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As turmoil looms in the Martial World, and the Eight Wonders of the Evil Dragon unleashes dark forces, who will emerge as the new warrior legend?

1 Season, 20 Episodes
July 13, 2019
International, Fantasy, Science Fiction
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PILI Fantasy: War of Dragons Full Episode Guide

  • Yeh Hsiao-chai's life is hanging in the balance. Chiu-fen tells Su Huan-chen that if he wants to obtain the Sacred Sword, he must pass a certain test.

  • As Yi Yeh Shu and Pan Chih Chien analyze the destinies of Su Huan-chen and Chin Chia-hsien, they have a disagreement for the first time in a century.

  • Su Huan-chen speaks out his mind, which is upsetting for Chi Lu-jen to hear. The Cold Sword White Fox arrives for the promised duel.

  • On the Tien Yu Shan Lin Path, the crowd is puzzled by Teng-tieh's words. Chin Chia-hsien comes to the Pai-chin Palace as requested by Chi Lu-jen.

  • Tao-shou and Chien-Chin are ordered to kill Chi Lu-jen, and Tao-shou makes a certain finding in the process. Ming Chi-tien finds himself in a dilemma.

  • Tai Huang-chun and Chih Pi-li try to kill Su Huan-chen. Ming Chi-tien hopes to share the burden for Chi Lu-jen, who gives out a certain hint.

  • Ming Chi-tien confronts Kuan Tsu-tien to avenge for his family. A mourning Yi Chien Wan Sheng is enraged upon learning his friend's death cause.

  • There are two small cups of tea on the table: the cup of life, and the cup of death. Chu Chueh Yun Tan asks Su Huan-chen to put his life on the line.

  • Su Huan-chen and Kuan Tsu Tien have a fateful duel against each other. Chin Chia-hsien and Yin Shih-jen finally find the whereabouts of Ming Chi-tien.

  • Huo Lung-she stole a paper slip back. Believing that Su Huan-chen did something to the slip, Tai Huang-chun seeks help from Chu Chueh Yun Tan.

  • An amnesiac Chi Lu-jen travels all the way to Snowfield alone. Just as his body temperature drops and he starts shivering, someone comes up to him.

  • As Yi Chien Wan Sheng maneuvers the sword to fight, Su Huan-chen makes it clear that he must avenge for Yeh Hsiao-chai for having his feet cut off.

  • Holding the Dragon Bone Sacred Sword, Su Huan-chen confronts Hua Hsin-feng. Someone presses Chi Lu-jen to reveal the whereabouts of the Sacred Sword.

  • Yeh Hsiao-chai and Yi Chien Wan Sheng are facing off with their swords again. Hua Hsin-feng attempts to seize the Dragon Bone Sacred Sword by force.

  • The Purple Queen states that the person who let the dragon loose has been caught. The Invisible Ice Arrow wants to kill Chi Lu-jen for the Potion.

  • After destroying the tomb of Yi Chien Wan Sheng, the Purple Queen finds a secret passage under the coffin. Tan Wu-yu has been planning for a comeback.

  • The Blue Crystal Man decides to pour the Blue Crystal Poison into the Jade Pool. On the Tien Nan Mt., Pan To-fei decides to act on behalf of justice.

  • Inside the Huge Rock, Chi Lu-jen uses ch'i kung to flip the Book. Amidst the Ghost Forest, the Silkworm Palace aims to capture Chin Shao-yeh live.

  • A heavily-injured Su Huan-chen is fleeing on Su Lung Path. Meanwhile, Chi Lu-jen goes up the Tien Nan Mountain to ask Pan To-fei to cast a sword.

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