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Meet Joe, and his best friend Jack, who happens to be a cat. Add to this, two of the biggest imaginations possible. Now watch as the magic unfolds... Their backyard becomes a candyland, the local swimming pool transforms into shark infested waters. Share in the laughs, adventures and the special moments only two best friends can create. Follow these friends, as together they get into, out of, and back into, trouble.

Joe and Jack is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (39 episodes). The series first aired on January 7, 2012.

Joe and Jack is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Joe and Jack on demand atAmazon Prime online.

9 Story Media Group
1 Season, 39 Episodes
January 7, 2012
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Benjamin Hafsteinn Bjarkason, Anne Bolger, Sarah Bradley, Claire Enaholo
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Joe and Jack Full Episode Guide

  • Ruby's costume has red slippers.

  • Time for an adventure.

  • Lets read a book about big cats.

  • The sofa seems sad.

  • Time to learn a musical instrument.

  • Who wants to be a superhero?

  • Is the garden sick?

  • Joe and Jack think about what they want to be when they grow-up.

  • Someone finds a magic wand in the garden.

  • Gracie needs a best friend.

  • Nana shows how to make some yummy bread.

  • Gracie gets a show.

  • It seems like Dad needs a holiday.

  • Time to explore in the park.

  • Joe and Jack do a rain dance.

  • Jack is ready to be a moviestar.

  • Recyled robots are on the loose!

  • Gordon tells Joe he is too little to play football.

  • Time to make some bubbles with Lizzie.

  • Be on the look-out for buried treasure.

  • Yuck! A dragon with bad breath comes to visit.

  • Nana tells the story about Bluebells.

  • Joe and Jack think a monster ate the table leg!

  • Joe and Jack combine their talents to prove they're the best at "Hide and Seek". Later, they go in search of their missing friend, Ron the Rabbit. Then, Joe and Jack set out to find some teleporting red shoes so they can take off to far flung shores.

  • Joe and Jack start their own band using Dad's bucket drum. Later, they try to cheer up their sad sofa or is it "Talking Tara", Lizzie's doll that cries? Then they show Gordon the bully who's the real scaredy-cat.

  • Joe and Jack don't know what they want to be when they grow up, a gardener, chef or famous footballer? Later, they learn that each season has its own merits. Then their super hero powers are put to the test against an invasion of pests.

  • Joe and Jack don't want to take a bath so they imagine themselves as sea captains and devise an escape plan. They go on a quest to find a best friend for Gracie. Then they find a magic wand that will grant them three wishes.

  • Joe and Jack decide to create their own beach in the back garden, later they put on a scary monster show to amuse Gracie, then they try out their own bread recipe with the help of "˜dough rising' experts, Lizzie and Tallulah.

  • Joe and Jack play movie stars with Jack as the director, later they persuade the sun to come back out thanks to some interesting dance moves, and then they pretend to be famous jungle explorers.

  • Joe and Jack decide to build their very own castle; they battle a seadog in their quest for a missing pirate treasure, and then try to make the best bubble ever.

  • Joe and Jack decide to build a space ship in their living room, they take off on a quest to find a furniture-eating crocodile, then they discover that Bluebells are also called "˜Fairy Flowers' and are convinced that fairies live there.

  • When Dad wins a trophy for creating an amazing new ice-cream flavour, Joe and Jack decide that they too need to get really, really good at something so that they can win a trophy.

  • Jack creates a magic potion that can make things disappear, Gracie turns into a Giant Baby, and then Joe and Jack try to save the family from a Monster.

  • Joe and Jack try to build their own plane out of cardboard box. Later they pretend to be real doctors. Then they play a game of espionage.

  • Joe and Jack discover the joys of gardening. Later they prepare a midnight feast, then embark on a deep sea diving adventure.