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  • 2020
  • 1 Season

Quest for King Solomon's Treasures is a National Geographic Channel show that follows the journey of a team of archaeologists and adventurers as they attempt to locate the fabled treasure of King Solomon that was said to be hidden in the Land of Ophir, a mythical country that was renowned for its gold and precious stones. The show explores the myths and legends surrounding the treasure, as well as the history and culture of the lands it may be hidden in.

The first episode introduces the audience to the team of explorers and their mission. The show opens with stunning scenic shots of the desert and lush forests to show how vast the area the team will travel is. We get to learn about the background of each team member who comes from varying demographics of the world. From archaeologists and geologists to metal detectors and miners, the team comprises a broad range of experts in their respective fields. They have all come together to explore the fabled King Solomon's treasure, which has been a mystery for thousands of years.

The next few episodes are focused on exploring possible locations of the fabled treasure. The team travels through ancient cities and ruins, navigating through jungles and treacherous mountain terrain in search of clues that might lead them to the treasure. They rely on satellite imagery and modern technology to identify areas that may contain clues to King Solomon's fabled treasure. The team interacts with locals, conducts surveys, and talks to experts to gain knowledge about the areas that they explore.

Each episode includes historical re-enactments to help the viewers understand the treasure's history and why it is so important to locate it. The re-enactments are done with such precision and detail that the audience feels transported back in time. The team also uses various means to decipher biblical secrets, such as using ancient texts and visiting ancient temples in search of signs. They also work with locals who live in the fabled places to retrace ancient paths believed to have been taken by King Solomon's entourage.

The show's cinematography is stunning, and it is filmed in high definition with sweeping aerial shots of each location, providing the audience with a sense of the scale and beauty of each place the team visits. At the same time, we see the harsh realities of jungle, desert, and mountain life, including the difficulties of transporting gear and the dangers posed by wild animals and terrain. The location shots are interspersed with interviews with experts and local guides who provide insight into the mysteries of King Solomon's treasure and the cultures and traditions of the areas being explored.

Overall, Quest for King Solomon's Treasure is a fascinating show that offers a unique perspective on the history and mythology of one of the world's most famous treasures. The show combines adventure, archaeology, and history, which makes it an exciting journey. The team's camaraderie, dedication and expertise make for an exhilarating exploration, which will transport the audience to discover the many beautiful, interesting and inspiring areas that the team explores, while learning about King Solomon's treasure.

Quest for King Solomon's Treasures
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Quest for King Solomon's Treasures
1. Quest for King Solomon's Treasures
August 5, 2020
Treasure-seekers have searched for King Solomon's mines with little results. New evidence sheds light on this century's old mystery.
  • Premiere Date
    August 5, 2020