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Inflexible woman architect Lin Xiaoxiao was persistence to her life principle but made her stumbled along in both her career and marriage. After she lost both her job and marriage, she lived with a lot of difficulties, because she had to take care both her mother and her sick son.

1 Season, 57 Episodes
June 30, 2018
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Let's Fall in Love -《咱们相爱吧》 Full Episode Guide

  • Huang Shaogu meets with Cai Chunni's coffee shop and chats about the trivia of his friends.

  • Jane says that she came to the hospital to visit Kangmu.

  • Time smiled and was trapped in the cold store to encourage each other, until both fell into a coma, and was rescued by the police who arrive at the scene.

  • Cai Chunni asks if Kang Qiao has fallen into the trap.

  • Kang Qiao took the initiative to find Cai father, hoping to reconcile with Cai Chunni.

  • Yan Luji came to the magazine to find time, thanked the time, and admitted that he did false testimony for Kang Qiao.

  • Vice President Sun sends a person to kidnap him, threatening him to stay away from Kang Qiao and cutting off his little finger as a lesson.

  • Lin Xiaoxiao comes to the company to look at the flowers sent by the table time, both happy and painful, smiled and broke up.

  • Jane took Jane Dan, Lin Mu accused of laughing and selfish, regardless of the child's feelings, forced Dandan to run away from home, smiled and grievances, speechless, bursting and crying.

  • Cai Chunni conceals the scars and comforted her family.

  • In the dead of night, Kang Qiao writes a blog to Cai Chunni.

  • Kang Qiao suspects that Chun Ni is derailed.

  • Kangmu learns that Conran and Jane broke up with a sigh of relief, but looks at Conran's sad look, and feels very sad.

  • Huang Shaogu hopes to invite Cai Chunni to the company to be a screenwriter.

  • Lin Xiaoxiao took time to return to the old court to see her mother.

  • Jane was determined to break up with Conran, took away all his belongings, moved back to the dormitory of the school, and left the property shared by both of them to Conran before leaving.

  • Under the mediation of Cai Chunni, the relationship between Kang and Jane has eased.

  • At night, Jane and Xiaoxiao accompany Dan in the hospital.

  • After leaving the Kang family, he goes to the Lin family to see Dandan.

  • Mao Da Mao said that he had kept the sweet candy, and the sweet candy felt helpless to the big hair.

  • Time and Pan Zhizhi drunk, falls on the company's bed unconscious.

  • Time to tell Huang Shaogu the secret of his heart: he has fallen in love with Lin Xiaoxiao.

  • Jane and Dandan saw the wolverine of time.

  • The architect's license is revoked, the appeal is hopeless, and even the successful bidding of the project is still dismissed.

  • Pan Zhizhi's car is broken in the suburbs, and the time hero who happened to take a taxi to save the United States.

  • Pan Zhizhi and Kang Qiao are broke, and the company also lifted the cooperation on Time Cloud Gallery.

  • Pan Zhizhi leaves the Kang family.

  • The departure of Mao Da Mao makes Pan Zhizhi very sad.

  • Kang Lan takes Jane's home banquet and was severely opposed by Kang Qiao and Kang Mu.

  • Time and Lin Xiaoxiao run to Kangqiao's office before and after, and the two men agreed to provide the same solution to deal with the relocation problem.

  • Lin Mu asks if Lin Xiaoxiao knew if she was on a business trip.

  • Si Yu learns that Xiaoxiao was offended by Kang Qiao and was assigned to Dujiang by the company.

  • On the rest day, Lin Xiaoxiao works part-time in the coffee shop.

  • Pan Zhizhi is extorted by Chen Peter and needs a lot of cash.

  • With the joint efforts of Time and Lin Xiaoxiao, Jk wins the design right of Dujiang Waterfront, and Mr. Bi recognizes Lin Xiaoxiao's ability.

  • Si Si picks up the kitchen knife and threatened his life.

  • Chunni hangs up Huang Shaogu's phone, and then receives a message from Huang Shaogu.

  • Yin Qianyou was sent to think and leave, and he was rejected by Si Si.

  • Thinking about the use of Yin Yuyou's business trip to make Yin Yiyou's home all over the place, Yin Tianyou was troubled and helpless, but he couldn't make a small Loli.

  • Feelings of Lin Xiaoxiao's marriage failed, Pan Zhizhi's sense of security was seriously lacking, and the warm men's tactics that Mao Da Mao first saw results were also splashed with cold water.

  • Time was about laughing and laughing, telling that she was famous for her design, and she was willing to open a face to Lin Xiaoxiao.

  • Lin Xiaoxiao said at the meeting that the time design was weird, the two were tit-for-tat, and the time was approved by Lin Xiaoxiao.

  • Reprimanded, the break up.

  • A film and television company contacts Cai Chunni, saying that they had caught up with Cai Chunni's serial blog and hoped to be adapted into a movie.

  • Lin Mu and Jane meet in the supermarket, and the two parents have a big fight over their daughter's marriage.

  • The quarrel between the two, smiles and says that she was trying to be rude...

  • Mao Da Mao takes good care of Pan Zhizhi, who was "disfigured" because of seafood allergies, and applies a special mask on her, but still can't swing a kiss.

  • Pan Zhizhi and Mao Daomai go to the company one after the other.

  • Time temporarily modifies the design plan, so that Kang Qiao increases the cost.

  • Cai Chunni enthusiastically introduces herself to Kang Qiao's daughter, but she thought that Cai Chunni was the fox who seduced Kang Qiao's mother, pretending to ask Chunni's question, deliberately staining Cai Chunni's dress with ink.

  • Lin Xiaoxiao, a graduate of the prestigious school, worked as an assistant at the design institute and submits his third design plan to the chief engineer, quickly tossed in the trash.

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