Relocation, Relocation

For over a decade, Relocation, Relocation has been broadcasting in the UK. This weekly show is hosted by property experts, Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp. Each week they help a homeowner who is in need of finding the right location for their families, by giving them practical advice, and assisting in the research. They encourage families that may be unsure of where to relocate, and help them make the right decision. Each episode walks the audience through the process with the family member. It is not only knowledgeable and informative for those looking to move one day, but it is also entertaining by giving the viewer a glimpse into other peoples lives.

Wednesdays at 8:00 pm on Channel 4
6 Seasons, 88 Episodes
March 2, 2009
Documentary & Biography, Home & Garden

Relocation, Relocation Full Episode Guide

  • Phil catches up with Peter and Louise to see if they've managed to achieve their dream of splitting their lives between London and Wiltshire.

  • Phil and Kirstie attempt to help John Stevenson and his fiancĂ©e Ingrid Weber relocate to Budapest in Hungry by finding their dream property there.

  • Kirstie and Phil attempt to help Rikita and Dony Patel find a home nearer to their parents as well as a place in Sicily.

  • Phil goes back to see Rosie and Andy who he and Kirstie helped to relocate to Devon.

  • Phil goes to see how Allison and Mark are getting on four years after he and Kirstie helped them trade their London lifestyle for life on the Kent coast.

  • Phil revisits Fiona and Tom Butcher the first couple he and Kirstie ever helped to relocate.

  • Kirstie and Phil try and help Becky Thomas and Keith Roberts find their dream property in Norfolk close to the beach and the countryside. They also try and find them a place in London for work.

  • Kirstie and Phil try and help Alex and Phillip find a place near Darlington and a ski chalet in the French Alps.

  • Kirstie and Phil try and help Derek Leslie and Fiona Smith find their dream property in the Perthshire countryside and also a place on the Scottish west coast.

  • Kirstie and Phil try and help Victoria Wills and Frank Russell who run a weight loss boot camp in north Devon fin the the perfect location for their next branch. They look in the counties of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire.

  • Kirstie and Phil try to help Simon Dodd, who works as a Beefeater at the Tower of London, and his wife Pauline find a new house to buy in Hampshire.

  • Margot and Henry have been married for almost 50 years. Can Kirstie and Phil find them homes in Berkshire and Dorset that the couple can agree upon? And, does Henry really want to move?

  • Kirstie and Phil revisit Sandy and Natasha who previously ditched Swindon in pursuit of a surfer's pad by the sea in Devon. Is the new life they found the one they wanted?

  • Phil revisits Allison and Mark, four years since the arrival of their first baby made the couple decide to trade in their London lifestyle for a different pace of life on the Kent coast.

  • Phil revisit Rosie and Andy who previously decided to swap suburbia for the seaside. But did moving from Hertfordshire to Devon land them the family home they wanted?

  • Phil and Kirstie return to visit mother and daughter Sarah and Gill Currie who found their dream rural pub with B&B. Is life behind the bar as fulfilling as they'd hoped it would be?

  • Kirstie revisits Johnny and Lynsay Davies after she and Phil helped them escape London and move the family up north.

  • Kirstie and Phil hunt for a home near Darlington for Alex and Phillip, and a getaway ski chalet in the French Alps.

  • Kirsty and Phil revisit James and Vikki who they helped find a home in England and a holiday home in Wales two years ago.

  • Kirstie and Phil take on a jailbreak, getting Beefeater Simon Dodd and his wife Pauline out of their flat in the Tower of London, to a home in Hampshire, and flat on the Kent coast.

  • Kirstie and Phil meet Inyang and Gregor Ross, who are leaving Glasgow and risking it all to realise their dream of family life in Cornwall.

  • Kirstie and Phil take on a labour of love, helping Hertfordshire couple Helen and Paul find their dream home and their dream business: running a wedding venue.

  • Kirstie and Phil's mission is to find Louise Buckles and Peter Melrose the perfect combination of a main residence in London with a rural idyll in the Wiltshire countryside.

  • Kirstie and Phil have got their work cut out trying to find the perfect home for Damon and Gemma in the Surrey countryside, because they also want a perfect investment property in Berlin.

  • Kirstie and Phil help Helen and Grant who are hunting for a first-time buyer pad in London and a family home for Grant's parents relocating from South Africa to the Kent Coast.

  • Kirstie and Phil help hardworking 28-year-olds Rikita and Donny Patel to start a new life by finding a home nearer to their parents as well as a bolt-hole in Sicily.

  • Kirstie and Phil try to make the property dream come true for Stephanie, Dominic and baby Oscar who are keen to move from Sussex to a house by the sea in north Somerset.