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  • 1969
  • 1 Season

MacAskill's Imaginate is a stunning one-hour documentary from Red Bull TV that showcases how Danny MacAskill, a professional street trials rider from the Isle of Skye in Scotland, saw a childhood dream come true. In the documentary, Danny takes on the challenge of his life as he attempts to pull off some of the most audacious and daring tricks ever attempted on a bike. He achieves this by blending his incredible riding skills with state-of-the-art technology to bring his wild and crazy stunt ideas to life.

The show begins with Danny MacAskill as a young boy daydreaming about performing bike stunts in a fantasy world. It then transitions to the present day, where MacAskill has been given the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to realize his childhood dreams and create his own bike park. The setting for MacAskill's dream is an enormous hangar located in a disused factory in Edinburgh, Scotland. This space is perfect for Danny's elaborate bike stunts as it offers ample room and height for airtime, jumping and spinning.

Danny's park is unlike any ordinary bike park with its unique features like a giant dice, a massive hourglass, a skateboard half-pipe, gravity-defying jumps, and loops, all built to Danny's exact specifications. His plans for the park are big and he has to work hard to accomplish them. But Danny is up to the task, and his skills as a professional athlete ensure that he can visualize the park and the tricks he wants to accomplish. He uses his physicality, creativity, and mental toughness to push his limits and bring his dreams to life.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this documentary is how MacAskill blends the latest in technology with his riding skills. He uses a specialized rig, a so-called 'stabilizer' that keeps the bike level while he flips and jumps in the air. It allows him to perform stunts that would be impossible on a normal bike park. This advanced technology helps us to appreciate how much thought and effort goes into every trick he performs.

The show also highlights Danny's personality and the team that he has around him to build and execute his imagination. He is an incredibly confident rider and a funny and charming person. He takes you through his process from start to finish, from the moment of dreaming up a trick, the engineering behind the obstacle, the practice and the execution of the stunt.

Every minute of the show is captivating, full of incredible stunts and tricks that will have you on the edge of your seat. The documentary is a wonderful tribute to Danny MacAskill's creativity and determination. It shows how he uses his physical and mental strength to go beyond what anyone else thought possible.

In conclusion, MacAskill's Imaginate is not your average biking documentary show. It is a visual feast that captures the spirit of an individual who uses his creativity and talent to accomplish his ultimate childhood dream. It is a testament to the importance of using imagination to achieve great things in life. The stunning cinematography and the heart-thumping soundtrack only add to the appeal of this phenomenal documentary. I recommend this show to anyone who is looking for an inspirational and visually stunning documentary to watch.

MacAskill's Imaginate
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Lifting the Lid
5. Lifting the Lid
October 9, 2013
After the release of Danny MacAskill's most anticipated film to date, the final episode of MacAskill's Imaginate looks at some of the challenges around the project and finally lifts the lid on aspects that up until now, have been a guarded secret!
Time to Ride
4. Time to Ride
October 9, 2013
The clock is ticking and it's time for Danny to step up his riding. But with the full scale of the project starting to dawn on him, Danny finds himself feeling the pressure. As the cameras start to roll will he be able to take his riding to new levels and realize his dreams for the film?
Perfect Space
3. Perfect Space
October 9, 2013
As the project gathers pace, Danny MacAskill finds the perfect space to start building his lines. He takes some inspiration from the Atherton's at Fort William and as the UK prepares to welcome the Olympics, Danny has the honour of carrying the torch through Glasgow.
Taking Shape
2. Taking Shape
October 9, 2013
Danny, whilst still recovering from his back surgery has committed to filming a new TV project which will include him meeting one of his heroes, Guy Martin. And plans for the new project start to take shape as he sees for the first time, some of the potential warehouses for the project.
In the Balance
1. In the Balance
As Danny embarks on his most ambitiously creative project to date, an old injury flairs up threatening not just the project but his career as a rider.