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Face The Nation is a weekly television show that has been broadcast on the CBS Network since 1954. It is the popular Sunday morning talk show that focuses on politics across the United States and, most importantly, in Washington, D.C. Face The Nation has long been known as one of the best political talk shows in the history of the United States. Nearly every major political figure in Washington, D.C. since 1954, including Presidents of the United States, have appeared on the program. It has also been known for its long cast of hosts of the show. Face The Nation was hosted by Bill Shadel for the first two years. Others who have hosted the program in its history are Stuart Novins, Howard K. Smith, and Martin Argonsky. In 1968, George Hermann hosted the program and done so until 1983. Longtime CBS anchor Lesley Stahl hosted the show from 1983 until 1991. Bill Schaeffer took over the Face The Nation host desk in 1991 and did not relinquish that position until the early part of 1995. The show is now being hosted by John Dickerson.

Face The Nation was a 30 minute program for the majority of its time. The program was changed to an hour long show beginning in 2012. CBS allows for their affiliates to chose whether to show the program in one contiguous hour block or to show the program in two separate half hour long increments with them being separated by local programming.

Face The Nation is a series that is currently running and has 67 seasons (576 episodes). The series first aired on November 7, 1954.

Where do I stream Face The Nation online? Face The Nation is available for streaming on CBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Face The Nation on demand at Amazon Prime, Hulu, Paramount+ online.

Sundays 10:30 AM et/pt on CBS
67 Seasons, 576 Episodes
November 7, 1954
Cast: John Dickerson As Himself Bob Schieffer As Himself Lesley Stahl As Herself George Herman As Himself Martin Agronsky As Himself Paul Niven As Himself Howard K. Smith As Himself Stuart Novins As Himself Ted Koop As Himself
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Face The Nation Full Episode Guide

  • This week on "Face the Nation," the U.S. hits two devastating benchmarks

  • This week on "Face the Nation," turmoil in Texas, and President Biden makes his international debut, digging in on the challenges affecting the U.S. around the world.

  • This week on "Face the Nation," the Senate impeachment trial of the former president charged with inciting insurrection ended exactly as predicted.

  • This week on "Face the Nation," the nation's capital is an armed fortress as America anxiously awaits the next 72 hours.

  • This week on "Face the Nation," Washington is still reeling from Wednesday's deadly siege at the Capitol and America is on edge as the clock ticks down the last days of the Trump administration.

  • The government's plan to vaccine Americans is already showing signs of strain as the number of coronavirus cases and deaths climbs higher than ever, and concern over a new variant of the virus grows.

  • This week on "Face the Nation," an early Christmas morning explosion rocks the city of Nashville, and more than a million Americans have been vaccinated as coronavirus cases, deaths and hospitalizations climb.

  • Today on "Face the Nation," Congress moves closer to getting billions of dollars of COVID economic relief to Americans right before Christmas.

  • This week on "Face the Nation," the massive operation to vaccinate hundreds of millions of Americans is officially underway.

  • This week on "Face the Nation," new COVID-19 records are now being shattered on a daily basis as we face the worst six-week period yet of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • This week on "Face the Nation," preparations to distribute the yet-to-be-approved coronavirus vaccine pick up speed as America braces for the fallout from the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • This week on "Face the Nation," despite groundbreaking advances with vaccines, America braces for its toughest test yet: COVID cases that are growing exponentially as we move into a new season.

  • This week on "Face the Nation," the long and turbulent road to Election Day is almost at an end, but a dangerous new phase in the coronavirus pandemic is just beginning. Air Date: Nov 1, 2020

  • O'Brien, Pelosi, Gottlieb, Schechter

  • Meadows, Coons, Johnson

  • Today on "Face the Nation," as the West Coast struggles to beat back devastating fires in a COVID-complicated world, the candidates enter the final phase of the 2020 campaign.

  • This week on "Face the Nation," with President Trump painting a bleak portrait of America under a Biden administration, Americans are reeling from more racial injustice protests, devastating natural disasters and the continuing spread of COVID-19.

  • This week on "Face the Nation", halfway through this year's unconventional political conventions, the spotlight turns to the Republicans to make their case that President Trump deserves a second term.

  • Today on "Face the Nation," the pandemic continues to rage as the race for president shifts into high gear and President Trump ramps up his campaign to discredit mail-in voting.

  • This week on "Face the Nation", new coronavirus cases decline in the U.S. but the death toll rises. Congress and the White House fail to strike a deal, and the president decides to go it alone.

  • This week on "Face the Nation," coronavirus deaths and infections continue to rise in the U.S. as July marks the worst month for new cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

  • This week on "Face the Nation", 100 days from the election, the coronavirus surges in the south and west, with hospitalizations and deaths on the rise. Unemployment claims spike for the first time in nearly four months, and President Trump looks for a reset.

  • This week on "Face the Nation," in the midst of dealing with the cruelty of the coronavirus, America mourns the loss of a legend. What's the path forward for the civil rights movement following the death of Georgia Representative John Lewis?

  • Jerome Adams, Kate Gallego, Terry Shaw, Scott Gottlieb, Tom Wyatt

  • This week on "Face the Nation," a disturbing 4th of July weekend as the coronavirus wildfire continues to spread and the president's fiery rhetoric divided, rather than united, America.

  • This week on "Face the Nation", a record number of new coronavirus cases explodes in the U.S., while governors in multiple states hit pause on reopening and the White House downplays the dangerous spread.

  • This week on "Face the Nation" alarming new increases in the number of COVID cases around the world as President Trump struggles to get the country - and his campaign - back on track.

  • This week on "Face the Nation", disturbing new trends with the spread of the coronavirus as America struggles to dismantle systemic racism - and curb police brutality.

  • Today on "Face the Nation," as Americans push to end the racial divide, there is frustration and lack of unity between the people and our leaders on how to get there.

  • This week on "Face the Nation", pain and anger following the death of George Floyd explodes into violence across a bitter and divided nation already reeling from the impact of the coronavirus.

  • This week on "Face the Nation", the country approaches a grim milestone of 100,000 coronavirus deaths as all 50 states begin to ease restrictions.

  • Today on "Face the Nation," the struggle between saving the economy and saving American lives intensifies, and President Trump's wishful thinking is stopped short by reality.

  • This week on "Face the Nation", on this Easter Sunday, the U.S. now leads the rest of the world with the number of reported cases and recorded deaths due to the coronavirus.

  • This week on "Face the Nation," with the month of March behind us, Americans prepare for what's likely to be a catastrophic.

  • Today on "Face the Nation," fear and frustration grows as the coronavirus pandemic continues to claim more lives around the world.

  • Anthony Fauci, Scott Gottlieb, Larry Kudlow, Brian Moynihan

  • Chris Murphy, Jerome Adams, Dr. Scott Gottlieb

  • Sanders, Azar, Pompeo

  • Joe Biden, Robert O'Brien, Anthony Salvanto, Ed OKeefe

  • This week on "Face the Nation," Senator Amy Klobuchar on her surprise finish in New Hampshire, and the latest on U.S. efforts to evacuate Americans from a quarantined cruise ship amid global fears of coronavirus.

  • Sanders, Buttigieg, Graham

  • Schiff, Buttigieg, McDaniel

  • Inocencio, Cotton, Crow

  • Nadler, Cornyn, Cohn

  • Esper, Schiff, Lee, Kaine, Kerry

  • Pompeo, Rubio, Murphy, Petraeus, Perez