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Julia Child and Jacques P

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1 Season, 22 Episodes
September 11, 1999
Cast: Julia Child, Jacques Pepin
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Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home Full Episode Guide

  • Julia's original French Chef recipe, Jacques roasted duck breast salad.

  • Baked, mashed, creamy casserole and crispy fried pommes soufflés.

  • Roast of Veal and Leg of Lamb.

  • Salmon tartar, gravlax, baked in a papillote (paper bag) and roasted fillets.

  • Poached chicken, chicken pot pie and rustic apple tart dessert.

  • Simple homemade sausages, including sausage in brioche, and patés.

  • Stuffed cabbage (first Julia's way, then Jacques) plus Cauliflower gratin.

  • Cheese, scallop, and chocolate soufflés.

  • Three ways to perfectly roasted chickens.

  • Mussels, oysters, clams and shrimp.

  • Crème Caramel, Crème Brulé, and Chocolate Pot de crème.

  • Improvisations on classic pork dishes.

  • Boiled, scrambled, omelets, fritatas, and eggs Benedict.

  • Four classic soups: onion, vichyssoise, Mediterranean fish and chicken

  • Classic sole, grilled halibut and poached grouper.

  • The collaborative version, with a signature Swiss cheese mashed potatoes.

  • Artichokes, bruised peas and forever green beans, and tomatoes.

  • Croques Monsieur et Madame to Pain Bagnat.

  • Tossed greens to Nicoise.

  • From fresh fruits to Crèpes Suzettes.

  • From hamburgers to chateaubriand.

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