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RiffTrax are some of the most entertaining ways to watch bad movies. When it comes to bad movies, they are already pretty funny on their own, but with RiffTrax they can be even more entertaining. RiffTrax shorts gives us a look at many different shorter versions of these RiffTrax. These can be a great way to get a good quick laugh.

RiffTrax Shorts is a Comedy series that is currently running and has 24 seasons (189 episodes). The series first aired on April 1, 2008.

RiffTrax Shorts is available for streaming on the Legend Films website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch RiffTrax Shorts on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Legend Films
24 Seasons, 189 Episodes
April 1, 2008
Cast: Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, Michael J. Nelson
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RiffTrax Shorts Full Episode Guide

  • The Day I Died is a fun, groovy, totally 70s take on the tragic consequences of teenage drunk driving. Come for the beach drinking, stay for the narrator yelling at relatives and friends as they walk by the dead kids' casket! Like one of these email forwards from your Grandma (complete with 36 point bright-red font) come to life, The Day I Died will scold its way into your heart!

  • Jack is a youngster who has trouble respecting The Other Fellow's Feelings. One day, the other fellow brings in a new bottle of perfume to show off to the ladies, and Jack bumps into the other fellow, knocking the perfume to the ground and breaking the bottle. After that, Jack follows the other fellow around saying "Stinky! Stinky!" Eventually the other fellow can't take it anymore!

  • Kevin is the new kid in class, and he's got typical teenage problems. His mom obsessively hoards coffee pots and his dad has an insane inability to live without garlic salt. Oh, and he's haunted by the ghost of a fellow student who died horribly in a bus accident last year.

  • Safety With Animals teaches kids important skills, like, which wild snakes you should pick up - yes some are OK! In order to protect the lives of the many, the filmmakers risked the lives of the few, specifically one sweet, confused little boy. Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill as they try to pet a dumpster dog while picking up venomous snakes, then call Child Protective Services on Safety With Animals!

  • Say No To Strangers presents a world that's mostly sunshine, friendly policemen, and hopscotch...but also the occasional driver who pulls over to offer a some-strings-attached lollipop while patting the empty passenger seat. Mike, Bill, and Kevin encourage you to Say No To Strangers, and also to Evites, and pretty much anybody you've ever known, met, or loved. Just stay home by yourself.

  • Tic Toc Time Clock tells the tale of a gym coach gone rogue. Instead of rope-climbing or push ups, he makes his students arrange themselves in clock formations on the ground, presumably as part of some ancient ritual meant to make people finally like gym coaches. He fails. As will any kids who learned to tell time from Tic Toc Time Clock!

  • We've all been there: enjoying a nice TV dinner of Swanson's "Slightly Bigger Than Bite Size" salisbury steak (seems irresponsible on their part frankly), when all of a sudden BOOM! The person across from the table starts choking and you really should know what to do in order to save their life. So watch this short, then do the exact opposite, and you should be fine.

  • A group of children, possibly detainees in a secret government prison, are put through a series of "exercises" meant to replicate the motions of common devices familiar to, y'know, an antique coffee grinder. But at least the motions...are also confusing and really dumb. Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for the hallucinatory gym class fever of Perc! Pop! Sprinkle!

  • Our main protagonist is a Ginger Walrus who lands the big interview with a boss who is in no way overcompensating for his baldness by growing a ridiculous beard. Will our hero smooth talk his way into a dream job? Or will he mistakenly inform the delusional man interviewing him that he looks like the worst Wooly Willy variation imaginable in a suit. Join Mike, Kevin and Bill to find out!

  • You'll learn important lessons as you watch a narrator impose sentient thought on a bunch of drugged-up animals, but the true lesson of The Hare & The Tortoise is that you should study hard in school so you don't end up being the guy who has to clean up after the animals on the set of The Hare & The Tortoise.

  • Love That Car! is a short about automobile safety narrated in the style of the "nnnnnYEEES?" clerk guy you'll recognize from the Flintstones and the Simpsons. That sentence should really be all the convincing anyone needs to check this out immediately. Join us for Love That Car!, a swingin' trip back to the '60s: a time so free that everybody was gettin' some, even cars.

  • Farm Babies and their Mothers has a bunch of footage of cute baby animals running around. It has no educational content whatsoever. We think you'll agree that this is a perfectly acceptable trade off.

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