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Dr. Jin is a new television series in South Korea that is centered on a neurosurgeon who goes back in time to the Joseon Dynasty. The genre of Dr. Jin is fantasy, medical, romance and drama. This show was directed by the director, So Jung-Hyum and was written by Motoka Murakami. This show has a cast of talented Korean actors including: Song Seung-Hun, Park Min-young, Lee Beom-Sog, Kim JaeJon and Lee So-Yeo. This show was produced by Hynunwookim.

The plot of Dr. Jin is about a spunk but cold hearted neurosurgeon called Jin Hyuk. Jin Hyuk was born in a large family of talented neurosurgeons. He has a cold hearted personality and lacks compassion and kindness. Jin was planning to propose to his long time girlfriend called Yoo Mi-Na, when they got into a heated argument and Yoo got into a car accident.

One day, Jin was operating one of his patients and he found a large fetus shaped tumor in the brain and so he removed it. Since that day, Jin got the power to travel back in time and he was taken 150 years back in time to the Joseon Dynasty. During that time all of the medical equipment and medical advances were very slow. Jin then begins to invent his own medical breakthroughs so that he can help many sick people of that dynasty and help save lives. In addition, Jin meets a girl who looks just like Mi-Na; her name is Young-Rae. Later on in the show he develops a new outlook on life and his personality changes for the better. This show is highly dramatic and it brings its viewers with a new take on medical drama.

Dr. Jin is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on May 26, 2012.

Dr. Jin is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dr. Jin on demand atViki online.

Saturday & Sunday 9:50 PM et/pt on MBC America
1 Season, 22 Episodes
May 26, 2012
Fantasy International
Cast: Seung-heon Song, Min-Young Park, Beom-su Lee, Jae-Joong Kim
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Dr. Jin Full Episode Guide

  • Mina's fate turns around as Dr. Jin saves Younglae in the past. Prince Heungson and his army defeat their enemies in war.

  • The Kims try to manipulate Prince Heungson and kidnap the King. Younglae goes to save people at Kang Hwa Do.

  • The King orders the Catholics to be released. Meanwhile Chunhong tries to save Dr. Jin...

  • Dr. Jin finds himself disappearing as the boy is losing his life. They've decided to arrest all Catholics.

  • Youngrae and Hyeok perform the C-section successfully without anesthesia. Meanwhile, Kyeongtak sneaks into Haeung's workplace in order to find the envelope handed over by Jin Hyeok.

  • Prince Heungson's son becomes the king. Dr Jin tries to save Professor Lee's baby.

  • The King passes away. Dr Jin finds out there is a lump in his head that is growing.

  • Dr Jin saves the King's life. Younglae gets diagnosed with breast cancer before her marriage.

  • Chunhong tells Younglae it is her fate to marry Commander Kim, and that's the only way Dr Jin can return home. The Councilor sends his son into exile.

  • A riot breaks out as Prince Heungseon is about to be executed. Meanwhile, The Queen Dowager sends a message to stop the poisoning immediately.

  • As they are about to executed, Gyongtaek saves them. The Left State Councilor sends poison to Prince Heungseon.

  • Dr. Jin and Youngheui makes donuts for her mother who is suffering from Berberi. The Ahn family decides to poison the donut that the Queen is going to eat at her birthday party.

  • Youngheui finds out that Dr. Jin is from a different world. Prince Heungson and Dr. Jin win over the Queen's confidence as Dr. Jin performs a surgery in front of her.

  • Dr. Jin succeeds in discovering Penicillin. He tries to heal the courtesan, but she gets taken away.

  • Jin Hyuk diagnoses Kehyang with Syphillis, but he is hesitant to make Penicillin because he might change history by discovering it.

  • Jin Hyuk catches Cholera while he was treating his patients. Meanwhile, Yoo Hong Pil uses Kim Byung Il to try to set up a trap for Jin Hyuk.

  • Dr Jin goes to Tomag to find a cure for Cholera. Heungseon's son gets Cholera so he tries to get money to help find a cure.

  • They have a party to celebrate the Left State Councilor's recovery. Dr Jin and Younglae discover Cholera...

  • Jin Hyuk operates a brain surgery on Youngheui and saves his life. However, he gets arrested and sentenced to death.

  • Jin Hyuk wakes up in a foreign place and realizes that he is in the Chosun era. He finds Youngheui unconscious on the road and takes him home where he meets Mina in a different form...

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