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In this thriller series, a CIA analyst has to deal with a tough new assignment and a difficult new veteran partner. Very soon, his work leads him to uncover conspiracies that tie his new office in Berlin to political intrigue back home in America. The story follows Daniel Miller, who has just arrived at the CIA station in Berlin, Germany. In season 1, Miller has a clandestine mission: to uncover the source of a leak who has supplied information to a now-famous whistleblower named Thomas Shaw. Guided by veteran Hector DeJean, Daniel learns to contend with the rough-and-tumble world of the field agent: agent-running, deception, and the dangers and moral compromises.

Berlin Station is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (29 episodes). The series first aired on October 16, 2016.

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Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Epix
3 Seasons, 29 Episodes
October 16, 2016
Cast: Leland Orser, Michelle Forbes, Mina Tander, Rhys Ifans
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Berlin Station Full Episode Guide

  • Mere hours remain before enemy forces topple the Estonian government and reclaim the country for Russia. Without Langley's backing, Berlin Station acts alone in one final desperate push to prevent the fall of a nation.

  • A cyber attack blacks out Estonia following the fall of an influential figure.

  • Daniel and Hector find themselves needing to escape a tricky situation to meet Frost for an exfil. Torres fights to maintain his cover and give his allies a leading edge.

  • B.B. and Valerie attempt to amass support for an intervention. April’s assets face deportation. A dangerous figure invites Hector and Torres into dangerous territory.

  • Frost introduces Torres to an old friend, whose new identity helps them infiltrate the Russian elite. April and Kirsch work to initiate a hostage swap.

  • Torres risks everything to bring a fallen comrade back to Berlin. April learns the true value of her asset's medical tech, and works with Sofia to track down the troll farm spreading disinformation in Estonia.

  • The Station enlists Rafael Torres to track down a missing comrade's last known location, leading him to hostile territory. Kirsch visits an old friend.

  • Berlin Station follows up on the evidence Kirsch brought home from his mission, crystallizing their theory about a possible upcoming invasion.

  • The Season 3 premiere: Valerie Edwards sends Daniel Miller and Robert Kirsch on an urgent mission, where they meet renegade CIA Officer Rafael Torres, and uncover signs of a covert invasion.

  • Berlin Station continues to search for the truth behind Katerina Gerhardt's assassination and Nick Fischer's (Scott Winters) role in it, as a protest outside the US Embassy escalates.

  • Hector is wanted by German authorities for the assassination of Katerina Gerhardt, but Berlin Station begins to discover there is more at play than a jaded ex-CIA officer.

  • April weighs telling Robert about Hector's mission; Daniel tries to arrange safe passage out of Berlin for Hector with help from Esther.

  • Robert and Frost travel to Norway to investigate the illegal money trail leading to PfD. Meanwhile, BB and Valerie devise a new plan involving a member of the Far Right.

  • The Station's sting operation to catch the Far Right in an arms deal goes horribly awry, with Otto Ganz escaping. Meanwhile, Robert and Frost make plans to investigate the money trail behind the PfD's nefarious dealings.

  • BB Yates's past is revealed while she juggles keeping Berlin Station's Far Right operation covert or revealing it to Ambassador Hanes; Daniel discovers a lack of trust between Otto Ganz and his daughter.

  • Valerie works to obtain intel on the Far Right while Robert's teenage son Noah arrives in Berlin and asks questions. Meanwhile, Frost agrees to the Ambassador's request to spy on Berlin.

  • Daniel uses Hector to further his mission with Otto Ganz, much to Hector's dismay.

  • Under the direction of new Chief of Staff BB Yates, Daniel Miller, Robert Kirsch, Valerie Edwards and the rest of the team embark on an unsanctioned operation to uncover a possible Far Right terrorist attack.

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