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  • Not Rated
  • 2017
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.6  (2,736)

Missions is a French science fiction drama series created by Julien Lacombe and Ami Cohen. The show premiered in 2017 and is currently available on Amazon Addon. The series is a thrilling journey that delves deep into the exploration of Mars and the challenges that come along with it.

The show is set in the year 2068, where a group of highly skilled astronauts is sent on a mission to explore the Red Planet and search for signs of life. The team consists of six astronauts, namely, Jeanne Renoir, William Meyer, Simon Gramat, Ulysse, and Yann Bellocq. They are accompanied by a skilled doctor, psychologist, and a mission controller. However, the mission is in jeopardy from the very beginning when the commander of the mission, Eva, is taken ill and replaced by Jeanne Renoir at the last moment.

From the outset, it is clear that the astronauts are not only tested by the harsh environment and limited resources but also by their interpersonal dynamics, making this a truly fascinating drama. The show carefully navigates the complexities of isolation in space, cultural differences that arise in a multinational crew, and the psychological pressure that comes with an ultra-long space mission.

One of the most impressive aspects of the show is the stunning visuals that take the viewers on the same journey as the astronauts. The show is incredibly well-shot to the point where it feels like you're actually watching a big-budget movie. The detail on the costumes, set design, and special effects are remarkable, and it is evident that the creators spared no expense in ensuring accuracy and total immersion.

As the story progresses, each of the characters explores the planet's surface and finds something unexpected that leads to an intense and thrilling series of investigations. The team of astronauts comes across artifacts and signs of life on the red planet that begin to unravel a mystery. As they investigate deeper, they begin to uncover the shocking truth behind their mission and the secret motives of the people who sent them there.

Missions also explores the impact of the mission on the world back on earth, with the people who financed and supported the mission watching on as the team navigates the challenges of Mars. Additionally, the show features flashbacks that delve into the characters' past experiences and how they became involved in the mission, providing an exceptional mix of emotional intensity and intellectual inquiry.

Overall, Missions is a mind-boggling sci-fi series that balances action, drama, and mystery with ease. The smart writing and vividly portrayed characters make this a standout show, and the phenomenal cinematography and visual effects enhance the viewing experience significantly. The show also features an excellent soundtrack that matches the mood of the scenes perfectly.

In conclusion, Missions is a must-watch for science-fiction fans looking for a solid story with strong characters and an impressive execution. This exciting drama showcases a remarkable storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. With superb casting and production values, viewers are sure to enjoy a thrilling and immersive space adventure that is both thought-provoking and entertaining.

Missions is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on June 1, 2017.

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10. Singularity
May 30, 2019
The crew has fallen into the trap.
9. Architects
May 30, 2019
Jeanne is determined to go back to Earth
8. Others
May 23, 2019
Meyer understands his mistake
7. Fury
May 23, 2019
Traces of life in a strange forest
6. Alice
May 16, 2019
The other side of the portal
5. Replicas
May 16, 2019
The crew following Jeanne's steps
4. Passage
May 9, 2019
Jeanne is facing a mysterious man
3. Evolution
May 9, 2019
Alessandra has new visions
2. Returns
May 9, 2019
Organiation of a new mission to Mars
1. Dawn
May 9, 2019
A disturbing rite of passage
Where to Watch Missions
Missions is available for streaming on the Amazon Addon website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Missions on demand at Amazon, Vudu and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    June 1, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (2,736)