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Daniel Meyer has just arrived at the CIA satellite office in Berlin, Germany, and has no idea what he's getting himself into. A glorified analyst, Meyer finds himself torn from his desk job and thrust deep undercover, tasked with the objective of finding a leak in the organization.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Epix
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
October 16, 2016
Cast: Richard Armitage, Rhys Ifans, Leland Orser, Michelle Forbes
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Berlin Station Full Episode Guide

  • Hector is wanted by German authorities for the assassination of Katerina Gerhardt, but Berlin Station begins to discover there is more at play than a jaded ex-CIA officer.

  • April weighs telling Robert about Hector's mission; Daniel tries to arrange safe passage out of Berlin for Hector with help from Esther.

  • Robert and Frost travel to Norway to investigate the illegal money trail leading to PfD. Meanwhile, BB and Valerie devise a new plan involving a member of the Far Right.

  • The Station's sting operation to catch the Far Right in an arms deal goes horribly awry, with Otto Ganz escaping. Meanwhile, Robert and Frost make plans to investigate the money trail behind the PfD's nefarious dealings.

  • BB Yates's past is revealed while she juggles keeping Berlin Station's Far Right operation covert or revealing it to Ambassador Hanes; Daniel discovers a lack of trust between Otto Ganz and his daughter.

  • Valerie works to obtain intel on the Far Right while Robert's teenage son Noah arrives in Berlin and asks questions. Meanwhile, Frost agrees to the Ambassador's request to spy on Berlin.

  • Daniel uses Hector to further his mission with Otto Ganz, much to Hector's dismay.

  • Under the direction of new Chief of Staff BB Yates, Daniel Miller, Robert Kirsch, Valerie Edwards and the rest of the team embark on an unsanctioned operation to uncover a possible Far Right terrorist attack.

  • Daniel heads the Berlin Station team in piecing together evidence that will shed light on Langley's part in the Iosava rendition. Meanwhile, Hector adopts a new approach to atoning for wrongful behavior. And as the episode comes to a close and the truth comes into focus, the Shaw mantle is passed.

  • Having proved Hector's identity as Shaw, Daniel still faces various hurdles in turning him over to the Germans: assailants, a kidnapping, and his own conscience as he finds out the Thomas Shaw origin tale. Frost remains a fugitive, Kirsch continues to follow the rendition, and Valerie goes after her own suspicions concerning Robert's loyalties.

  • Fallout from the Iosava catastrophe continues to cause havoc for the Station. Daniel tries to track down Frost and Kirsch is requested to undercut Valerie as payback; Hector finds himself in the hot spot of a polygraph.

  • In the wake of the botched Iosava Op and Clare Itani's kidnapping, Frost looks to traditional negotiation options to secure Clare's release.

  • Valerie's examination into Aleksandre and Ruth Iosava draws to a head in a German/American sting Operation including Clare Itani, a CIA Officer and Hector's suitor. Langley's unannounced participation shifts things from bad to worse.

  • American and German interests line up when the Station discovers the subject of Shaw’s next leak: Chinese defector Houjin Lin. Daniel is paired with Esther Krug to secret Lin out of the country before the leak breaks, pre-emptively countering Shaw’s attack. Hector receives a late-night visit from Shirley Pimple.

  • Daniel begins a hazardous operation that raises difficult memories of his first posting in Chechnya and the start of his friendship with Hector.

  • Frost and Robert are concerned that their compromising secrets will be unearthed when Langley investigators search Berlin Station to scout out fodder for future Shaw leaks. Meanwhile, Daniel's Shaw search becomes compromised when Hector bugs his phone, and the station's surveillance of Aleksandre Iosava reveals bad actions by one of Valerie's agents.

  • As Daniel looks for Shaw, Station Chief Steven Frost (Richard Jenkins) and his co-workers Valerie Edwards (Michelle Forbes) and Robert Kirsch obtain information on a Georgian Islamic radical wanting to escape an extraordinary rendition by Langley. By episode's end, Hector shocks us all.

  • Berlin Station is a contemporary spy series that follows Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) after he arrives at the CIA station in Berlin, Germany with a clandestine mission: determine the identity of a now-famous whistleblower masquerading as "Thomas Shaw." Daniel is guided by jaded veteran Hector DeJean (Rhys Ifans) while he learns to contend with the rough-and-tumble world of the field officer

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