Gumby's Best Episodes: The Original Adventures

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These episodes follow the classic adventures of Gumby and his best friend Pokey the horse as they are dogged by the always inept but pesky Blockheads. Created by stop motion claymation pioneer and artist Art Clokey and his wife Ruth in the 1950s, they were all sculpted and produced by hand in clay one frame at a time. Premiering on The Howdy Doody show, they proved so popular that they eventually became their own show, The Adventures of Gumby (from which the episodes in this collection are selected).

As charming today as they were when new, these lighthearted adventures are a fun look into the infancy of the stop motion animation industry that we enjoy today. Included are sixteen classic episodes: Tree Trouble, Lion Drive, Yard Work Made Easy, Sad King Otts Daughter, The Blockheads, Gumby's Concerto, The Glob, Bakers Tour, The Black Knight, The Kachinas, In a Fix, The Witty Witch, The Groobee, Gumby Racer, Rain for Roo and Hidden Valley.

Legend Films
1 Season, 16 Episodes
January 1, 1957
Animation & Cartoon Classic Kids & Family
Gumby's Best Episodes: The Original Adventures

Gumby's Best Episodes: The Original Adventures Full Episode Guide

  • The adventure is on and Gumby and Pokey find something much better than land in their trek to find the elusive "Hidden Valley."

  • The Kingdom of Roo needs rain, and it's up to Gumby and Pokey to fill the bill.

  • It's a full-fledged race and anyone could take the trophy, will it be Gumby and Pokey? The Blockheads? It's anybody's guess!

  • The groobee doesn't build honeycombs like other bees, he builds crates around animals. It's just what Gumby needs to help out his friend the Zookeeper!

  • The ever-witty witch finds herself a "captive audience" for her one-witch show!

  • Gumby builds a stall for Pokey, but gets himself into a bind when he can't take it down.

  • Gumby and Pokey follow their Indian-friend to the place of the rain spirits, who promise to bring life giving water to the land... but the spirits must receive their due!

  • Gumby must defeat the terrorizing Black Knight in a jousting tournament so that the villagers can be free from the Dragon!

  • Gumby and Pokey are persuaded to take a tour of the oven led by Mr. Bread Dough.

  • Gumby takes up sculpting, but he and Pokey are in for a surprise when his first piece comes to life to pursue them!

  • A musical celebration combining rhythm and claymation into a concert for the ears and eyes.

  • Gumby and Pokey evade their Blockhead pursuers by entering different lands inside storybooks.

  • Watch Gumby and Pokey try to help the poor King rescue his daughter with only a 25-cent toy!

  • Gumby goes to play with Pokey after getting a group of robots to do his chores for him.

  • Mr. Lion learns to drive, taking Gumby and Pokey for a ride they'll never forget!

  • Mr. Owl effectively teaches Gumby and Pokey a lesson about the importance of asking permission with a story of three beaver children who build a damn without checking with their parents!