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  • 2015
  • 1 Season

Pushing Boundaries is a Red Bull TV original series that explores the daring feats of some of today's most daring athletes who have found ways to push their limits and challenge what was once thought impossible. The series is a collection of episodes that focus on a wide range of extreme sports, including skiing, snowboarding, BMX, surfing, and more.

One of the first episodes of the season follows professional BMX rider Drew Bezanson as he sets out to accomplish a feat never before seen in his sport: completing a loop-the-loop on a bicycle. The episode follows Drew as he prepares for this stunt, working with engineers and carpenters to build a perfect loop and practicing his technique for weeks leading up to the attempted stunt. The show also explores the mental challenges Drew faces as he confronts his own fears and doubts about the stunt.

Another episode focuses on big wave surfing, as some of the world's top surfers set out to tackle some of the most massive and dangerous waves in the world. The episode features interviews with the surfers themselves, as well as footage of these daring (and sometimes dangerous) voyages into uncharted waters. Audiences will also get a glimpse of the science and technology behind surfing, as experts explain how waves are generated and why some beaches are particularly well-suited for surfing.

The show also features episodes on skiing and snowboarding, with athletes pushing the limits of what's possible on the slopes. One episode follows professional skier Cody Townsend as he attempts to complete a dangerous backcountry descent in Alaska, known as the "Line of the Year." Another episode explores the world of freestyle snowboarding, featuring some of the sport's top athletes as they perform gravity-defying tricks and stunts.

Throughout the series, viewers will also get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to pull off these awe-inspiring feats, from the technical preparations and planning to the grit and determination needed to push one's body and mind beyond the limits of what's been done before. With stunning cinematography and intimate interviews, Pushing Boundaries is a must-watch for anyone who loves extreme sports or just wants to be inspired by the human spirit's ever-present quest to push beyond what was once thought to be possible.

Overall, Pushing Boundaries is a thrilling and inspiring series that showcases some of the most daring and accomplished athletes from around the world. With a focus on extreme sports and the incredible feats of these athletes, the show is sure to capture the attention of anyone who loves adrenaline-fueled action and adventure. So buckle up and get ready to be inspired by some of the most incredible athletes on the planet with Red Bull TV's Pushing Boundaries.

Pushing Boundaries
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  • Premiere Date
    August 7, 2015