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The award winning program Inside Nature's Giants is a scientific documentary series produced originally for Channel 4 in England by Windfall Films and currently airing on PBS in the United States. A four part series, the program is made up of eighteen total episodes. In 2010, the British documentary received the a BAFTA Television Award for Best Specialist Factual. Presented by veterinarian and seasoned television host Mark Evans, the show documents experts and their findings as they dissect some of the world's largest animals.

Evans is joined on the show by three experts; comparative anatomist Joy Reidenberg and the evolutionary biologists Simon Watt and Richard Dawkins. The ING scientific have teamed up with other scientists the world over to gather more information and help locate animals to feature on their program. By studying the animals' anatomy they explain how and why the creatures behave the way that they do and uncover the secrets of animals heretofore rarely or never dissected before. The dissections are also used to explain the animal species' evolutionary adaptations that have allowed them to survive and thrive for thousands of years in harsh conditions throughout the globe.

The team has dissected and offered information about many animals, often large predators. They have dissected sea animals such as a great white shark netted in South Africa, a sperm whale beached in England, and a giant squid washed up in New Zealand. In the Florida Everglades they encountered and opened up a monster Burmese python and at London's Royal Veterinary College they dissect a lion and tiger. In an Australian desert where the animals are changing the environment the team dissects a camel and in the outback they find a red kangaroo fatally wounded by traffic. Other animals featured on the show include a Zambian hippopotamus, a polar bear, a giraffe, a European thoroughbred horse, a Leatherback sea turtle and a crocodile in Florida, a Queensland rain forest Southern Cassowary, and a South African baboon. The final episode is devoted entirely to the jungle of Borneo where they set up a hi-tech laboratory to dissect giant trees, big bugs, and strange animals to explain how the diverse animal population of jungles work together to keep the massive ecosystem in balance.

Inside Nature's Giants is a Documentary & Biography, Mini-Series series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on January 18, 2012. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 8.8.

Inside Nature's Giants is available for streaming on the PBS website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Inside Nature's Giants on demand at PBS , PBS online.

3 Seasons, 16 Episodes
January 18, 2012
Documentary & Biography, Mini-Series
Cast: Richard Dawkins, Mark Evans
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Inside Nature's Giants Full Episode Guide

  • The team dissect a whole ecosystem. In Borneo they erect a high-tech lab to examine giant bugs and titan trees, revealing why the jungle contains the world's most diverse collection of living things.

  • Mark Evans and Joy Reidenberg examine a kangaroo while Charles Darwin's great great grandson goes in the search of the remarkable Australian creatures that informed the theory of evolution.

  • Mark and Joy visit South Africa to dissect a huge alpha male baboon that the authorities had to euthanise when he led a band of baboons on a rampage through a Cape Town suburb

  • So many hippos congregate to feed in Zambia's Luangwa Valley that the authorities cull around 200 of them every year, giving Mark and Joy the opportunity to dissect one of these magnificent animals

  • The team explore how the racehorse has been biologically engineered for speed, revealing the spring system that propels it to 45mph, its super-sized organs and its built-in turbo-booster

  • The team dissect the ocean's largest reptile: the leatherback turtle. They uncover the evolutionary mystery of how turtles developed shells to protect themselves from sharp-toothed predators.

  • In this Inside Nature's Giants Special, the BAFTA-winning team battle through the night against a rising tide to explore the mysteries of the largest predator on Earth: the sperm whale

  • The team join Inuit hunters and scientists studying polar bears off the coast of Greenland

  • The BAFTA-winning series returns to Australia on the trail of a bird that's been described as a living dinosaur and hides in Queensland's tropical rainforests: the Cassowary.

  • We don't think of Australia as the home of camels, but in the middle of this vast island there are over a million feral dromedaries roaming around.

  • An in-depth look at the camel.

  • A closer look at the giant squid.

  • The dissections of a lion and tiger. Included: the similarities between the big cats; what enables both to roar; why male lions have distinctive manes.

  • Take a look at a great white shark and the anatomy that makes it the way it is.

  • This episode features autopsies on two pythons, one a nine-foot male, the other a 14-foot female.

  • The team takes a look at the organs of a sperm whale that became stranded and died on Pegwell Bay in Kent, England to discover the secrets of the 45-foot deep-sea giant.