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Lisa Kennedy Montgomery -- better known as "Kennedy" is familiar to Fox Business viewers as host of the network's former show "The Independents". Now, the one-time MTV VJ is doing her own thing with this self-titled, hourlong program that takes a news-centric approach to a format that is usually associated with late-night talk shows.

Monday to Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on Fox Business Network
2017 Seasons, 242 Episodes
January 26, 2015
Talk & Interview
Cast: Katherine Parkinson, Lucy Hutchinson, Dan Renton Skinner, Emma Pierson

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  • Kennedy kicks the night off talking about the upcoming debate & gives some predictions on what she thinks will happen.Tonight's panel consists of JIMMY FAILLA, ABBY HUNTSMAN, and JULIE ROGSINKY. They continue to talk about the upcoming debate and prognosticate accordingly. Afterwards they move on to the Hillary Clinton email scandal.BEN DOMENECH and MOLLIE HEMMINGWAY are here to talk about Romney's blistering attack on Trump as well as Trump's response.TOPICAL STORMLena Dunham manages to get angry and political over something that never happened. She says some magazine airbrushed her, they prove they didn't. She apologizes and somehow makes it about Clinton. The party panel is here to discuss. Katy Perry loves Hillary Clinton. "GO OUT AND VOTE! GO OUT AND VOTE!!! GO OUT AND VOTE!!!!!"Detroit's favorite son CHARLIE LeDUFF is here to give us some of his unique opinions on tonight's debate. (Which takes place in Detroit by the way.)NIGHTCAP \\ MAILBAG

  • Kennedy is watching excitement grow over Super Tuesday. She moves on to talking about Donald Trump vs Lil' Marco Rubio.Tonight's party panel: KATHERINE TIMPF, ANDY LEVY, AND JAMIE WEINSTEIN. More Super Tuesday. Clinton vs Sanders.Chuck Shumer is trying to get leg room laws passed. BRIAN BRENBERG is here to talk about the economic consequences.The panel returns. Leo Dicaprio finally wins an Oscar and using his time to spread awareness about global warming. High school fight club. KATIE PAVLICH is here to talk about the GOP starting to move towards Trump.NIGHTCAP // EXERCISE

  • Kennedy kicks the night off talking about tonight's Nevada show down.MICHAEL MALICE, MICHAEL MOYNIHAN, and MEGHAN McCAIN are here to keep talking Nevada.- BREAK -Sanders says that the Pope is a socialist. Plus he gets a endorsement from Spike Lee & Dick Van Dyke. The panel is back to discuss.- BREAK -JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO is here to talk about Obama trying to shut down GitMo. Problem for national security or boon for Liberty lovers? Can't have Napolitano on without a bit of the ol' email scandal. - BREAK -TOPICAL STORM- BREAK -The panel returns to talk more about Apple vs FBI. With 3 Libertarians at the table I'm sure you can predict how this conversation goes. ;-)- BREAK -DANA PERINO is here with some more Do's and Don'ts. This time - how to cure an ailing campaign.- BREAK -GARY JOHNSON is here to talk about JUSTIN AMASH endorsing Cruz. Many hoped he would endorse a Libertarian candidate. They also talk about clean needle programs + supervised places to shoot up.fin

  • No show on the 18th. Kennedy is on vacation.Kennedy is watching the sweet afterglow of victory pour over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. What will be Hillary's next move with Bernie Sanders promising so much? We bid farewell to Mr. "Please Clap" himself. Good night, sweet prince.MATT WELCH, TOM SHILLUE, and GILLIAN TURNER are here to talk about the inevitable ramp up to Nevada. Donald Trump retweeting something questioning Marco Rubio's eligibility to run for president. What could derail Hillary? She managed to sneak past in Nevada but this thing is far from over. Apple VS. FBI. Woo, Kennedy is fired up about this one.CHRIS STIREWALT joins us via satellite to talk about potential paths to the Republican nomination.TOPICAL STORMStudents at Brown University are attacking homework as it takes away from their time spent being activists.Yelp employee writes an open letter to the boss saying she doesn't get paid enough. She can't even afford food. Of course she was fired. Should we feel bad? Capitalist Pig JONATHAN HOENIG is here to shed some light.LITA FORD is here to talk about her book, "LIVING LIKE A RUNAWAY."

  • No show on the 18th. Kennedy is on vacation.

  • No episode on Monday. Kennedy in on vacation.

  • No episode on 02/09 - New Hampshire primary.

  • Kennedy is watching Hillary expose her hypocrisy. On last nights debate she once again got the 'donations from wall street' question and once again she sucked at answering it.Here to keep talking Hillary is KATHERINE TIMPF, JULIE ROGINSKY, and JAMIE WEINSTEIN. Even our token Democrat thinks Hillary receiving money from Wall Street looks really bad. Some recent New Hampshire polls are showing Rubio surging. Fat lot of good that did.Both Democrats and Republicans are crying foul. With Cruz deceiving Carson supporters and Hillary winning with a coin toss it's left a bad taste in many peoples mouth. CHRIS STIREWALT is here to give his thoughts.A Kent state professor known for his anti-Israel rhetoric has been discovered as praising Osama Bin Laden and other radical Islamist's. Kent state refuses to fire him, but they were happy to fire a teacher who had road rage sometime last year. RYAN MAURO, "Clarion Project National Security Analyst" is here to say exactly what you'd expect a guy with that job to say.Students are protesting Adele's song "Hello" saying that it promotes sexual harassment by women toward men. Our panel is here to discuss this stupid novelty. Bernie Sanders wants Trump to win the Republican nomination - he thinks he can beat him. But will he regret what he's wished for if it actually ever happened?DR. RON PAUL is here via satellite to discuss who Libertarians should vote for now that his son is out of the race.Celebrity chef of CHOPPED fame MARC MURPHY is here to give Kennedy some super bowl snack tips. :)

  • HOLA! Kennedy kicks the night off watching Hillary gloat over her non-victory in Iowa. On tonight's panel we've got a comic heavy line-up. TOM SHILLUE, DAVE SMITH, and KIRSTEN HAGLUND. Our panel is here to talk about the Iowa mystery. Which one is worse - Hillary Clinton or socialism? Donald Trump is attacking Cruz for lying about Ben Carson dropping out of the race. Today Senator Rand Paul dropped out of the racing clearing the presidential field of it's most libertarian candidate. The 3 Governors in the Republican race are all piling on to Rubio hoping to carve off a portion of the establishment vote for themselves.The world ending absolutely terrifying Zika virus has been sexually transmitted in Texas. Dr. NINA RADCLIFF is here to whip up some extra strength fear and get your heart pumping. (Actually she's pretty decent.)The military may be moving toward drafting women. Our panel is here to discuss. Lena Dunham quits twitter and no one cares. TOM BEVAN, co-founder of Real Clear Politics, is here to talk about polling and the results in Iowa.Nightcap. Wimbleton open.

  • It's one week before the election and Kennedy is kicking the night off covering Michael Bloomberg's potential entrance into the presidential race, Trump shooting someone on 5th avenue and losing no voters, and quickly she moves back on to bashing that Nanny-man Bloomberg.Bloomberg is eyeing a potential independent presidential bid - but should he? That's the question she poses to MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, MICHAEL MALICE, and JIMMY FAILLA - our panel tonight. A new Fox poll shows Trump in the lead in Utah - maybe it's that Palin endorsement. On the endorsement front Ted Cruz has snagged a few of his own. Rick Perry and Glenn Beck. Bernie Sanders must have stepped on a torn as he's finally woken up and starting attacking Hillary. He recently went after her on Meet the Press going so far as to call her "desperate". Our panel is here to discuss.Danny DeVito & SNL have both lampooned the Oscars for their lack of diversity. CHARLAMAGNE THA GOD is here to give us his thoughts the whole thing.The panel returns to talk about the state departments failure to release Hillary's emails - blaming the DC blizzard. Super Bowl 50 is set and JIMMY FAILLA predicted it who would win it right off the bat. A women's basketball team have proven themselves to be too good. So good that their being disallowed from playing.The flagship conservative magazine National Review has dedicated an entire issue to taking down Donald Trump. KATIE PAVLICH, who is a writer for the National Review, is here to give some of the reasons that she and the National Review went after Trump so hard.Nightcap: Kennedy went to DC during their snow apocalypse and brought back some footage.

  • Kennedy kicks the night off talking about big time Hillary fan Lena Dunham talking a bit of shit saying that she was 'repulsed' by the way Bill Clinton's mistress was treated and Lena isn't the only one. On top of that emailgate just seems to keep getting worse for Hillary.On tonight's microwave safe party panel we've got a bunch of political types. JULIE ROGINSKY, GUY BENSON, and BEN DOMENECH. They continue to talk about Hillary's problems, mostly focusing on her email scandal. Ted Cruz is trying to say that Donald Trump is becoming part of the establishment - what is going on here?DANA PERINO is back with her on fancy graphic for the now established segment "Dana's Do's & Don'ts. Sarah Palin has endorsed Trump - Perino is here to tell us the common mistakes candidates make when giving and/or receiving endorsements.CHARLIE LeDUFF is here to talk about the Flint water scandal and his recent interview for Governor Snyder.Our panel is back to discuss some big storm that supposed to hit DC. Who cares. Jeb says that the reason Trump continues to attack him is because Trump is 'insecure'. North Korea is claiming to have invented a type of alcohol that is completely hangover free. Don't get your hopes up, though. They've cured AIDS, too.GARY JOHNSON a potential Libertarian candidate for the presidential seat is in studio with Kennedy to talk about stuff. Among that stuff - running in 2016, Donald Trump, 'spoiling' an election, marijuana, and his recreational use of said marijuana. They also cover his dumb statement about banning burqas. (He think's it was a dumb thing to say, too.)Nightcap: MAILBAG

  • Kennedy is having some fun watching Hillary Clinton's increasing irritation thanks to Trump attacking Bill Clinton.Here to continue to discuss Trump v Hillary GAVIN MCCINES, KMELE FOSTER, and CARLEY SHIMKUS. Afterwards they move on to Iowa. Less than a month away things are still up in the air. A militia has taken over a federal building. Our party panel gives their thoughts on the standoff.JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO is here to talk about Obama's attempt to enforce some aspects of gun control via executive action. He points out that a few of the things Obama is trying to do may/will be judged as unconstitutional.TOPICAL STORMThe panel returns to talk about the potential walking dead. A cryonics company has said that eventually it will be able to freeze people, revive them, and put their brains in a bionic body. Star Wars has broken a ton of records. It's a box office smash hit and our panel has a talk about it. Gavin thinks it sucks - Kennedy thinks he sucks. While campaigning in New Hampshire Hillary has claimed that she will get to the bottom of UFO's and may form a task force to do exactly that.In Saudi Arabia tensions are reaching a boiling point after an execution of a high profile cleric. Iran, Sudan and Bahrain have cut diplomatic ties. KT McFARLAND has some information on the subject.Kennedy recently tried the juice fast. She's made it realize that it's totally pointless. So she's invited JEFF WILSER on the show to talk about other dumb fad diets.

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