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Direct Source Label is a British television channel based in London. It features a variety of content including comedy, drama, and live news programs. The genres range from dramatic, to realistic, to comedic. The channel offers its content in a digital form online and is available through traditional cable packages as well. Viewers may access the online content for free but the cable package includes ads and requires a fee. The company was founded in 2004 when the producer named Larry Shields decided that he wanted to change his direction for his career and form an entirely new company. Direct Source Label originally only licensed other shows and movies from existing production companies. However, after receiving positive reviews for their selection of material, the company hired additional actors, writers, producers, and directors to create original programming.

In 2009, the first original show was produced. It was called All Hands on Deck. It centered around a boat crew who was travelling from Cuba to the United States. The crew was tasked with smuggling illegal drugs and had a limited time in which to deliver the merchandise. The show is a dramatic series and has received numerous awards including the Golden Egg by the Society of Film Critics (SFC).

A current popular title on the channel is called Blonde Hair. It is a scripted comedy show that features Shirla Dime, a young blonde girl who is on a mission to stop the police from taking over Los Angeles. It stars Juliette Hanson.

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