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Red Bull Signature Series is an annual event that showcases the world's most exhilarating and extreme sports. The series is a combination of sports events, including snowboarding, surfing, BMX, skiing, and motocross. The aim of the series is to showcase the incredible talent and skill of athletes in each of these sports.

The 2013 Red Bull Signature Series kicked off with the Red Bull Supernatural, which took place in the heart of the British Columbia backcountry. Here, some of the best snowboarders in the world hit the slopes to compete in a unique, all-natural terrain competition. The athletes had to navigate through a course that included steep drops, big jumps, and deep powder. The winner of the competition was crowned the "King of the Mountain."

The series then moved on to the Red Bull Crashed Ice, which took place in Niagara Falls. In this event, skaters raced down a downhill ice track at speeds of over 50 mph. The course was over 400 meters long, had a vertical drop of 40 meters, and included plenty of obstacles, jumps, and twists. The skaters battled it out for the top spot, with the winner being the first to cross the finish line.

Next up was the Red Bull Straight Rhythm, which took place in Pomona, California. This competition saw motorcyclists race on a half-mile rhythm section without any turns. The athletes had to navigate through a series of whoops, jumps, and rhythm sections, with the fastest rider to get across the finish line crowned the winner.

The series then moved on to the iconic Red Bull Rampage, which took place in Virgin, Utah. This competition is known for being one of the most challenging in the world, with athletes having to navigate through a steep, rocky course that included massive jumps, drops, and gaps. The riders had to take risks in order to win, with the winner being judged on their speed, style, and technical skills.

The Red Bull Art of Motion was another highlight of the 2013 series, with athletes showcasing their parkour skills in the streets of Santorini, Greece. The athletes had to navigate through a variety of challenging obstacles, including rooftops, walls, and ledges, and were judged on their creativity, difficulty, and style.

Finally, the 2013 series wrapped up with the Red Bull Cold Rush, which took place in Revelstoke, British Columbia. This competition saw skiers compete on a steep, technical course that included cliffs, drops, and powder. The athletes had to navigate through the challenging terrain while also maintaining their speed and balance, with the winner being the skier who completed the course in the fastest time.

Overall, the 2013 Red Bull Signature Series was a thrilling showcase of some of the world's most challenging and spectacular sports. From snowboarding to motocross, the series highlighted the incredible skill and talent of athletes in each of these sports, while also providing plenty of excitement and entertainment for viewers at home. Whether you're a fan of extreme sports or just enjoy watching amazing athletes push the limits of what is possible, the Red Bull Signature Series is a competition that is sure to impress.

Red Bull Signature Series 2013
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14. Rampage
April 18, 2014
On a gusty day in Southern Utah, a group of 25 daring mountain bikers blew the doors off what is possible on two wheels, unleashing some of the biggest moments the sport has ever seen. Watch history be made at Red Bull Rampage 2013.
Hare Scramble
13. Hare Scramble
April 18, 2014
Red Bull Hare Scramble is considered the climax of the Erzburg Rodeo. The world's top hard enduro riders are put to the test as they battle rain, mud, and rocks to try to accomplish the rare feat of making it past the finish line.
12. Dreamline
April 18, 2014
Put the world's best BMX dirt jumpers and trail riders on one of the most amazing dirt contest courses ever built, and you get top-notch, progressive riding and a hell of a good time. This is Red Bull Dreamline, the biggest dirt jump contest of 2013.
Vans US Open of Surfing
11. Vans US Open of Surfing
April 18, 2014
The Vans US Open of Surfing was held at the iconic Huntington Beach pier in Surf City, USA, as the world's top surfers competed for a shot at the podium. Pro surfers Alejo Muniz and Carissa Moore put on a show to remember for the fans of SoCal.
TORC Off Road Truck Racing
10. TORC Off Road Truck Racing
April 18, 2014
The Traxxas series showcases adrenaline-fueled driving characteristic of off road racing. The event combines the most powerful machines with the best drivers in the nation, as they try their hand at racing the 900hp short course battle trucks.
9. Joyride
April 18, 2014
Watch the world's most progressive freeride mountain bikers on their annual pilgrimage to Whistler. Top professionals compete on a rider-inspired downhill course featuring dirt jumps, ramps, and a massive drop off the notorious Joyride cabin!
Oakley Pro Bali
8. Oakley Pro Bali
April 18, 2014
The world's top 34 surfers compete on Bali's eastern shore. Hosted at Keramas, this is the first time that its reef break was sanctioned as an ASP Tour event. With barrel, turn and air sections, it's arguably the most high-performance wave on the Tour.
Loretta Lynn's
7. Loretta Lynn's
April 18, 2014
Racing has come to a close after five consecutive days at the historic Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. Over the weekend, 36 National Champions were crowned in the 32nd running of the 2013 Red Bull AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship.
Volcom Fiji Pro
6. Volcom Fiji Pro
April 18, 2014
The ASP's Volcom Fiji Pro is recognized as one of the most prestigious surf events on the planet. The contest is held at Cloudbreak, where the infamous wedge serves up waves that are close to perfect. Watch as the world's best surfers battle it out!
Wake Open
5. Wake Open
April 18, 2014
The renowned Red Bull Wake Open returned to the shores of Tampa, Florida, as the three-day event showcased talent from nine countries in boat, big air and park. Watch as the top riders battled it out to be crowned the best all-around wakeboarder!
4. Playstreets
April 18, 2014
Inner city slopestyle madness in the idyllic Austrian town of Bad Gastein. Some of the world's best riders showcased their skills on road gaps, wall drops and roof rails in a unique freeski contest. Tune in to the 2013 edition of Red Bull Playstreets!
Ultra Natural
3. Ultra Natural
April 18, 2014
Red Bull Ultra Natural - the ultra-progressive snowboard competition evolves once again as Travis Rice and 15 of the world's top riders prepare to drop into the ultimate course designed to crown the world's best all-around snowboarder.
Crashed Ice Saint Paul
2. Crashed Ice Saint Paul
April 18, 2014
Red Bull Crashed Ice Saint Paul witnessed the closest final in the 13-year history of the sport.
Crashed Ice Niagara Falls
1. Crashed Ice Niagara Falls
The Red Bull Crashed Ice season kicked off in Niagara Falls against the breathtaking natural backdrop of the magnificent falls. The ice cross downhill competition hosted 80,000 people in the most thrilling and heart-pumping sporting event.
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    June 20, 2024