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  • 2016
  • 2 Seasons
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On Pace with Pastrana was a thrilling reality show from Red Bull TV that aired from 2012 to 2013. The series starred renowned motorsports athlete Travis Pastrana, along with professional skateboarder and rally car driver Lyn-z Adams Hawkins and freestyle snowmobiler Andy Bell.

The show followed the trio as they embarked on various adrenaline-fueled adventures around the world, pushing themselves to their limits both mentally and physically. The premise of the show was to see if Pastrana, Adams Hawkins, and Bell could keep up with each other's vastly different disciplines and learn new skills along the way.

Each episode of On Pace with Pastrana featured the three athletes taking part in a different challenge, from high-speed track days to intense backcountry snowmobiling to epic skateboarding sessions. The stakes were always high, with each challenge pushing the athletes to their breaking point and beyond.

One memorable episode saw Pastrana and Bell team up for a wild night of freestyle snowmobiling, while Adams Hawkins tackled a gnarly skateboard park. Another episode saw the trio take on the grueling Mint 400 off-road race in the Nevada desert, with Pastrana behind the wheel of a high-powered truck.

Throughout the show, viewers got an inside look at the physical and mental training that goes into being a top-tier action sports athlete, as the trio shared their techniques and strategies for staying in peak condition. They also discussed their fears and insecurities, revealing the personal challenges that come with pushing oneself to the limit.

But beyond the thrilling action and intense training, the show also highlighted the incredible bond that formed between the three athletes as they faced each challenge together. The camaraderie between Pastrana, Adams Hawkins, and Bell was palpable, as they supported each other through every obstacle and celebrated each other's successes.

Throughout its two seasons, On Pace with Pastrana proved to be a thrilling and inspiring journey into the world of extreme sports. From high-speed racing to bone-crunching wipeouts, the show captured the heart-pumping excitement and sheer determination that define the world's top action athletes. Fans of motorsports, snowmobiling, skateboarding, and just about any other extreme sport won't want to miss this pulse-pounding series.

On Pace with Pastrana is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (19 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2016.

On Pace with Pastrana
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Entering NASCAR
1. Entering NASCAR
In the premiere episode, we take a look inside the unleaded life of motor sports legend Travis Pastrana. Life for Travis is all about pushing the limits - whether it is making a pull up bar out of crutches for his newlywed or embarking on his new quest for fun in NASCAR.
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On Pace with Pastrana is available for streaming on the Red Bull TV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch On Pace with Pastrana on demand at and Redbull.tv.
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    January 1, 2016
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