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  • 1969
  • 1 Season

Red Bull Stateside is a high-adrenaline show on the Red Bull TV network that takes viewers on a wild ride through some of the most extreme sports and activities in America. The show features a team of Red Bull athletes as they push their limits and test their skills in a variety of heart-pumping events, from extreme motocross and skateboarding to high-speed snowboarding and base jumping.

One of the standout features of the show is the incredible cinematography and production values. Every shot is beautifully captured and edited together to create a cinematic experience that really immerses viewers in the action. The show also features stunning aerial footage filmed from drones and helicopters, giving viewers a bird's-eye view of the athletes as they soar through the air.

One of the most popular segments on Red Bull Stateside is the motocross events. The show features some of the most talented motocross riders in the world as they tackle insane jumps and obstacles. Viewers are treated to breathtaking slow-motion shots of the riders as they launch themselves into the air, performing spins and flips that seem to defy gravity.

Another popular segment is the skateboarding events, which feature some of the most skilled skateboarders in the world. The athletes take on vert ramps, halfpipes, and other complex obstacles, performing tricks and maneuvers that are jaw-dropping to watch. Viewers can see the raw talent and skill of these athletes as they push their bodies to the limit in pursuit of the perfect run.

One of the standout moments of the show is when the Red Bull Stateside team takes to the mountains for some high-speed snowboarding action. The athletes strap on their snowboards and race down steep slopes at lightning-fast speeds, performing jumps, twists, and turns along the way. The snowboarding segments are filmed with incredible precision, giving viewers a real sense of the speed and danger involved in these types of extreme sports.

The show also features some truly insane base jumping segments, where athletes leap from towering cliffs and structures, freefalling through the air before deploying their parachutes. The base jumping segments are some of the most heart-stopping moments of the show, as viewers watch in amazement as the athletes hurtle towards the ground at breakneck speeds.

Another highlight of Red Bull Stateside is the behind-the-scenes access viewers get to the athletes and their lifestyles. The show takes viewers into the homes and training facilities of the athletes, giving us a glimpse into their daily routines and the sacrifices they make in pursuit of their dreams. It's an intimate look at the lives of some of the most talented and driven athletes in the world.

Overall, Red Bull Stateside is a thrilling and adrenaline-fueled show that is sure to get your heart racing. The stunning production values and incredible talent on display make it a must-watch for anyone who loves extreme sports and high-adrenaline action. Whether you're a fan of motocross, skateboarding, snowboarding, or base jumping, there's something for everyone on Red Bull Stateside. Don't miss out on this exciting and unforgettable show.

Red Bull Stateside
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BMX Sessions at Woodward
4. BMX Sessions at Woodward
October 9, 2013
In the final episode of Red Bull Stateside, the crew head out to the original Woodward East before making the journey back to New Zealand. After practicing some new tricks into the foam pit, Jaden and the Bolter brothers reflect on their memorable stateside visit.
BMX Sessions in Vegas
3. BMX Sessions in Vegas
October 9, 2013
In the third episode of the Red Bull Stateside tour, BMX riders Jaden Leeming and Louis and George Bolter arrive in Vegas to attend Interbike and Nora Cup then hit the parks of Sin City.
BMX Sessions in San Diego
2. BMX Sessions in San Diego
October 9, 2013
In the second part of the trip, the crew hits up the legendary 605 ditch before cruising the Venice Beach boardwalk. The boys head to Chino Hills for a park session before heading to Sin City to wrap up their trip.
BMX Sessions in LA
1. BMX Sessions in LA
Red Bull Stateside sees New Zealand BMX riders Jaden Leeming, and George and Louis Bolter hit the road in search of the best spots to ride through California and Las Vegas. In the first part of the trip, the crew meets up with Anthony Napolitan for some epic sessions throughout SoCal.