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The Red Shoe Diaries is a Showtime cable network original drama TV series featuring erotic material. Most of the episodes were directed by Zalman King or Rafael Eisenman as well as by both directors. The episodes always opened with newspaper ads from the personals section listed under "Red Shoes." The ads asked women to send their most personal detailed diaries featuring stories of passion, love and related betrayal.

Host and presenter Jake Winters (played by Actor, David Duchovny) walks the abandoned train tracks with his faithful dog named Stella. Each themed story begins with him reading a letter received from his post office box. Starting with "Dear Red Shoes," he begins reading the story out loud.

It is revealed that the character of Winters was motivated to place the ads in the personals requesting these stories after his fiancee's suicide. He subsequently confronts the man his fiance was having an affair with - a shoe salesman and construction worker who had sold a pair of high heeled red shoes to her.

Winters placed the newspaper ads to learn about why his fiance chose to have an affair, what really happened to their relationship and to find out why she took her life. He believes that through the private stories of unknown and anonymous women, he can come to a conclusion by studying similar situations of other women.

The stories almost always feature very thin plot lines that revolve around a certain level of intrigue associated with a girl or woman's sexual awakening. Narrated by these women, the stories take on an even more personalized tone. Characteristics of each show feature mood inspired music along with nude love scenes that classify as soft core porn. No continued story arc or character connection exists between the various stories, aside from the fact that Jake Winters introduces each episode.

The Red Shoe Diaries first aired on the Showtime cable television network in the U.S. during 1992 to 1997 and was later distributed by the Playboy Entertainment Company overseas.

The erotic TV series was also broadcast on the Bravo! Canadian television network early every Saturday morning and was also called Red Shoe Diaries. Showtime also broadcasts various episodes from time to time.

The series also inspired several movies, including one released for television in 1992. Subsequently, approximately nineteen other video Red Shoe films were released during and after the series was broadcast.

Red Shoe Diaries is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (110 episodes). The series first aired on June 27, 1992.

Where do I stream Red Shoe Diaries online? Red Shoe Diaries is available for streaming on Showtime, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Red Shoe Diaries on demand at , Tubi TV online.

5 Seasons, 110 Episodes
June 27, 1992
Cast: Audie England, David Duchovny
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Red Shoe Diaries Full Episode Guide

  • A woman is caught in a tense love triangle.

  • Un solitario fotógrafo sale de detr'ás del lente y se une a los desinhibidos juegos de strip póker de un trío de vecinos.

  • A romantic triangle develops overnight at a radio station.

  • La imaginación de un novio celoso enloquece cuando su novia recibe una oferta de cine en su luna de miel.

  • Lori makes up fantastic stories to please her boyfriend.

  • Atrapada en una tormenta una joven desilusionada reaviva su débil relación con la ayuda de palomas mensajeras.

  • A beautiful woman, disillusioned with her relationship with her boyfriend, takes off to their country farm to rethink things. Once there, a violent storm hits, taking out all lines of communication in its wake. Soon she discovers her only line of communication - a coop of carrier pigeons. Before long, she and her boyfriend are communicating as never before with the help of their winged friend, rekindling the flame of their relationship that both thought had turned to ash.

  • Una mujer de negocios exitosa pero solitaria se enamora de un chef cuando ve cómo él cuida amorosamente el auto antiguo que ella tiene olvidado.

  • A woman meets a wrestler in Mexico.

  • Un joven ciclista se enamora de la hija de un granjero que lo cuido después de un accidente.

  • Out on a country road, a young cyclist is injured during a training ride and finds himself being nursed back to health by the spirited and very amorous daughter of a vineyard owner. Though reticent to her advances, the cyclist can't help but adore her charm, and in the end, all healed up and ready to race, he falls in love with her.

  • Una bella astronauta, atrapada en una agonizante nave espacial a millón y medio de kilómetros de casa, hace el amor tiernamente con su copiloto por última vez.

  • A woman vicariously experiences an old affair through her grandmother's diary.

  • Un hombre abandonado encuentra a una hermosa mujer en la orilla de la playa, juntos exploran prohibidas 'áreas del deseo, la culpa y la necesidad salvaje.

  • An ad executive hears a tale about her boyfriend from a unstable ex-lover.

  • Un 'ángel condenado, exiliado del cielo y colocado en la tierra, es maldecido con la habilidad de matar con un beso mortal.

  • A condemned angel who has been exiled from the heavens and placed on earth is cursed with the ability to kill with a deadly kiss. Upon descending to earth he is enchanted by a beautiful prostitute, who in return is mesmerized by the ethereal vision of the angel. He caresses this enchanting creature and delicately, passionately kisses the prostitute who falls limp into his arms. Confused and devastated he catches the eye of a waitress, as he kisses her lips, she falls motionless in his arms. Shattered, the angel turns only to see a newlywed couple kiss, and becomes entranced by this angelic bride. He fantasizes the bride is an immortal like himself. The Angel gently kisses the bride's lips as she falls fatally to his mercy. The Angel, horrified, realizes he is cursed with this treacherous power, and he must walk the earth alone and absent from love, forever.

  • Dos desconocidos encuentran una pasión satisfactoria en la lavandería de un pequeño pueblo.

  • A broken-hearted photographer finds herself attracted to a boxer.

  • Los nervios de la promesa de una noche de bodas de striptease, acompañados de mucho champaña, son la causa de un aniversario inolvidable.

  • Mrs. O'Hara's promise to do a strip-tease dance on their one-year anniversary takes her and Mr. O'Hara down a road they never thought their limousine would venture. They meet Adam and Eve, two hippies who share the ride as well as their insightful view of life and happiness. They also share a lot of champagne, and in the end Mrs. O'Hara mistakes a synagogue for a club where she truly becomes the life of the party.

  • Tres dolidas bailarinas del club de un baile por moneda, se enamoran del nuevo y joven líder de la banda.

  • Winnie, Darcey and Nan work at the "Stardust", the last of the dime-a-dance joints. The women are grief stricken by the recent death of Armie, the bandleader who was a father figure to them all. Michael is the new bandleader, he is young, with a Frank Sinatra style. Each of the girls individually falls for his charm, he fills a special void in their lives.

  • ¿Puede una pareja de esposos que un día fueron felices reinventar el amor que piensa que han perdido?

  • Lily and Nick are in the middle of a nasty divorce when fate throws them together for one night. Just one night away from the everyday of their lives and this once happy couple learns to reinvent a love that they had written off as lost.

  • A condemned angel, exiled from the heavens and placed on earth, is cursed with the ability to kill with a deadly kiss.

  • Un nadador olímpico entrena en la piscina de un pequeño pueblo.

  • An Olympic swimmer trains at a pool in a small town.

  • Una fotógrafa con el corazón roto se siente atraída por un boxeador.

  • A broken-hearted photographer finds herself attracted to a boxer.

  • A woman and her new lover are stalked by her Ex.

  • Una mujer se enamora de un vaquero cuando regresa a su ciudad natal.

  • A woman falls for a cowboy when she returns to her hometown.

  • A smitten young dancer tries to win a death-haunted choreographer's love.

  • Una mujer encarcelada est'á enamorada de un guardia.

  • A sky-dive prompts a bride to change her life.

  • Lori inventa historias fant'ásticas para complacer a su novio.

  • An Olympic swimmer trains at a pool in a small town.

  • A sky-dive prompts a bride to change her life.

  • A woman and her new lover are stalked by her Ex.

  • A woman and her new lover are stalked by her Ex.

  • Una enamorada bailarina intenta ganar el amor de un coreógrafo acechado por la muerte.

  • An imprisoned woman is smitten with a guard.

  • A woman falls for a cowboy when she returns to her hometown.

  • Una mujer experimenta un viejo romance vicariamente a través del diario de su abuela.

  • A woman vicariously experiences an old affair through her grandmother's diary.

  • Una tímida mujer se refugia en un mundo de fantasía.

  • An all-American couple's marriage is falling apart.

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