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In this historical drama, English settlers try to make a new life for themselves in the 17th-century colony of Virginia. Not surprisingly, their lives play out much like a contemporary soap opera. Naomi Battrick, Sophie Rundle, Niamh Walsh, Max Beesley, Jason Flemyng, Dean Lennox Kell, and Shaun Dooley star.

3 Seasons, 32 Episodes
May 4, 2017
Cast: Naomi Battrick, Max Beesley, Claire Cox, Patsy Ferran
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Jamestown Full Episode Guide

  • Mercy and Pepper bring joy to the town but the Sharrows' rivalry reaches breaking point. Jocelyn gives Yeardley one last challenge which will alter both their futures. Opechancanough initiates a bold plan that will change Jamestown forever.

  • Pedro seeks revenge after devastating news. Willmus challenges James Read about his past, and Pedro doubts the blacksmith's loyalty. Jocelyn realizes that if she wants to see Yeardley overthrown, she must take matters into her own hands.

  • When Chacrow comes to live in Jamestown, his relationship with Silas is tested to the extreme. Yeardley plans for the future which spells disaster for Pedro and Maria. Jocelyn resorts to drastic measures to extract the truth from Willmus.

  • An extraordinary creature transfixes the town and a race to capture it ensues. Silas must face the consequences of his attack on Yeardley, whilst Opechancanough makes a bold political move. Jocelyn finally weakens the unfathomable Willmus.

  • Maria forms a plan which could secure a new life for her and Pedro. Silas seeks revenge against Yeardley, jeopardizing his place with the Pamunkey. Jocelyn learns that Willmus suspects her; she tries to woo him but may have met her match.

  • Henry and Winganuske clash when their child falls ill. A rebellious young boy arrives in town and Meredith takes an instant shine to him. Jocelyn sees an opportunity to forge a relationship with the Pamunkey and does so to spite Yeardley.

  • When Maria's trust is betrayed, she runs away into the wilderness, leaving a life hanging in the balance. Silas and Henry make a business deal which compromises their principles, while Jocelyn forms a pact with an unlikely ally. UK Edition.

  • Yeardley reveals a new potentially devastating threat to the colony, while Massinger finds himself in a vulnerable position. An eclipse darkens the sky and ghostly happenings reveal the Catholic spy and Samuel's true murderer. UK Edition.

  • Farlow returns with an alchemist in tow, which leads to an unusual revelation. The Sharrows await their first tobacco profits from overseas, while Maria and Pedro seek help from the Rutters when they're framed for a crime. UK Edition.

  • A ship spotted offshore heralds the arrival of James Read's new wife. Jocelyn uses a devious plan to exploit the Sharrows' special relationship with the Pamunkey for political gain, and the Rutters face Massinger's vengeance. UK Edition.

  • A challenge from the Pamunkey leads to heartache for the Sharrows and tests Yeardley's ability to defuse the conflict. Maria's behavior comes under scrutiny, while Christopher joins the town's political games to impress Jocelyn. UK Edition.

  • The Rutters embark on a money-making adventure with brutal consequences. Pedro plans for advancement but needs Jocelyn's help. The Sharrows look for a way out of a compromising situation which Alice accidentally makes worse. UK Edition.

  • Jamestown's first baby brings joy to the settlement but the discovery of a terrible crime throws suspicion upon all inhabitants. When Jocelyn's position in the colony comes under threat, she forges a surprising new connection. UK Edition.

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