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  • 2020
  • 1 Season
  • 6.4  (577)

Justin Bieber: Seasons is a documentary series on YouTube that follows the journey of pop sensation Justin Bieber as he prepares for the release of his fifth studio album, "Changes". The show offers an inside look into Bieber's personal and professional life as he works on his music, navigates his relationships, and opens up about his struggles with mental health.

The show, which premiered in January 2020, features interviews with Bieber's wife Hailey Bieber, his longtime manager Allison Kaye, and his friend and former creative director Ryan Good. The series is divided into ten parts, each running between 8 and 12 minutes in length. The episodes are arranged chronologically and document Bieber's journey from the release of his hit single "Yummy" in January 2020 to the album's release in February of the same year.

The first episode of the series features a candid conversation between Bieber and his manager Allison Kaye. In it, Bieber opens up about his struggles with depression and anxiety and the impact that fame has had on his mental health. Throughout the series, we see Bieber seeking help from therapists and talking openly about his experiences with mental illness. We also see him using his platform to raise awareness about mental health issues and encourage his fans to seek help when needed.

As Bieber works on his music, the show gives us an inside look at his creative process. We see him in the studio with his collaborators, experimenting with different soundscapes and exploring new themes. Bieber is shown to be a dedicated artist, constantly pushing himself to improve and evolve his sound. The show also highlights the role that his wife, Hailey Bieber, plays in supporting his music.

Beyond the music, the series delves into Bieber's personal life. We see him and Hailey navigating the ups and downs of their newlywed life, including the joys of making pancakes together on a Saturday morning and the challenges of managing their busy schedules. Bieber also opens up about his past mistakes and how he has been working to make amends, both with himself and with others.

Throughout the series, the bond between Bieber and his team is a central theme. We see how Kaye, Good, and Bieber's other collaborators support him through the pressures of fame and how they work together to create a cohesive vision for the album. Bieber's deep admiration for those in his inner circle is clear, and the show humanizes the larger-than-life pop star.

Justin Bieber: Seasons is a visually stunning series, with high-quality footage of Bieber in the studio, on stage, and in his personal life. The show also features exclusive interviews with Bieber's collaborators and unseen footage of his journey in the lead up to the release of "Changes".

Overall, Justin Bieber: Seasons is a must-watch for fans of the pop star, as well as anyone interested in the creative process behind making music. The series offers an intimate and inspiring look into the life of one of the biggest musicians in the world and shows us the human behind the superstar.

Justin Bieber: Seasons is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (10 episodes). The series first aired on January 27, 2020.

Justin Bieber: Seasons
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The Finale
10. The Finale
February 26, 2020
On the verge of the album release and stadium tour, Justin, his friends and family, and a hall of fame cast of artists that he’s collaborated with reflect on the incredible journey he has taken and how far he’s come. We finally catch up in real-time to the long anticipated release of “Changes”.
Album on the Way
9. Album on the Way
February 24, 2020
Justin faces one of his biggest tests to date: getting back into performance mode in order to shoot the music video for "Yummy." With the cameras on and everyone counting on him, Justin must rely on the tools that have helped him grow and change in recent years, attempting to overcome the anxiety that has derailed him in the past.
The Wedding: Officially Mr. & Mrs. Bieber
8. The Wedding: Officially Mr. & Mrs. Bieber
February 19, 2020
A look inside Hailey and Justin's intimate wedding ceremony in South Carolina (complete with a few surprise guests). As the two finally tie the knot, Justin and those closest to him reflect on just how far he's come
Planning The Wedding a Year Later
7. Planning The Wedding a Year Later
February 17, 2020
A dive into all of Justin's lesser known hobbies outside music, including his love of style and the story behind his own fashion label Drew House. Plus, Justin and Hailey head to Bluffton, South Carolina to put the finishing touches on their upcoming wedding.
Only Up From Here
6. Only Up From Here
February 12, 2020
Justin and his team reflect on the effects of the immense pressure he's been under since coming into the spotlight as a teenager. With the album release closing in, and in desperate need of a break, Justin and Hailey take a getaway to Utah's Amangiri resort to hit pause and reset.
The Dark Season
5. The Dark Season
February 10, 2020
Justin opens up about the devastating drug issues he suffered through his teens and early 20s before getting sober.
Justin & Hailey
4. Justin & Hailey
February 5, 2020
Justin and Hailey open up about how they met, why they think it's meant to be, and what's it's like to embark on the most important season of their life: marriage.
Making Magic
3. Making Magic
February 3, 2020
Justin shines light on his closest collaborators in the studio
Bieber Is Back
2. Bieber Is Back
January 29, 2020
Justin heads into the studio to record the first single off the new album.
Leaving the Spotlight
1. Leaving the Spotlight
January 27, 2020
A look back at Justin’s life after cancelling the last leg of his Purpose Tour.
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Justin Bieber: Seasons is available for streaming on the YouTube website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Justin Bieber: Seasons on demand at and YouTube.
  • Premiere Date
    January 27, 2020
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (577)