Fox Business Network is a cable and satellite TV channel in America that is owned by 21st Century Fox’s division - Fox Entertainment Group. This network is primarily responsible for discussing and delivering financial and business related news to its viewers. The executive VP of Fox Business Network is Kevin Magee while the content and coverage of business news is done by Neil Cavuto.

According to August 2013 figures, Fox Business Network is viewed by approximately 66% households that have a television set in their house.

Fox Business Network also has a simulacast for viewers who prefer their financial facts to be in HD. Aired in 720p, HD Fox Business Network is the preferred choice of many people.

The biggest competitor of Fox Business Network is CNBC that is believed to be the tougher version of Fox Business Network when it comes to businesses. Fox Business Network has always tried to establish itself as a friendly news network. Bloomberg Television is also in competition with Fox Business Network.

Popular anchors of Fox Business Network include Dagen McDowell, David Asman, Deirdre Bolton, Liz Claman, Lou Dobbs, Tom Sullivan, Shibani Joshi, Connell McShane, Charles Payne, Cheryl Casone, Lori Rothman, John Stossel, Maria Bartiromo, Melissa Francis, Stuart Varney, Neil Cavuto and Gerri Willis. Major reporters of Fox Business Network include Washington DC’s Peter Barnes and NYC’s Tracy Byrnes, Charles Gasparino, Liz MacDonald, Nicole Petallides, Sandra Smith, Adam Shapiro and London’s Ashley Webster. Most of these reporters also act as substitute hosts and anchors.