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  • 2021
  • 1 Season
  • 7.9  (197)

Mr. A & Mr. M: The Story of A&M Records is a musical documentary series that premiered on Epix in 2021. The series is a detailed account of the evolution of a legendary record label A&M Records, founded by two visionaries Jerry Moss and Herb Alpert. Each episode of the show provides an insight into the company's growth, triumphs, and challenges, with interviews and testimonials from an array of industry legends.

Viewers are treated to a first-hand account of the struggles and successes of Moss and Alpert as they built a small independent record label into a global music conglomerate. The show highlights the duo's vision to create a new kind of record company that was not just profitable but also artist-friendly. The interviews narrate the duo's passion for fostering creative independence among artists, offering them unparalleled support in all aspects of music production, including promotion and marketing.

The show's episodes cover the label's exciting journey and how it transformed into one of the biggest record labels around the world. The viewers are taken through the highs and lows of A&M Records, with stories of signing artists such as The Carpenters, Peter Frampton, Sting, Quincy Jones, Janet Jackson, Sheryl Crow, and many more.

The documentary series details the company's significant milestones such as the introduction of multitrack recording and reimagining the music industry’s distribution channels by promoting album-length releases instead of just popular singles. Viewers are also treated to the company's groundbreaking marketing strategies, with the use of music videos and album sleeves to promote artists while distinguishing their album art from competitors.

The series also lays bare the challenges faced by A&M Records, including economic downturns and the digital revolution that transformed the music industry. Despite the challenges, the duo navigated their way to new business models and creative strategies to maintain the success of the label.

The show also touches on social and political issues faced by the music industry during the A&M Records era. One example is the changing attitudes towards homosexuality in the 70s, which Jerry Moss and Herb Alpert challenged by signing and promoting openly gay musician, Herb Ritts. Additionally, the label was at the forefront of the civil rights movement and stood in solidarity with the minorities.

One of the most refreshing aspects of Mr. A & Mr. M: The Story of A&M Records is its ability to highlight how collaborative and artist-friendly the label was. The interviews illustrate the strong relationships developed between the founders, the staff, and the artists who were signed onto the label. The show also provides a glimpse into how A&M Records worked closely with its artists to develop and promote their music, with talented producers and engineers providing unparalleled support throughout each artist's creative journey.

The musical documentary series is an ode to A&M Records, having been produced by the legendary music mogul, Quincy Jones, who himself has worked at the label and produced numerous hit records. The show is an excellent watch for music lovers who want to understand the music industry's evolution through the 60s, 70s, and 80s. However, it also provides the average viewer with a great look into how a small independent label could change the face of the music industry, achieving tremendous success in the process.

In conclusion, Mr. A & Mr. M: The Story of A&M Records is a well-crafted and insightful look into the history of A&M Records and the evolution of the entire music industry. With interviews from industry legends and an extensive archive of music and artwork, the series accurately represents A&M Records' historical journey from an independent record label to a global music powerhouse. This show is a must-watch for anyone interested in the creative process or the music industry's history.

Mr. A & Mr. M: The Story of A&M Records is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (2 episodes). The series first aired on December 5, 2021.

Mr. A & Mr. M: The Story of A&M Records
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Episode Two
2. Episode Two
December 12, 2021
A&M Records evolved with the business and signed major artists like The Police and Janet Jackson. The genres changed, but the same artist-focused mantra remained. After selling the company in 1989, Herb and Jerry look back on their career and friendship.
Episode One
1. Episode One
December 5, 2021
Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss wanted to start a record label that focused on the artist, and so A&M Records was born. What began out of a garage grew to include such mega stars as Burt Bacharach, The Carpenters, Joe Cocker, Cat Stevens, Carole King and more.
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Mr. A & Mr. M: The Story of A&M Records is available for streaming on the Epix website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mr. A & Mr. M: The Story of A&M Records on demand at Amazon Prime and Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    December 5, 2021
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (197)