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  • 2010
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In the world of extreme sports, there are few events that can compare to the Red Bull Rampage. This annual mountain biking competition takes place in the rugged terrain of Virgin, Utah, where the world's most daring bikers gather to show off their skills and push the limits of what is possible on a two-wheeled machine.

The competition is unlike any other in the sport, as riders are given the freedom to choose their own lines down the mountain. This means that each run is unique, as riders must navigate their way through a variety of natural features, drops, and jumps that are strategically scattered throughout the course.

The Red Bull Rampage first took place in 2001, and has since become a legendary event in the world of mountain biking. The 2010 competition was particularly memorable, as it featured some of the most impressive and daring stunts ever attempted on a bike.

One of the standout moments of the competition came from rider Gee Atherton, who pulled off a incredible backflip over a massive gap in the course. Atherton's run was one of the most talked-about of the day, as he managed to navigate his way through the challenging terrain with ease and style.

Another standout rider was Tyler McCaul, who managed to execute an impressive 360 spin on his bike while speeding down the mountain. McCaul's run was a masterful display of skill and daring, as he managed to pull off some truly amazing tricks while maintaining a high level of speed and control.

Overall, the 2010 Red Bull Rampage was a true showcase of the incredible talent that exists within the world of mountain biking. From impressive stunts to heart-stopping moments of danger and excitement, this competition had it all.

The Red Bull Rampage is truly a one-of-a-kind event that pushes the limits of what is possible in the world of mountain biking. From the challenging terrain to the fearless riders who compete in the event, there is truly nothing else like it in the world. For anyone who loves extreme sports and the thrill of pushing themselves to the limit, the Red Bull Rampage is an event that should not be missed.

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Red Bull Rampage 2010
1. Red Bull Rampage 2010
December 20, 2010
Red Bull Rampage returns, combining rugged and majestic natural terrain with supernatural mountain bike trickery to produce a spectator-friendly freeride frenzy! The best mountain bike riders from around the globe came to the isolated desert in Utah to kick up dust on one of the most progressive freeride courses in history. The 6th installment of Red Bull Rampage showcased more riders, a new course design and more ways to view the event than ever before. Riders had free reign to navigate their descent between a designated starting gate and a finish line more than 1,500 vertical feet below. Along the way, athletes hit a series of slopestyle features hand-built by a legendary crew and shaped by the riders themselves. Twenty-one of mountain bikings best threw down all they had while battling wind storms and wild weather, but when the skies cleared one rider went on to stomp his way to victory.
  • Premiere Date
    December 20, 2010