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  • TV-MA
  • 2010
  • 7.1  (3,730)

PewDiePie is a Youtube show that stars Felix Kjellberg, a Swedish YouTuber who started his channel in 2010. He is easily one of the most popular YouTubers, with over 108 million subscribers and billions of views on his numerous videos. The show is based on the concept of "Let's Play," where gamers play various video games while providing commentary. PewDiePie's channel started with him playing horror games, such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Slender: The Eight Pages. This brought a lot of attention to his channel, as the horror elements were magnified with his charming and humorous commentary, often creating hilarious reactions.

As his channel grew, PewDiePie started playing a wide variety of games, including various genres such as action, sport, indie, and puzzle games. The commentary is what sets his show apart, with PewDiePie providing his unique take on the game, creating witty humor with his enthusiastic personality. The show provided an entertaining window into the world of video games, providing a way for fans to explore games they might not have otherwise played.

In addition to Let's Play style videos, PewDiePie also creates engaging content that includes vlogs, Q&A's, and collaborations with other YouTubers. In these videos, he gets personal with his fans, sharing his thoughts and experiences.

The show's production value has increased over the years, with PewDiePie upgrading his equipment and hiring staff to help out with editing and production. The show has also expanded to include more than just video games, with PewDiePie adding cooking videos, review videos, and reaction videos.

Even beyond the content of his show, PewDiePie has become a cultural phenomenon, with his unique style and personality creating an entire subculture. He is known for his humor, honesty, and relatability, creating a brand that resonates with millions of fans around the world.

PewDiePie's popularity has brought him into the mainstream, with media outlets and celebrities taking note of his massive reach. Forbes named him the highest-earning YouTuber multiple times, with PewDiePie using his influence to donate to various charities and humanitarian causes.

Despite controversies, PewDiePie remains one of the most popular YouTubers, with his millions of fans continuing to support him. His show offers a fun and entertaining perspective on the world of video games and beyond, showcasing his unique style and personality that have made him a household name.

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  • Premiere Date
    April 29, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (3,730)