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Redacted Tonight is a comedy show which views the current world news as a satire. Set up as a news show itself, the anchors are comedians who tell the off beat stories the mainstream media didn't get to and they do it with a comic twist. The news is scary and many times filled with disasters. Each day it seems as if newscasters cannot find good events to report. Crime and natural events which kill people are the ones reported in a serious, sobering manner. Redacted Tonight take a look at that news with a new angle to poke fun at the news and the people who broadcast it.

2 Seasons, 88 Episodes
May 30, 2014
Comedy, News
Cast: Lee Camp, Naomi Karavani, Natalie McGill, John F. O'Donnell
Redacted Tonight

Redacted Tonight Full Episode Guide

  • In this episode of Redacted Tonight, the team covers the beloved F-word: Freedom.

  • In this Episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee explains why unions don't suck. Then we review a Tennessee proposed legislation against transgender teen rights, the Dark Act is shut down, and Noam Chomsky warns about the perils of global warming.

  • In this Episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp lists all the times Hillary Clinton has been a corporate shill.

  • In this Episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee tackles the stigma behind prostitution. Then we review the most important news hits of the week including: the latest in election news, Pennsylvania's cop cam ruling, and Chesapeake Energy's indictment

  • In this Episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee tackles the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Then, Neil Young put out a new album blasting Monsanto and Goldman Sachs admits the problems with capitalism.

  • Lee explains why everything we know is a lie. Then, cities and cops make a crooked contract, and the economic minister of New Zealand gets a rubber surprise.

  • In this episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp rips into the establishment about the shady signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It's a legit "Thanks, Obama" moment.

  • Hillary Clinton was apparently payed MILLIONS by the big banks, Boston has fixed its homeless veteran issue in a SHOCKING way, the hidden TRUTH about the massive California leak, and so much more.

  • In this Episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee explains why we're all feminists. Then, Donald Trump apparently speaks at a fourth grade level and Flint Michigan is in the middle of a water crisis brought about by corporate greed.

  • In this year's first episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee takes a look at the most censored stories of this past year, including autonomous killer robots, geoengineering, and the mainstream media was caught manipulating the news.

  • In this very special episode of Redacted Tonight, we take a look back at the best moments of 2015. We'll get to see the best of Lee's rants and the redacted stories he's covered.

  • In this very special episode of Redacted Tonight, we take a look back at the best moments of 2015. We'll get to see the best of Lee's rants and the redacted stories he's covered.

  • Lee explains why white privilege is still very much a thing to be aware of. An organization called Americans for Peace, Prosperity, and Security are celebrating their most recent achievement - steering America towards war.

  • In this second very special episode of Redacted Tonight we get to see John F. O'Donnell, Carlos Delgado, Phillip Chang, and Abby Feldman perform live stand-up comedy at the famous Caroline's Comedy Club in New York City.

  • Lee explains why thinking is more important than ever. Walmart employs the FBI to surveil their own employees, four veterans blow the whistle on the drone program, and Carlos Delgado investigates into the corporate strategy of Greenwashing.

  • In this very special episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp performs live stand-up comedy in New York City. He tackles everything from our fear of ISIS to the growing surveillance state to why Starbucks is evil.

  • Lee explains why the death penalty needs to go once and for all. President Obama shuts down the Keystone XL pipeline, Bad mortgages in Seattle reveal the need for organized debt resistance, and Abby Feldman explores the benefits of a three day work week.

  • Surveillance bill to pass soon, the Koch brothers gave a crazy interview and you won't believe what they said, and comedian Judah Friedlander joins us to talk about his new book.

  • Lee talks about Reverend Ed Pinkney the political prisoner you've never heard of. He's slated to be locked up for years because he got in the way of a major corporation.

  • Lee explains why the public shouldn't be complacent about the use of drone strikes. McDonald's and Monsanto are struggling, and CNN is caught lying about Hilary's campaign.

  • Lee explains how small starts can lead to big changes. A new Snowden has leaked "The Drone Papers" to the public, Americans celebrate Indigenous People's Day, and GMO lobbyists seek to protect Big Agra by pushing the D.A.R.K Act.

  • South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham asks for federal aid despite previously voting against hurricane Sandy aid, Wall Street whistleblowing is now being encouraged, and Doctors Without Borders was bombed over the weekend by the U.S. military.

  • Big Pharma can be taken down and it wouldn't cost that much. John Boehner resigns as Speaker of the House, Los Angeles decides to fix homelessness in case the Olympics come to town, and Abby Feldman sticks up for DEA sex parties.

  • It turns out competition could make losers of us all, Lee tackles multiple stories in Quick News of The Week

  • Redacted Tonight's team of fearless warriors breaks down the unhistory of unpersonhood, marvels at protesters DESTROYING Dick Cheney

  • The U.S. uses chemicals in meat that are banned in 160 countries, the 10th Anniversary of Katrina is a great time for whitewashing history, the outsourcing of peacekeeping to the third world and more!

  • Corporations: is there anything they won't do? From creating toxic zones in disadvantaged communities to stacking government positions with their own lackeys to monitoring their employees' every move, corporations have run amok.

  • A man was murdered in NYC in 2010. After that the NYPD and many others helped cover up what really happened. Also, we talk with Black Lives Matter supporters, and out the NRA. We also show how CNN is helping every day to build up terrorism.

  • Team Redacted talks unbridled consumerism, the TSA's abysmal success rate, the dark side of air conditioning, Obama's lukewarm climate bill and more!

  • Politicians pay actors to cheer at their rallies, can killer robots be stopped? The TPP supports human trafficking and a commercial for endangered species toilet paper!

  • Oh boy! Oh girl! It's the newest episode of 'Redacted Tonight,' everybody!Host Lee Camp rants about the Information Age and the deep irony of the stupidity it has brought upon us and much more.

  • Donald Trump gets DESTROYED by Lee Camp. Then the Redacted Team reveals how Hollywood is besties with the CIA and the military. Next they delve into why every American seems to be on prescription drugs they don't necessarily need.

  • Team Redacted reveals the percentage of population needed to create change, Big Phara's role in new antibiotic-resistant superbugs, 5 ways America screwed Puerto Rico and more!

  • Team Redacted explains why a basic monthly income for all Americans isn't such a crazy idea, proposes eating bugs to feed a growing world population, US military straddles the fence of legality and more!

  • Team Redacted tackles Big Business' support for GMO's, why mainstream media are so eagle to blow their election-y load, why Nebraska's governor wants to keep the death penalty and the simple way to end child poverty in the US.

  • Lee Camp and Team Redacted talk about the MOST censored topic on television a transgender person who deserves more attention than Caitlyn Jenner, how to save millions of lives overnight, AND how we're paying foreigners to fight our wars.

  • The director of the CIA under George W. Bush, Porter Goss, just registered as a lobbyist for the country of Turkey?! FOR REAL!

  • Redacted Tonight scurries down the rabbit hole of dark comedic truth yet again. The Nail Salon-Industrial Complex is exposed, the brain of the billionaire is explore like Magellan and Autonomous Sensory Meriden Response.

  • Team Redacted breaks down our robot-driven future, gets into it about persecution for filming arrests, Walmart stores are mysteriously closing, Bernie Sander is running for president, public sex equals 15 years in jail + we've got one for the ladies!!!

  • Team Redacted explains how we're in the middle of a class war, outs the truth about Obama's lies on the TPP, shows the biggest news fails during the Baltimore riots, and much more!

  • Team Redacted details the destructive path of the World Bank, talks exclusively to President Obama, details how our water is being privatized, and much more!

  • Team Redacted celebrates Occupy, Blackwater's death squad success, US denies Indigenous people rights, an IV food supplement, rich banks and more!

  • Team Redacted puts the spotlight on the fear-mongering of the mainstream media, innovative acts of activism, tax loopholes favoring the rich, why it's okay to hate transgender people and more!

  • Team Redacted gets into the madness of money-in-politics, the newest machinations of Monsanto, Lockheed Martin's perverse reassurance to stockholders that war shall prevail, Google's choice to get evil, and the world's plastic problem.

  • Team Redacted breaks down the chaos of climate change, the nasty nature of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the US's obsession with nukes, the frat party that is the Secret Service, Coca-Cola's voice of lies, and more!

  • Team Redacted tackles college tuition insanity, the end of gov transparency, deporting illegal immigrants, drone-bombers quiting, and the Taco Bell ad they don't want you to see!

  • Team Redacted reveals House of Cards' hidden agenda, goes inside gay conversion camp, talks GOP treason, proposes a homeless bill of rights, investigates bombs made from bats, and more!

  • Team Redacted tackles masturbatory terror prevention, says adios to Uruguayan president, gives artificial sweeteners a kick in the aspartame, and reveals why you should trade in your diamonds NOW!

  • Team Redacted gets passionate about apathy, takes on a climate change denial scientist who takes money from big oil, explains how corporations owe YOU $10k and lists ways to prevent a forever-war with ISIS!

  • Special Videotaping factory farms is ILLEGAL, executing innocents in Texas is LEGAL, lady-part LABIAPLASTY is the new nose job, and so much more.

  • Wall Street banks are secretly paying their executives to join the top level of government. Also, cops have been using a scanner to scan through your walls without a warrant. PLUS the Pope talks about upending the current economic system. And more...

  • Lee Camp's interview with former Presidential candidate Jill Stein gets interrupted by protesters! ...also Jean Claude Van Damm kicks money out of politics, the NFL in bed with military propaganda and more!

  • Team Redacted celebrates Monsanto's loss, McDonald's struggle, and the death of King Abdullah. They also weigh in on crazy wealth inequality, America's love affair with Cuba, and the top US political prisoners.

  • Lee Camp and the Redacted Tonight team uncover the truth behind the State of the Union, review American Sniper, blast Nancy Grace on legalizing weed and the most amazing YouTube video ever.

  • Lee Camp and the Redacted Tonight team tackle the big question about our economy that no one wants to talk about, the hidden facts in the Hebdo attack, and much more.

  • The Redacted Tonight team talks NYPD, the Crisis of Democracy, the crazy price of education and MORE.

  • Team Redacted toasts to 2014 with the most censored stories of the year, professional revolutionists, hoverboards, torture, and a dog food made out of dogs.

  • Team Redacted blasts Big Banks, reveals the CIA's torture playlist, why legalizing marijuana is the democratic thing to do, a 3-day work week to save the planet, and so much more!

  • The Redacted Tonight team talks CIA torture, killer police with past records, the secret ingredient in everything you eat and why the US has no idea what it's doing in Syria.

  • The Redacted Tonight crew delves into the UN's latest report on the US, our racist justice system, a new way to save water, school lunches, and climate change from the perspective of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  • The Redacted Tonight team takes on the School of the Americas, the Shock Doctrine, Systemic Racism and the new DNA-altering technology that makes poop smell like bananas.

  • Team Redacted reveals an unexpected Ferguson verdict, takes on Black Friday madness, explains why we eat bacon for breakfast and how Florida wants to keep the homeless hungry.

  • The Redacted Tonight Team takes on America's love affair with endless war, the secret government controlling the US, glorifying war on Veteran's Day, how BP justifies oil spills and how McDonald's accidentally reveals too much about their meat.

  • The Redacted team takes on leaked audio tapes of corporate hitman Rick Berman, protests that were ignored by the MSM, the birth control hidden truth Big Pharma doesn't want you to know and why the FBI is flipping out about new smart phone encryption.

  • The Redacted team shows you how anyone can make a snazzy political attack ad, introduces you to the livestreaming stars of Ferguson, blasts you with acid breast milk from GamerGate and gets you amped for the Midterm elections.

  • The Redacted team shows you ways to die that should scare you more than Ebola, cracks the corporate manipulation code, Boston-cremes its pants for Dunkin' Donuts and gets creative with the whitewashing of Vietnam.

  • The Redacted Team discovers Columbus Day, John F. O'Donnell discovers the Vatican's gay agenda, and Sam Sacks discovers how to exploit Ebola for political gain.

  • The Redacted Team reports on the biggest stories kept out of the mainstream media. John F. O'Donnell makes a killing on military contractors, and Sam Sacks details the Vice President's apology tour.

  • Team Redacted reports on media manipulation. John F. O'Donnell reviews Yelp, and Sam Sacks gets sued by AIG.

  • Team Redacted reports why the World Bank is actually worried about the poor. John F. O'Donnell goes to Congress, and Sam Sacks rewrites history.

  • Team Redacted gives its take on the war with ISIS and reports on the activists across the country taking a stand. John F. O'Donnell tries to protect his job from unaccompanied immigrant children, and Sam Sacks tries out the NSA's Treasure Map system.

  • The Redacted Team has been watching CNN and Fox News - so that you don't have to. John F. O'Donnell profits from taking money out of politics, and Sam Sacks becomes militant about the militarization of police.

  • The Redacted Team tackles workers' rights, civil forfeiture, banning plastic bags, and more. John F. O'Donnell questions police intelligence, and Sam Sacks questions media reporting on ISIS.

  • The Redacted Team reports on MLK's assassination. John F. O'Donnell exposes himself to the NSA, and inhaling helium leaves Sam Sacks feeling light-headed.

  • The Redacted Team examines police militarization and how Time, Inc. rates its writers. George W. Bush recalls his torturing days, John F. O'Donnell recalls his history with Hillary Clinton, and Sam Sacks gets a face full of tear gas.

  • Team Redacted reveals the real reason behind Right To Farm bills and the decline of Wal-Mart. Sam Sacks gets a robot to do his job, and John F. O'Donnell embraces a kinder, gentler type of corporation.

  • Team Redacted reveals the execution of an innocent man. And apparently we're all supposed to teach our children to open carry. Sam Sacks tells us how the US is trying to overthrow Cuba with AID, and John F. O'Donnell worries that the FCC will destroy inte

  • The Redacted Team gives peace a chance, whilst police are given cameras to wear. The homeless get homes, a cuddler gets paid, Wikipedia gets edited, and a Boy Scout gets on the terror watch list.

  • The Redacted team attempts to hold up their position on an ocean paved by BP while wishing their parents were gay. Miley Cyrus's new billboard looms on the horizon, democracy gets a reboot, and Boehner sues Obama.

  • The Redacted Team discovers nude pics at the NSA, advice from Hillary to the GMO industry, that most youth don't qualify for the military, the real force stopping marijuana's legalization, walls that stop tornadoes, riot control drones, and more.

  • The Redacted Team asks: is Earth f**ked? Are you smarter than a teenager? Does a higher minimum wage lead to job growth? And more.

  • The Redacted Team reveals Obama's true feelings on secretive trade deals, discovers free TV, shuts off Detroit's water, finds a practical use for giant vagina statues and reveals who's the sexiest inmate alive.

  • Team Redacted sends Dick Cheney back in time, gets rich off Bitcoins, defends the name "Redskins," sets a new date for the revolution, AND reveals how thousands of Americans were intentionally poisoned by the Federal Government.

  • Lee Camp unveils the various plans of evil people, from organizations destroying democracy to autonomous killing machines.

  • Lee Camp bites into Monsanto - which may give him a deadly infection, Sam Sacks tackles the big transformations at the NSA (Hint: there are none), and John F. O'Donnell gets molested by the tentacles of the billionaire Kochtopus!