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  • TV-PG
  • 1995
  • 1 Season
  • 8.1  (4,827)

American Gothic was a suspenseful drama series that aired on CBS from 1995 to 1998. The show followed the story of the wealthy and secretive God-fearing Hawthorne family, who lived in a small South Carolina town of Trinity. The family patriarch, Sheriff Lucas Buck (Gary Cole), was the show's primary antagonist, a charming and manipulative man with supernatural powers who used them to control, toy with, and terrorize the townspeople.

The show's ensemble cast included Lucas Black as Caleb, the illegitimate son of Sheriff Buck who had supernatural abilities, Paige Turco as Gail Emory, a journalist who came to Trinity to investigate a murder, and Brenda Bakke as Selena, Sheriff Buck's former lover who became involved with Caleb.

Sarah Paulson portrayed Merlyn Temple, whose father was trying to expose Sheriff Buck's supernatural powers, and Robin Mullins played the role of Deputy Ben Healy, who often found himself at odds with the sheriff. Nick Searcy starred as Deputy Ben's partner, Deputy Kenny Lacos, who had to navigate his loyalty to the sheriff with his sense of morality.

Jake Weber played Dr. Matt Crower, a town doctor who was initially skeptical of Sheriff Buck's powers but eventually became entangled in his web. Danny Masterson portrayed the role of Joey, Caleb's friend, and confidante. Sean Bridgers played the role of Deputy Raymond, one of Sheriff Buck's henchmen. Bruce Campbell, known for his work in the Evil Dead and Oz series, played the role of fraternal twins, Caleb's father, and the show's secondary antagonist, Gideon Temple.

Brigid Brannagh starred as Deputy Gail's half-sister, Holly Gallagher, who had a volatile relationship with her sister. Gareth Williams played the role of Boone Mackenzie, a reclusive artist and Caleb's mentor.

Steve Rankin played Gary Longstreet, the town's undertaker with a macabre sense of humor. Maria Howell played Reverend Price, the town's preacher who tried to expose Sheriff Buck's evil deeds. Finally, Greg Travis starred as the eccentric and wealthy Buckaroo businessman, Carter Bowen.

American Gothic was a gothic horror drama that incorporated supernatural elements and explored themes of good versus evil, morality, and the corrupting effects of power. The show had an eerie atmosphere and featured several jump scares throughout its run.

One of the most notable aspects of the show was its well-crafted characters. Each character was multi-dimensional, with their unique quirks, strengths, and weaknesses. Sheriff Buck, in particular, was a fascinating character who was both charming and terrifying. His ability to manipulate those around him and his supernatural powers made him a formidable antagonist.

American Gothic only aired for one season, with 22 episodes in total. Despite its short run, the show garnered a cult following and has become a classic of the genre. The show's cliffhanger finale left many questions unanswered and has become a topic of discussion among fans.

In conclusion, American Gothic was a suspenseful and captivating gothic horror drama series that drew viewers in with its well-crafted characters, eerie atmosphere, and supernatural elements. Despite its short run, the show's legacy lives on, and it remains a classic of the genre.

American Gothic is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on September 22, 1995.

American Gothic
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22. Strangler
May 27, 1998
Lucas summons the ghost of Albert De Salvo, better known as the Boston Strangler, in order to fight Merlyn. While Sheriff Buck makes himself scarce, Alberto befriends Caleb in order to get to Merlyn, kills a nurse and sets his sights on Gail as his next victim. Caleb may be the only one who can help save Merlyn, by conjuring up his special powers.
Echo of Your Last Goodbye
21. Echo of Your Last Goodbye
May 13, 1998
Ben's date, Cindy, is really an incarnation of Merlyn who is attempting to reveal to Ben the truth of her mother's death by taking to a place where she took care of abandoned children. Meanwhile, Lucas admits that he loved Merlyn's mother and wanted to marry her, but she refused to leave her husband.
Ring of Fire
20. Ring of Fire
April 1, 1998
Sheriff Buck allows Gail to use her dreams and visions to reveal more about her past, including her parents behavior, her father's abuse towards her, he mom's affair and an attempted murder of her father.
Potato Boy
19. Potato Boy
February 6, 1998
Sheriff Buck is upset when Selena reaches out to help Caleb. Also, Ben seeks a psychiatrists help to figure out why he has animosity towards Sheriff Buck. But when Lucas learns of Ben's visits, he takes matters into his own hands.
18. Requiem
July 11, 1996
Caleb uses his new powers to try and kill Gail and inherit Sheriff Buck's estate. But when Ben and Billy dig up Lucas, he comes back to save Gail and his unborn child, setting up a confrontation between Sheriff Buck and Caleb.
The Buck Stops Here
17. The Buck Stops Here
July 10, 1996
Caleb and Selena go to Lucas' home to search for missing hospital files after being accused by the pharmacist as having taken them. Caleb seems to relish the fact he is Sheriff Buck's son and uses his new found powers when Lucas is "murdered." Sheriff Buck's final words for Caleb states that "the evil is passed."
16. Triangle
July 10, 1996
Just as Gail informs Caleb that she is leaving Trinity and taking him along, she collapses and is taken to the hospital where she learns she is pregnant with Sheriff Buck's child.
Learning to Crawl
15. Learning to Crawl
July 4, 1996
A new bond is brought between Caleb and Sheriff Buck after he is brought back to life after being electrocuted. While on a fishing trip Caleb and Sheriff Buck encounter dangerous criminals who have kidnapped a corporate executive. Meanwhile, Caleb is given special sensory powers after learning a lesson from Sheriff Buck while trapped in the cabin.
The Beast Within
14. The Beast Within
July 3, 1996
When Dr. Crower treats the victims of a drunk driving accident, he conjures up memories of his wife and daughters deaths. Sheriff Buck pushes Dr. Cower over the edge by enticing him to start drinking again. Meanwhile, a strange neighbor's digging bothers Caleb.
To Hell and Back
13. To Hell and Back
July 3, 1996
When Artie, Ben's brother, robs a store in Trinity, Ben accidentally shoots him and then is taken hostage along with Sheriff Buck, Caleb and Dr. Crower at the hospital.
Dr. Death Takes a Holiday
12. Dr. Death Takes a Holiday
January 31, 1996
When a woman checks into the hospital claiming to be Sheriff Buck's mother, Dr. Crower grows more curious and decides to reinvestigate Merlyn's murder. She asks Dr. Crower to kill Sheriff Buck, but the tables are turned which creates unsettling results.
The Plague Sower
11. The Plague Sower
January 24, 1996
A mysterious bleeding illness has hit Trinity, which brings a new doctor to town. Sheriff Buck turns to Dr. Peele for help after Dr. Cower has a breakdown while trying to treat all the townsfolk hit with the plague.
10. Inhumanitas
January 17, 1996
Sheriff Buck must answer for all his past crimes when Merlyn returns as an avenging angel. Father Tilden's church is the scene of their chilling confrontation.
9. Resurrector
January 10, 1996
A radio host vows to ruin Sheriff Buck after he rejects his plea for help. A depressed Caleb wants to hold a party for the dead in order to give Merlyn a second funeral.
8. Rebirth
January 3, 1996
Merlyn borrows the spirit of an unborn child and reappears as a young girl as a means to experience the life she had missed out on, such as first love. After Caleb and the Sheriff figure out what has happened, Caleb realizes she must give back the unborn child's spirit if it is to survive, while Sheriff Buck wants her to remain on earth.
Strong Arm of the Law
7. Strong Arm of the Law
November 3, 1995
Trinity is invaded by four northerners who move into the boarding house and start a crime wave throughout town. Sheriff Buck has a deadly confrontation with the guests.
Meet the Beetles
6. Meet the Beetles
October 20, 1995
Lucas Buck is held under suspicion after two skeletons are found on his property. Jack Drey, a state policeman suspects Lucas of having a part in his adulterous brother-in-law's disappearance.
Dead to the World
5. Dead to the World
October 13, 1995
Gail seeks the truth about the night her best friend disappeared after driving off a bridge. She may have gone too far when she accuses Sheriff Buck as having a hand in her death after discovering that they had dated at the time of her disappearance. Meanwhile, Caleb learns about himself and honor when Lucas offers to help him win an archery contest.
Damned if You Don't
4. Damned if You Don't
October 10, 1995
Lucas Buck seeks a payback for a favor when he requests that Carter Bowen's teenage daughter work for him. But when he refuses, a series of events occur that unravels Carter's life. Also, Caleb receives help from Lucas on a school project, and Gail searches for answers about her mom.
Eye of the Beholder
3. Eye of the Beholder
October 6, 1995
Sheriff Buck will do anything to win Caleb away from Gail at his custody hearing, including calling in a favor from the judge overseeing the case and an attempt to destroy Dr. Crower. Meanwhile, a mirror given to Dan Trulane as a wedding gift has a strange attraction over his bride to be.
A Tree Grows in Trinity
2. A Tree Grows in Trinity
September 29, 1995
Caleb flees from Sheriff Buck and finds himself in an abandoned hunting lodge, where a dying man is being held captive. Merlyn's spirit confronts Caleb and encourages him to help the man. Meanwhile, at Merlyn's funeral, Caleb learns that his daddy is dead too and that his cousin Gail has come home to protect him.
American Gothic
1. American Gothic
September 22, 1995
The death of a traumatized young girl named Merlyn Temple, has shaken the small town of Trinity, South Carolina. Merlyn's younger brother, Caleb, is taken under the wing of the town's new doctor, Matt Crower, and notices a deep interest in the boy from the mysterious Sheriff Lucas Buck. Caleb's cousin Gail, returns to her hometown and faces off with Sheriff Buck, who she believes is linked to her own mother's death.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 22, 1995
  • IMDB Rating
    8.1  (4,827)