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In this EPIX original comedy series, seasoned actor Nick Nolte is "Graves"- a former United States President who's on a hell-bent mission to right his wrongs and fix the damage wrought during his presidential tenure. Graves is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on October 16, 2016.

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2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
October 16, 2016
Cast: Nick Nolte, Skylar Astin, Heléne Yorke, Chris Lowell
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Graves Full Episode Guide

  • Graves visits the menacing nuclear missile he commissioned years ago; Margaret holds a press conference after events careen off the rails; Olivia hosts a brunch; Jeremy becomes an inspirational speaker; Samantha leaves town with her new band.

  • Graves seeks out Leonard Valentine, who engineered the nuclear-missile silo that Graves commissioned years ago; Margaret reconnects with her relatives; Isaiah reveals his still-lingering PTSD; Jeremy quits his TV show.

  • Graves and Isaiah take the family jet to New York on a rogue diplomatic mission to meet with Yemen President Amir Ahsan, as Graves seeks to right his most dangerous Presidential wrong.

  • Graves takes over baby duty when Olivia becomes frustrated; Margaret commits a televised blunder as she faces off against Jerry North; Isaiah and Katie become more passionate; Jeremy receives the Dalton paternity test results.

  • Olivia goes into terrible labor at the Graves compound; the whole family gets into the act as Olivia gets coaching in the birthing pool from her midwife and "mandoula"; Jeremy undergoes a psychotherapy session.

  • Graves returns to the White House to support Margaret at a state dinner, while the other members of the Graves family pursue new relationships.

  • Graves reunites with his first wife who reminds him of his idealistic youth. Margaret throws a lavish baby shower for Olivia. Jeremy hires a private eye to quell rumors. Isaiah secretly submits Samantha's song to a radio network.

  • Graves and Isaiah take a chaotic trip to Graves's childhood home, while Margaret hits the campaign trail and is challenged by incumbent Senator Jerry North. Olivia fabricates a story about her baby's father. Jeremy is rattled by rumors.

  • Graves and Isaiah go elk-hunting. Margaret searches for her husband so he will be by her side when the primary results are revealed. Olivia considers having a home birth and Jeremy gets advice as his TV talk show goes nightly.

  • Graves works on his autobiography in seclusion; Isaiah visits to bring him back. Margaret Graves competes in the primaries with the help of her new campaign team. Olivia and Samantha develop a friendship, while Jeremy embraces his TV success.

  • At a Republican convention, Graves enlists Isaiah's assistance to crush dangerous rumors about Margaret's relationship with Jonathan Dalton. Margaret manages conflict among her crew as she preps to officially announce her candidacy at the convention. Olivia and Jeremy feel the tension as the FBI starts inquiring about their connection to Arturo. Treadwell flees his security escort and departs his mother's hospital room on a mission.

  • With Christmas drawing near, Graves journeys across state lines to talk Isaiah into returning to his staff. Olivia calls Jeremy for assistance during an unexpected, life-changing trauma.

  • The family welcomes the America 360 crew into their home for a one hour special on Graves' post-presidential time. While showing themselves as a picture-perfect family, Olivia learns she's pregnant as Jeremy's burgeoning career as a political commentator "built on hateful comments he made on air about his dad" begins to flare up. Pressured to the max by the family's mishaps, Isaiah makes a choice about his future.

  • Graves tries to repair mistakes he made dealing with Native American groups while in his presidency, and Isaiah's sprouting relationship with Sammy turns into collateral damage during the experience.

  • ­After finding out his longtime friend and political college ex-U.K. Prime Minister Trevor Lloyd is dying of cancer, Graves leaves to see him in Baltimore for one more adventure. Isaiah and Sammy come with him, and Isaiah gets a view behind the curtain when she brings him to see her family. Olivia recruits Jeremy’s help when she discovers she’s in over her head with Arturo and Margaret sees herself falling into familiar patterns as she and Dalton make plans for her campaign.

  • Graves displays support for Mexican immigrants, making complications for the family. In addition, Graves persuades a bureaucrat to grant amnesty to a crowd of illegal immigrants.

  • The family and employees attempt to prevent Graves from learning that his attempted assassin is pursuing a furlough to see his dying mom. Graves goes to his gardener's niece's quinceanera and becomes a supporter for the Mexican immigrant community.

  • Graves befriends waitress Sammy and takes his new helper Isaiah along as he goes off the grid. Meanwhile, Olivia Graves is experiencing a breakdown of her own, loosing her picture perfect persona after separating from her Rockefeller husband.