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This ten-part journey will take an up-close and intimate look into the lives of the world's most elite skydiving athletes, looking at who the men and women are that undertake these awe-inspiring feats. Each episode will dive deep into what drives the team, and how much planning and detail there is behind each new skydive, BASE jump or wingsuit endeavor.

Red Bull TV
3 Seasons, 24 Episodes
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  • Continuing their exploits in Courmayeur and the Italian Alps, Scotty Bob Morgan and the team build to a BASE jump high up on Mont Blanc. With the challenge of a sketchy heli drop off, the team overcome trepidation and reap the rewards.

  • On the 'other' side of Mont Blanc lies a valley of infinite wonder. The team join up with BASE sage Scotty Bob Morgan and French legend Fred Fugen to explore the Italian side of this iconic peak. The jumps are long and steep in the Valle d'Aosta.

  • In the world of human flight, a 'boogie' is a gathering of like-minded pilots, simply to have a good old-fashioned throw down. With the help of a barge and a couple of helicopters the team gathered friends and family to rage on the crystal blue.

  • Scotty Bob Morgan and the BASE jumping team descend on Juneau, Alaska, home of team leader Jon Devore. Joined by backcountry legend JT Holmes, the boys have some high-flying fun over glaciers and the town.

  • Continuing his tour of the Swiss Alps, Scotty Bob Morgan is building to a big finish. At Walenstadt, he joins skydivers Jon Devore and Mike Swanson to jump the BASE icon, The Crack. Epic is hardly the word for this amazing spot.

  • Scotty Bob Morgan has been exploring the BASE possibilities in the Alps for many years. He takes us on an insider tour of the Swiss Alps and makes a jump from a peak that holds some emotional memories for him.

  • To fulfill his dream of "skyaking" into river rapids and then sending it over a waterfall, Miles Daisher enlists the help of professional kayaker Rafa Ortiz to be his stunt double. Rafa agrees but wants Miles to teach him how to BASE jump in return.

  • Speedriding, a mixture of big mountain skiing and paragliding, is a new sport on a progression tear. Jon Devore and Mike Swanson team up with skier JT Holmes to explore British Columbia's Pemberton Mountain Range and ride this untapped playground.

  • Pilot Kirby Chambliss and skydiver Amy Chmelecki put the old saying, "If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too?" to the test by letting Miles Daisher take them on their first BASE jumps, leaping from the 450m Perrine Bridge.

  • In an effort to show off the electrifying feeling of skysurfing, Sean MacCormac and Jon Devore plan a trip to Florida to skirt the edge of the giant thunderheads that accumulate over the state. It's a plan with high voltage consequences.

  • With the whole team meeting up in Twin Falls, Idaho, United States, Miles Daisher plays tour guide and shows off his favorite local jump spots, including a BASE jump off the roof of a moving car and over the side of a huge bridge.

  • Miles Daisher plans a surprise visit to be a part of Amy Chmelecki's attempt to break the world record for a sit-flying formation with a huge group of 72 skydivers. The pressure is on, but Amy has the drive to make it happen.

  • The birthplace of all things extreme, Chamonix, France, is one of the world's top spots for skydiving and BASE jumping. The Red Bull Air Force jets over to fly in the Alps, and some pilots stare down their own fears in search of the ultimate rush.

  • The Red Bull Air Force begins training for their highest profile demo yet, a nighttime jump over the Vegas Strip. The complexity of the jump is compounded by a small landing area that leaves no room for error right in front of a huge crowd.

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