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  • 2008
  • 45 Seasons
  • 5.7  (82)

In 2007, the comedy stylings of Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett, and Michael J. Nelson made their way to Legend Films in the form of RiffTrax Shorts. This hilarious show consists of short films from the 1930s through the 1950s that have been given a comedic twist thanks to the riffing talents of the trio.

Each episode of RiffTrax Shorts features one or more short films that range from educational films to public service announcements. The three comedians add their own commentary to the films, turning them into something entirely different than their original purpose. The humor is often irreverent and absurd, making it the perfect show for those who enjoy a good belly laugh.

Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett, and Michael J. Nelson are all veterans of the comedic world. Murphy is best known for his work as the voice of Tom Servo on Mystery Science Theater 3000, while Corbett and Nelson both worked on the show as writers and performers. Together, these three have a chemistry that is undeniable, and their comedic timing is on point throughout each episode.

One of the standout aspects of RiffTrax Shorts is the sheer variety of films that are featured. From an educational film about venereal disease to a PSA about personal hygiene, each short provides a unique opportunity for the comedians to riff on their subject matter. They not only poke fun at the content of the films, but also at the dated presentation and technology used to create them.

Another aspect that sets RiffTrax Shorts apart from other comedies is its interactive nature. The comedians encourage audience participation throughout the show, often giving shoutouts to those who tweet or comment on the performances. This creates a sense of community among viewers, as they all collectively enjoy the humorous commentary.

While the trio's humor can be absurd and even crass at times, it is never mean-spirited. Their commentary is always focused on the absurdity of the films, and never directed at individuals. This makes the show suitable for all ages, and it can be enjoyed by families as well as individuals.

One of the highlights of RiffTrax Shorts is the sheer number of episodes available. With over 70 episodes, there is always something new and hilarious to watch. The episodes can be purchased individually or in bundles, making it easy for viewers to choose which shorts they would like to riff on.

In addition to the shorts themselves, RiffTrax Shorts also features some hilarious sketches and behind-the-scenes content. These sketches often parody popular films or TV shows, and are just as funny as the shorts themselves. The behind-the-scenes content provides an inside look at the making of the show, and gives viewers a chance to see the comedians in action.

Overall, RiffTrax Shorts is a highly entertaining and hilarious show that is perfect for anyone who loves comedy. Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett, and Michael J. Nelson are masters at their craft, and their riffing on these vintage films is truly a work of art. With its variety of shorts, interactive nature, and behind-the-scenes content, RiffTrax Shorts is a must-watch for any comedy fan.

RiffTrax Shorts is a series that is currently running and has 45 seasons (328 episodes). The series first aired on April 1, 2008.

RiffTrax Shorts
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Senior Power
8. Senior Power
July 22, 2020
You'll learn self-defense techniques such as dumping the contents of your purse into the middle of the street, playing a recording of dogs, and actually hanging up the phone. Oh did we mention there are high-intensity police chases too? They really balance out the time nana spends drinking coffee at the bank. Join Bridget, Mary Jo and several narrators looking at cue cards for Senior Power!
Speak Up, Andrew!
7. Speak Up, Andrew!
July 21, 2020
It's Parents' Night at Andrew's school, and nerves are on edge. Andrew is a fifth-grader who has alienated everyone around him with his vague instructions and confusing driving directions. Will his presentation on how to communicate clearly heal the wounds of his classmates?
An Airplane Trip by Jet
6. An Airplane Trip by Jet
July 4, 2020
Sure, we've all taken Airplane Trips... Airplane Trips By Car, Airplane Trips By Foot, Airplane Trips By Your Nephew's Razor Scooter That You Borrowed And Accidentally Broke. Now, brace yourself for the newest kind of Airplane Trip of all, An Airplane Trip By Jet!
Appreciating Our Parents
5. Appreciating Our Parents
June 21, 2020
As you might guess, Appreciating Our Parents has a pretty heavy pro-parent bias. It focuses on Tommy, a little boy who apparently thinks his room just gets magically cleaned while he's away at school, and his meals delivered by angels, and his cowboy shirts mended by helpful gnomes. So what are you waiting for, put on your best cowboy shirt and get to appreciating!
First Aid for Children - I Can Do it Myself
4. First Aid for Children - I Can Do it Myself
May 23, 2020
First Aid! The bandages, the hydrogen peroxide, the tiny little scissors. So much fun, everybody loves it! But unfortunately, First Aid has always only been for adults... until now! That's right kids, it's your turn at last: First Aid for Children! Join Mike, Kevin and Bill for another fun entry in the "kids getting hurt" genre, it's First Aid for Children!
Arranging the Buffet Supper
3. Arranging the Buffet Supper
May 3, 2020
Are you considering having an informal gathering where people serve themselves the food you've prepared? Not So Fast! First, you'll need to complete this course, Arranging The Buffet Supper. Together with Bridget and Mary Jo, you'll learn how to put food and forks on a table, and other hard stuff! (This counts toward Continuing Education credits.)
Little Red Riding Hood
2. Little Red Riding Hood
April 11, 2020
This short features a wolf costume that was definitely once used in some sort of ritual. All the human actors seem deeply suspicious of the cameraman, possibly because they were worried his camera was capturing their soul. All in all, it's the sort of delightful tale that you could easily imagine Santa telling a bunch of disinterested kids on the beach right before the Ice Cream Bunny shows up.
Beginning Responsibility: A Lunchroom Goes Bananas
1. Beginning Responsibility: A Lunchroom Goes Bananas
March 24, 2020
It's got claymation food that goes on strike, student investigative reporters, and a boy with an unexplained rat on his shoulder. What it doesn't have is a clear point or reason for existing. Learn some lessons from a talking eggplant, get yourself a steaming bowl of banana soup, and join Mike, Kevin and Bill in the cafeteria for Beginning Responsibility: A Lunchroom Goes Bananas!
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RiffTrax Shorts is available for streaming on the Legend Films website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch RiffTrax Shorts on demand at Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    April 1, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    5.7  (82)