Red Skelton: America's Funniest Man

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The Red Skelton Show is a television variety show that starts with a monologue spotlighting humorous characters such as browbeaten husband George Appleby or two seagulls named Gertrude and Heath cliff. This is followed by a performance by a distinguished guest star who is usually a singer or actor. The guest star then appears with Red in a comedy sketch

These comedy sketches are based on one of Red’s many colorful characters. Clem Kadiddlehopper, an unsophisticated Hillbilly from Cornpone County, Tennessee or Freddie the freeloader, a tramp with a kind heart who is the most well known and performed in clown makeup. Then there is Deadeye, a bumbling sheriff in the old West; Cauliflower McPugh, a punchy boxer; or San Fernando Red, a dishonest real estate agent. These are comedy skits sometimes performed in pantomime.

These skits are followed by a soundless spot where Red performs a skit with Freddy the Freeloader or another silent character. Red always ends the show with these words: “Goodnight and may God bless."

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1 Season, 4 Episodes
November 28, 2006
Classic, Comedy
Red Skelton: America's Funniest Man

Red Skelton: America's Funniest Man Full Episode Guide

  • As Lord Beaverhead, Red sports a monocle, bowler and synthetic Mayfair accent as his Lordship delivers wisecracks about British traditionalism.

  • Red Skelton presents the 1954 Look Magazine Awards for motion picture achievement to Walt Disney, Alfred Hitchcock and other Hollywood luminaries.

  • John Carradine and Franklin Pangborn guest star in the sketch "Clem the Artist," in which a painter chooses a feckless farm boy as his newest protégé.

  • An ex-fighter with a glass jaw auditions for a part in a movie. He and his opponent, Vincent Price, "battle" over the love of a Hollywood starlet.