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  • 2003
  • 3 Seasons

72 Hours | True Crime is an engaging show that expertly combines the suspense of true crime stories with the thrill of police investigation. Debuting on CBC- the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation- in 2003, it provides viewers with an enthralling look into how law enforcement professionals deal with the most complex criminal cases. This show presents powerful narratives of real-life criminal cases that are unravelled within the first 72 hours of the crime.

The show's title, 72 Hours | True Crime, refers to the critical period following the crime's occurrence. According to law enforcement experts, the chances of solving a case lessen dramatically after the first 72 hours. The series offers a stark depiction of this window's importance, demonstrating the relentless rush against time that investigators face as they work toward finding the truth.

Each episode of 72 Hours | True Crime is a standalone instalment, allowing viewers to dive into a new story and case file with each watch. Realistic re-enactments of the crimes serve as the centrepiece of each episode. The series draws heavily from actual case files, witness statements, and expert testimonies, adding an authenticity that bolsters its intensity.

Through its forensic style narrative, the series offers a deep understanding of police procedures, detective work, and forensic sciences, exposing viewers to the intricacies of evidence collection, suspect interview techniques, and deduction skills that are paramount to solving crimes. It also busts numerous myths about crime investigation, clarifying that it's often a complex process that requires significant resources and time.

Each episode typically starts with the crime's discovery and follows the evidence trail as the mystery unfolds. The critical 72-hour window is laid out in a suspenseful, minute-by-minute countdown, capturing the high-stakes, relentless pursuit of justice that exemplifies the true spirit of law enforcement. As detectives race against time, viewers are gripped by the suspense and share in the team's perilous race to apprehend the guilty.

72 Hours | True Crime is unique in its refusal to sensationalise crime. Instead, it opts for an objective, fact-based portrayal that respects the gravity of these real-life events. This approach allows audiences to appreciate the painstaking effort and tenacity required by those who seek justice. Its treatment of victims is delicate and respectful, thoughtful in its recollection of events that altered lives forever.

The creators of the show have gone to great lengths to ensure the accuracy of the re-enactments. They have cooperated closely with law enforcement agencies, using actual evidence and court documents to portray each crime and subsequent investigation accurately. It's not just about captivating storytelling; it's about providing an in-depth, accurate portrayal of police work.

The narrative approach of the show is particularly engaging. Instead of a straightforward recollection of events, the show employs a mix of interviews, re-enactments, graphics and narration to create an immersive storytelling experience. The use of real locations and specifics of each crime adds a layer of chilling reality that deeply immerses the viewer into each story.

72 Hours | True Crime is a show that champions the spirit of law enforcement and crime investigation - offering a respectful nod to the professionals who dedicate their lives to serving justice. It's a showcase of the complicated nature of detective work and the relentless pursuit of justice that typify the field of crime investigation.

While the true crime genre has many entries, 72 Hours | True Crime distinguishes itself with its minute-by-minute structure, authentic re-enactments and emphasis on the critical 72-hour window in solving crimes. It uncovers not only the disturbing realities of criminal acts but also the courage, tenacity, and intelligence necessary to bring those responsible to account.

As a result, 72 Hours | True Crime appeals to those who enjoy crime and investigation shows, want an in-depth understanding of police procedures or have an interest in real crime cases. Its powerful storylines, coupled with its unflinching look at real-life crime scenes, make it a riveting exploration of the world of crime investigation.

72 Hours | True Crime presents viewers with a unique perspective on true crime storytelling while serving as a testament to the tireless work of investigative authorities. By focusing on the critical first 72 hours after a crime is committed, the show offers a fresh take on the law enforcement process that keeps viewers locked in suspense. This show is a must-watch for any true crime enthusiast.

72 Hours | True Crime is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (45 episodes). The series first aired on November 4, 2003.

72 Hours | True Crime
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Bull's Eye
12. Bull's Eye
March 12, 2007
Police are called when a woman appears to have died in her sleep, but when blood is found, detectives feel there may be more to it.
Dead End
11. Dead End
March 5, 2007
In 1999 Ontario, an American man comes searching for his daughter who has gone traveling with her boyfriend, but from whom he has not heard.
Model Killer
10. Model Killer
February 26, 2007
In 1981 Toronto, a beautiful model is reported dead at home by someone saying they are the superintendent of the apartment block.
9. Lust
February 19, 2007
In 1996 Toronto, a woman's body is found in a public stairwell, the victim of a "lust murder".
Evil Eyes
8. Evil Eyes
February 12, 2007
In Ontario, a suspicious death is reported when a body is found in a park. She is identified as a selfless woman whose life was based around helping others.
7. Predator
February 5, 2007
Two Asian sisters, aged 18 and 14, visiting Toronto are brutally attacked in the apartment where they are staying. There is no sign of sexual assault, and the motive is a mystery.
6. Hunted
January 29, 2007
In 2002, the homicide of a 30-year old woman is reported at her workplace by her sister.
The Stranger
5. The Stranger
January 22, 2007
A woman is found attacked and dying in a small community convenience store, but the homicide remains unsolved for many years.
Sweet Killer
4. Sweet Killer
December 11, 2006
At Christmas, a loving father leaves his family celebration then is later found dead.
Good Doctor
3. Good Doctor
December 4, 2006
Halloween 1992. A young single mother reports a respected doctor for having raped her, but an early DNA test tells a different story. But then she organizes her own DNA test.
Pointing to Murder
2. Pointing to Murder
November 27, 2006
In 2002, some human remains are found in a safari park, but this person has not been attacked by the animals.
1. Frenzy
November 20, 2006
A baptist deacon persuades his granddaughter to get to bed as she has church the next morning, but neither of them ever make it to the service.
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72 Hours | True Crime is available for streaming on the CBC (CA) website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch 72 Hours | True Crime on demand at , Tubi TV and Pluto TV.
  • Premiere Date
    November 4, 2003