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  • TV-MA
  • 2021
  • 1 Season
  • 9.3  (4,283)

On September 11, 2001, the world as we knew it changed permanently. A terrorist attack on the United States of America's World Trade Center towers in New York City resulted in over 2,000 deaths, and destroyed millions of dollars worth of property. The National Geographic Channel's program 9/11: One Day in America, takes the audience on a moving and insightful journey through the day of the 9/11 attacks, as seen from various perspectives. The show is executive produced by Emmy Award-winning producer Caroline Marsden, with directors: Daniel Bogado, Marcus Plowright and Adam Wishart.

Each episode provides an in-depth look at the events of that infamous day, the events leading up to it, and the aftermath. One Day in America focuses on the stories of survivors, family members of those who lost their lives, first responders, witnesses, and the general public, all of whom recount their experience of the tragic day.

The show doesn't shy away from showing the sheer scale of the destruction that was caused. The audience is treated to breathtaking archival footage, some of which has never been seen before, that showcases the destruction of the towers and the aftermath that saw a smoldering pile of rubble standing where the towers once stood.

The show goes beyond just showing the visuals of the destruction, and delves further into the emotional ramifications of the terrorist attack. It includes the emotional journeys of the survivors and family members of the lost ones as they try to pick up the pieces afterwards. It also explores the challenges of the rescue and recovery operations, as the first responders put their lives at risk to save as many people as they could.

What sets 9/11: One Day in America apart from other documentaries on the same topic is that it chooses to focus on ordinary people and their human stories. The audience learns about the experiences of a father and son who were in the area when the planes hit, the senior New York firefighter who was called to the scene, and the mother who lost her son on the day.

The series is narrated by former submariner William Toti, who provides a steady voice throughout the series, bringing context to the events that took place. Peter Blaich, a medic who served at Ground Zero, shares his experience of the rescue and recovery operations, offering an insight into the day that only a few people can provide. The combination of their narration and the interviews give viewers a well-rounded and intricate understanding of the day.

9/11: One Day in America is an unforgettable and meticulously crafted documentary that captures the trauma, heartbreak and lives lost on that fateful day. The series does not just focus on the destruction alone but lets the audience into the personal lives of those who were directly impacted by the events: the first responders, survivors, and those who lost loved ones.

The way the series tells these personal stories makes the events of 9/11 more palpable and vivid for the audience, who gets to see more than just the statistics and the scale of the destruction. The show is an important document that anyone who lived through September 11 or is trying to understand it needs to watch. The series showcase the resilience of human spirit, and how people overcame the adversity and moved forward with their lives after the disaster.

In conclusion, 9/11: One Day in America from the National Geographic Channel is a powerful documentary series that tells the stories of ordinary people caught up in the most extraordinary of events. It's an immersive journey that creates a lasting impact on the viewer, telling the human story of that fateful day.

9/11: One Day in America is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on August 29, 2021.

9/11: One Day in America
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It's All Gone, Kid
6. It's All Gone, Kid
September 1, 2021
At Ground Zero, two ex-marines and an ex-paramedic join forces to search for survivors and pull off one of the most miraculous rescues of the day.
I'm Coming for You, Brother
5. I'm Coming for You, Brother
August 31, 2021
A group of firefighters were inside the North Tower when it collapsed, but miraculously survived. It's a race against time to find and rescue them.
The Cloud
4. The Cloud
August 31, 2021
Survivors become separated when they are enveloped by a toxic dust cloud. We follow their quest to be reunited with their loved ones.
3. Collapse
August 30, 2021
A day of terror and the struggle to survive continue as the Pentagon is hit, Flight 93 is hijacked and the South Tower collapses.
The South Tower
2. The South Tower
August 30, 2021
We follow extraordinary stories of escape in the South Tower and the paramedics on the ground facing an onslaught of badly injured people.
First Response
1. First Response
August 29, 2021
As a hijacked plane hits the North Tower, we follow the first firefighters on the scene and their race against time to rescue trapped civilians.
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  • Premiere Date
    August 29, 2021
  • IMDB Rating
    9.3  (4,283)