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  • 1969
  • 3 Seasons

Miles Above is a documentary series from Red Bull TV that gives viewers an exhilarating look at some of the most daring and innovative athletes in the world of action sports. Focused on the realms of skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking, the show takes us on a journey through the athletes' daily lives, training routines, and the challenges that they face as they push themselves to new levels of achievement.

The series is shot in stunning high-definition, with sweeping aerial shots of mountain landscapes that showcase the beauty and power of nature. Each episode is punctuated with explosive action sequences, as the athletes take on impossible jumps, flips, and tricks, testing the limits of their own bodies and the laws of physics.

What sets Miles Above apart from other action sports documentaries is its emphasis on the human element of these extreme sports. Rather than just showcasing the athletes' incredible feats, the series delves into the emotional and psychological factors that drive them to take such risks. We see the athletes struggling with self-doubt and fear, questioning whether they have what it takes to excel in these daunting arenas. We witness the close bonds that develop between teammates, as they support each other through injuries, setbacks, and triumphs. And we observe the sheer joy and elation that come from conquering these challenges, pushing past one's own limitations, and soaring through the air with a sense of freedom and grace.

One of the key figures in Miles Above is Swedish skier and snowboarder Jon Olsson. Olsson is a veteran of the sport who has competed at the highest levels of freestyle skiing and snowboarding, earning accolades for his skills both on the slopes and on social media (he has over 1 million followers on Instagram). Olsson's presence adds a personal touch to the show, as he reflects on his own journey as an athlete and shares insights into the world of extreme sports.

Another standout figure in the series is Canadian mountain biker Brett Rheeder. Rheeder is one of the top riders in the sport, known for his fluid style and creative use of terrain. In one episode, we see him preparing for the Red Bull Rampage, a legendary competition in Utah where riders have to navigate a treacherous course of cliffs and rocky terrain. The pressure is intense, but Rheeder rises to the challenge with grace and precision, defying gravity at every turn.

Beyond Olsson and Rheeder, Miles Above features a diverse cast of athletes from around the world, each with their own unique story and style. We meet Torgeir Bergrem, a Norwegian snowboarder who combines technical skills with a playful attitude; Alex Bellemare, a French-Canadian skier who innovates new tricks while staying grounded in the core values of the sport; and Emil Johansson, a Swedish mountain biker who overcomes a devastating illness to make an impressive comeback.

Throughout these athletes' journeys, Miles Above captures the sheer adrenaline rush of extreme sports, while also exploring the deeper motivations that drive them. Whether it's the feeling of freedom that comes from being in the mountains, the desire to push boundaries and break barriers, or the need to express oneself through physical movement, there's a sense of purpose and passion that animates these athletes' lives. The series does an excellent job of conveying this spirit of adventure and excitement, while also reminding us of the risks and sacrifices that come with this lifestyle.

All in all, Miles Above is a thrilling and inspiring series that offers a fresh perspective on the world of action sports. Blending stunning cinematography with heartfelt storytelling, it takes us on a journey through the highs and lows of extreme athleticism, reminding us of what it means to truly live on the edge. Whether you're a diehard action sports fan or just looking for a dose of adrenaline, this show is a must-watch.

Miles Above is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on .

Miles Above
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Italy BASE part 2
6. Italy BASE part 2
Continuing their exploits in Courmayeur and the Italian Alps, Scotty Bob Morgan and the team build to a BASE jump high up on Mont Blanc. With the challenge of a sketchy heli drop off, the team overcome trepidation and reap the rewards.
Italy BASE part 1
5. Italy BASE part 1
On the 'other' side of Mont Blanc lies a valley of infinite wonder. The team join up with BASE sage Scotty Bob Morgan and French legend Fred Fugen to explore the Italian side of this iconic peak. The jumps are long and steep in the Valle d'Aosta.
Tahoe barge boogie
4. Tahoe barge boogie
In the world of human flight, a 'boogie' is a gathering of like-minded pilots, simply to have a good old-fashioned throw down. With the help of a barge and a couple of helicopters the team gathered friends and family to rage on the crystal blue.
Alaska Jon comes home
3. Alaska Jon comes home
Scotty Bob Morgan and the BASE jumping team descend on Juneau, Alaska, home of team leader Jon Devore. Joined by backcountry legend JT Holmes, the boys have some high-flying fun over glaciers and the town.
Swiss BASE part 2
2. Swiss BASE part 2
Continuing his tour of the Swiss Alps, Scotty Bob Morgan is building to a big finish. At Walenstadt, he joins skydivers Jon Devore and Mike Swanson to jump the BASE icon, The Crack. Epic is hardly the word for this amazing spot.
Swiss BASE part 1
1. Swiss BASE part 1
Scotty Bob Morgan has been exploring the BASE possibilities in the Alps for many years. He takes us on an insider tour of the Swiss Alps and makes a jump from a peak that holds some emotional memories for him.
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