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The funny, heartfelt story of The Kims, a Korean-Canadian family, running a convenience store in downtown Toronto. Mr. and Mrs. Kim ('Appa' and 'Umma') immigrated to Toronto in the 80's to set up shop near Regent Park and had two kids, Jung and Janet who are now young adults. However, when Jung was 16, he and Appa had a major falling out involving a physical fight, stolen money and Jung leaving home. Father and son have been estranged since.

Kim's Convenience is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on October 16, 2016.

Where do I stream Kim's Convenience online? Kim's Convenience is available for streaming on CBC (CA), both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Kim's Convenience on demand at Netflix, Amazon online.

Tuesday at 09:00PM et/pt on CBC (CA)
4 Seasons, 52 Episodes
October 16, 2016
Cast: Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Jean Yoon, Andrea Bang, Simu Liu
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Kim's Convenience Full Episode Guide

  • Appa and Umma's bucket list leads them to try scuba diving. Janet gets an internship in Africa and invites an old friend to join her. Shannon's search for a roommate forces Jung and Kimchee to rethink their own living arrangements.

  • Jung takes care of an injured bird to prove Shannon wrong when she assumes he'll be an irresponsible caregiver. Janet researches a summer trip only to have Chelsea and Gerald steal her idea. Appa is excited to lead a business seminar at church but is frustrated to discover that he must share the spotlight.

  • After too many sleepless nights, Appa and Umma come up with a new sleeping arrangement. When Jung decides to pursue a career in modeling, he asks Janet to take his headshots. Unfortunately, their creative sensibilities clash. Terence starts to do a puzzle on his break time but takes it a little too seriously when Shannon pushes him over the edge.

  • When Shannon asks Janet to take pictures of her cats, the discussion of payment comes up and things get awkward. Umma is thrilled that Appa and Jung are getting along, so it should be no problem if she asks Jung to pick Appa up from the dentist... right? Kimchee feels threatened by Terence's tolerance for spicy food and a spice challenge ensues.

  • Appa is hurt when he discovers that Janet is a better liar than he thought. But when Janet tries to do the right thing, her honesty gets Umma in trouble with her book club. At Handy, Shannon and Jung struggle with workplace dating dynamics.

  • When Appa unwittingly becomes Jung's soccer coach, the two form a new bond but it might be at the expense of the rest of the team. Meanwhile, Umma has put her foot down and Janet must learn to cook for herself. Shannon tries to force a birthday party on Stacie.

  • Umma and Appa become preoccupied with some salacious gossip about Pastor Nina that threatens to crumble the church community. When Jung gives Shannon a gift, she worries it may be a little over the top and perhaps they are moving too fast. Janet considers a new tattoo while Gerald wonders who she is getting it for.

  • Janet is planning to get the Kim family together for their first family dinner in 15 years but it almost proves too much for Jung and Appa to handle. Jung and Shannon try to hide their relationship from the rest of the Handy gang but their cover may be blown after Shannon gets a little 'handy' herself at a staff meeting.

  • When Umma is mistaken for catering staff at an OCAD event, Janet thinks this wrong must be righted, even if it makes it awkward for her at school. Appa takes up a math tutoring job after insisting he's more than a just shopkeeper. The only problem is he doesn't know much about math. At Handy, Shannon is finally single and Jung wonders whether it's time to make a move.

  • When their apartment floods, Kimchee and Jung have to find temporary housing. Appa takes advantage of Kimchee's kind-spirit and inevitably pushes things too far. Meanwhile Janet isn't the most inviting host and Jung accuses her of being emotionally closed off. Janet then makes it her mission to prove Jung wrong.

  • In the wake of Raj's cancelled engagement, Appa and Umma are at odds over a dress Umma bought for the wedding. Meanwhile, Janet finds herself faced with an awkward situation when she ends up at a party with both Raj and Nathan. Over at Handy, Shannon makes a culturally insensitive blunder leading to a difficult workplace conversation with Jung.

  • Umma loses her wedding ring and is desperate to find it before Appa discovers it's gone. Tensions flare at Handy when Shannon and Kimchee win a BBQ and can't decide how to split it. Janet worries that Jung will ruin her chance with a hot yoga instructor, but there's an even bigger obstacle coming her way.

  • Appa offers Umma some friendly advice to help her deal with an annoying habit, which he quickly regrets. Janet takes an ailing Gerald to the hospital where she has an unexpected run-in with an ex. Jung's favourite reality TV show is holding an open audition call and Jung is eager to apply but jeopardizes his chances, and relationships, when he doubles up on audition partners.

  • When Umma gets rid of some of Janet's things, Janet retaliates. Appa sympathizes with both sides of the dispute, but aims to work the situation to his advantage. Kimchee is on a mission to ask out his long-time crush but has trouble navigating Jung and Shannon's conflicting dating advice.

  • Appa and Umma lie to get out of vacationing with their friends the Lees. But when the truth gets back to the Lees, Appa and Umma are determined to find the cause of the leak. Janet finally lands her first paid photography work. Unfortunately, it's taking her ex-boyfriend's engagement photos. Jung considers himself a master of impressions, but finds it's easier to dish it out than to take it.

  • Appa and Umma discover an exciting new way to spice up their relationship, but Janet threatens to ruin their fun. Jung tries to help Kimchee prepare for his first corporate presentation as Handy's assistant manager but Kimchee insists on doing things his own way.

  • Appa uses an old ping-pong table to try and relive his former glory, but the game soon threatens his already delicate relationship with Jung. Umma wants to spend more mother-daughter bonding time with Janet, but when Janet rejects her, Umma soon finds a replacement. A surprise gift basket brings workplace tension to Handy.

  • Appa's experience in army training inspires Gerald to immortalize the tale, bringing unexpected consequences. A family emergency leaves Umma feeling unappreciated in times of crisis. Janet makes a faux pas at an exclusive, members-only restaurant. Then she makes it worse.

  • When Umma has trouble with the wifi, Appa's solution tests neighbourly boundaries. Janet struggles with doing the right thing when she 'volunteers' for a questionable church reading. Jung has a new crush, but unfortunately, she's one of Shannon's best friends.

  • When Appa and Umma look to settle an argument, they unwittingly end up in couples' therapy. Jung learns more about Shannon's boyfriend than he bargained for when he helps Alejandro move some furniture. Janet makes a connection with an important mentor but ends up in a moral dilemma.

  • A customer leaves a flirtatious online review for the store, praising its cute owner, Appa. Appa worries Umma might get jealous, but discovers getting Umma's attention is harder than he thought. Jung returns to Handy with a plan to get back to his former position as quickly as possible. Janet and Gerald have an unexpected - and unwanted - houseguest.

  • Appa and Umma need a new dishwasher, but Appa's determination to get the best deal leads to trouble. In an attempt to stand out as an artist, Janet adopts a new identity. Jung tries to get his old job back at Handy... but is it the job he misses... or Shannon?

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