapons - Part II: Types of Operation
June 14, 2019
Explains four basic types of operation: manual, gas, blowback, and recoil.
Ranger Combat Training School
10. Ranger Combat Training School
June 14, 2019
Ranger Combat Training School, Fort Shafter, Territory of Hawaii.
Famous Third Army
9. Famous Third Army
June 14, 2019
A historical record of the 281 days of the 3rd army offensive through France, Belgium and Germany, with air support from the 19th tactical air command.
83rd Infantry Division in Europe
8. 83rd Infantry Division in Europe
June 14, 2019
Combat activities in Europe during World War II.
Action at Angaur with the 81st Infantry Division
7. Action at Angaur with the 81st Infantry Division
June 14, 2019
Documents the invasion and capture of Angaur Island by the 81st Infantry Division (also known as "The Wildcats") in its first battle.
32d Infantry Division
5. 32d Infantry Division
June 14, 2019
Traces the 32d's history, through the Civil War, Spanish-American War, and World Wars I and II.
The Fighting First
1. The Fighting First
June 14, 2019
On the 1st Infantry Division in World War II. Recruits train, go to England, debark for Africa, and capture Oran. Shows Gen. Terry Allen, Rommel, and German troops. Troops battle at Kasserine and meet the British. Sicily is invaded and a town is captured.
  • Premiere Date
    June 14, 2019