Man At Arms

The "Man at Arms" team of master blacksmiths and other expert craftsmen build some of your favorite weapons from video games, movies, and television, and create some weapons you've never seen before.

4 Seasons, 79 Episodes
February 11, 2013
Cast: Tony Swatton, Bryan Forrest, Alicia Minette
Man At Arms

Man At Arms Full Episode Guide

  • In the season finale, life imitates art when the crew forges the ultimate machete for Machete himself. Director Robert Rodriguez and his son Rebel join Danny and the gang to help demo the inspirational icon.

  • Danny Trejo and the blacksmiths forge two of the most effective weapons that helped build the ancient Persian Empire

  • Danny Trejo and the Baltimore Knife & Sword blacksmiths forge two uniquely brutal Kung Fu weapons of ancient China

  • Danny Trejo and the Baltimore Knife & Sword blacksmithing team set out to forge two iconic weapons of "Assassin's Creed"

  • Civilizations clash when the crew tackles two key components that forged the epic struggle of the Americas

  • The crew forges two blades of the popular video game "The Witcher": the Aerondight Silver Sword and the Warhammer. Danny and the weapons team then christen each blade with a series of extreme tests.

  • Danny Trejo and the crew of Baltimore Knife & Sword channel their inner fanboy to bring two iconic comic book weapons to life - Deathstroke's brutal twin blades and Wonder Woman's famed shield.

  • Danny and the expert blacksmiths set their sights on the South Pacific as they forge two fierce blades from the ancient Philippines

  • Danny and the smiths forge two iconic weapons of modern Hollywood fantasy: the Oathkeeper and the Red Viper Spear. The team then puts the blades through and array of tests.

  • In the season premiere, the bladesmiths of Baltimore Knife and Sword forge a pair of exotic weapons of ancient Japan. Danny Trejo and his team then conjure up amazing experiments to test the deadly and diabolical blades.

  • The Samurai, the mightiest warrior class the world has ever known, were famously known for their incredible use of the straight-headed spear the Yari and the Katana, one of the finest cutting weapons in world military history.

  • Explore the heroic swords behind the legends including the Arabian Zulfiqar given to Ali ibn Abi Talib by Muhammad and the Tuzin El Cid won from King Yucef.

  • The Armies of the Egyptian Pharaoh cut a bloody path through the ancient world, creating one the mightiest empires ever known. Using weapons ranging from the Battle Axe to the Khopesh, ancient Egypt ruled the ancient world.

  • The AztecEMPIREdeveloped some of the simplest but most effective weapons to assist them in their savage battlefield tactics including the macuahuitl, a wooden sword with its sides embedded with prismatic blades sharper than steel razor blades and the Mayan's long distance weapon - the atlatl.

  • The fearsome Mongol Horde carved out one of the largest empires in the ancient world through their ability to wieldDEADLY WEAPONSon horseback. The composite bow has a range of 820 feet and the ballista could shoot a heavyARROWwith more accuracy than a catapult.

  • Since the beginning of time, African civilizations have crafted some of the most lethal weapons known to the world including the Membele knife, a curved throwing dagger that was often carved to resemble a bird's head and the Shotel, a sickle-shaped sword used to hook and rip invading soldiers off their horses.

  • India fostered some of the deadliest and most unique weapons including the haladie knife, a double-edged dagger with long blades to put distance between the weapon used and their opponent and the urumi, a flexible whip-like blade.