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Man is a South African set and produced reality television show detailing the lives of four single men in Cape Town, South Africa. Produced by the African Renaissance Productions group the 13 episode first season was shown by the South African Broadcasting Corporation; the aim of the documentary series is to break down the stereotype that all South African men are sports fanatics who only care about drinking and brief sexual encounters.

Man is filmed in the South African city of Cape Town; the city holds a high ratio of women to men, in some cases reported to be as high as three to one. Despite, or possibly because of the large number of women the city has a low rate of marriage and maintains an active dating scene; Man aims to uncover the truth about why so few men in Cape Town are married or part of a serious long term relationship. The four main characters followed by the documentary crew are Kaiser, Maurice, Trevor and Henri; the character of Henri is not introduced until the fourth episode of the series as he was out of the country working as a model in Europe.

The main focus of Man is on the love lives of the participants and their interactions with the opposite sex; the show features scenes of a sexual nature and nudity as cameras follow the men in their dating lives. The city of Cape Town was chosen specifically because of the vibrant dating scene, exciting nightlife and low marriage rate. To maintain the authenticity of the show the producers did not find the four main characters through agencies or acting schools; instead the four participants were found in bars and nightclubs or through recommendations of friends of the crew of the documentary.

The main creative force behind Man is the executive producer Michael Raimondo, a veteran of numerous documentaries for SABC and other South African television stations. All the members of the cast and crew live and work in Cape Town in an attempt to maintain the integrity of the show; filming included scenes filmed in more than 120 locations around the city highlighting some of the most beautiful areas of Cape Town.

ORF Universum
1 Season, 13 Episodes
November 19, 1994
Arts & Culture
Cast: Christopher Daniel Barnes, Sara Ballantine, Edward Asner, Roscoe Lee Browne

MAN Full Episode Guide

  • The cast plays poker on the roof of the Grand Daddy Hotel in Long Street

  • Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll populate this week's theme, The Rockstar.

  • The cast examines the role the Internet plays in dating and picking up. Is this relatively new avenue of cyber courtship a product of our time-starved lifestyles, and how ethical do most people find it.

  • The cast tread tentatively on their way to Dizzy's for Karaoke, discussing how they've progressed during the show, the cast feel the dating and pick up process is getting easier, and their bond as a group stronger.

  • Fast cars and even faster women! The cast is in for a high octane episode as they explore the aspects deep pockets offer the single man in Mr. Money Bags, and no better way to get into the zone than with a couple of Lamborghini Gallardos.

  • The cast gaze down on Cape Town from Woodstock Cave. The dissociation from the city facilitates some contemplation on life's ever increasing complexity.

  • With a complete cast, the characters explore a bohemian theme this week. We catch up with them as they head to Yoga Zone, which turns out to be more intense than the characters anticipate.

  • What does it take to be a sexy beast? Episode 4 puts the cast through a series of cosmetic refinements to prime them for season in Cape Town, because ultimately, Sex appeal is heavily dependant on physical attributes

  • Physique versus personality dominates this week's episode, as Kaizer says physical gets you through the door, but personality takes you all the way.

  • Episode 1 confronts the alpha male. The three characters have varying insight into this premise. Kaizer believes the alpha male is inherent in most men, while Trevor pairs the alpha male with ego and ego's can be fragile.

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