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SheZow is a children's animated television series from 2012 about a Guy, boy who accidentally gained the powers and abilities of the female superhero SheZow after slipping on his aunt's power ring. Unfortunately for Guy, the ring's powers only activate when he's dressed as a girl.

Each episode of SheZow is 11 minutes long, with two episodes being paired together during broadcasts-one airing before the commercial break and one afterward.

Saturday 12:30PM ET | 9:30AM PT on Hub
1 Season, 24 Episodes
June 1, 2013
Action & Adventure, Kids & Family, Comedy
Cast: Sam Vincent, Matt Hill, Diana Kaarina, Jacqueline Brennan

SheZow Full Episode Guide

  • When Guy brings back Maz's missing Uncle Link from an uncharted island, the boys get unexpected fame and start a viral dance craze.

  • Fourteen year-old, Guy Hamdon accidentally becomes a superhero but the ring that gives him his powers was only meant to be worn by a woman.

  • When the villains of Megadale use mind control to get the Mayor to hand over the key to the city, SheZow has to break the law to shut down Evil Villains Day.

  • Kelly gets to be SheZow for a Day and does such a good job at it that Guy gets jealous but when an angry Goof Bot returns to Megadale she'll need Guy's help.

  • After SheZow becomes a successful PSA spokesperson he must find McSniff the Crime Prevention Poodle before the crime rate soars out of control.

  • Guy has begun transforming into SheZow against his will at random times, and seeks the help of a superhero guru to regain control.

  • Guy finds an animal that he adopts as a pet, naming him "Maz Junior". However, the creature is also desired by a wealthy man named Aristotle, who partakes in the illegal hobby of collecting endangered species, and Maz Junior happens to be a "Squeezirtian Reptilizoid", a creature who's lizard powers are unparalleled in the animal kingdom, and is the last one of his kind.

  • In order to get themselves a pool, Guy and Kelly sign their family up to be on "Pools for Fools", a backyard renovation reality show hosted by Sarcazmo the Great, a magician who's renovation magic only works on backyards. Desperate to improve ratings and save his show, Sarcazmo amps things up to dangerous levels, causing SheZow to have to put a stop to it.

  • In She-D | SheZow gains the power to randomly disappear and reappear.Fibberachee | Jealousy causes Fibberachee to hatch a plan to destroy SheZow.

  • ShePal | SheZow shows a school reporter what a superhero's day is like. The Pigeon | Guy stages a pillow fight, and the feathers wake up a giant mutant bird.

  • Momnesia: While rearranging the feng-shui in her home, Droosha accidentally stumbles upon the She-Lair and Guy's secret, and wants to spend time with him fighting crime, unfortunately, she begins to wear on Guy's nerves a bit, especially when she plans to reveal to the whole town that her son is SheZow, which would force them to enter the Superhero Relocation Program on the moon. Meanwhile, Boxter is depressed that nobody in the family has remembered his birthday.Sidekick name: Food Court JesterMain villain(s): First Two giant robots, Then Senor Yo-Yo (Cameos only)

  • BrouHaHa: To raise money for props for a viral video, Guy and Maz sell some of Aunt Agnes's old things at a yard sale. However, unknown to them, a vaccum cleaner they sold, was actually a containment device, holding a dangerous trickster named Brouhaha.Sidekick name: The UtensilMain villain(s): BrouHaHa

  • A Walk in My Heels: Kelly is picnicking when suddenly a giant mannequin named Manny Ken starts wrecking things. SheZow uses vanishing cream to turn invisible. The monster throws a car at Kelly and SheZow, unseen, destroys it - making Kelly think she did it. Convinced she has powers, Kelly becomes Her-Culese and Maz her sidekick Ridiculeez. The heroes enjoy new found fame as SheZow continues to secretly assist them. Kellys ego gets very big and she starts to take the spotlight from Maz. Eventually, SheZow realizes its time he quit playing with her. During a parade Manny Ken attacks and just as hes about to hit Kelly, SheZow saves the day. SheZow tells Kelly the truth and together they defeat the monster. Later, Manny Ken works as a greeter at a Mega Mini Mart. Kelly knew all he ever wanted was a job and hed be happy.Sidekick name: Ridi-culesMain villain(s): Manny Ken

  • Babysitter Jitters: Guys parents, Droosha and Boxter, are getting ready for the annual police ball where Boxter is about to receive an award. The baby sitter calls in sick and SheZow offers to baby sit for them instead. Boxter isnt so sure, but Droosha is fine with it and takes her husband to the event. Later, Kelly and Maz put on some anti-aging cream that turns them into six year olds. They cause chaos in the She Lair, just as a she-mergency alerts that all the animals have been let out of the zoo. SheZow heads to the zoo with the kids and puts all of the animals back in their pens. When he returns to the SheHicle he finds Maz and Kelly are gone. The cream has turned them into babies, allowing them to escape their car seats. SheZow rescues baby Maz from being eaten by a lion and stops baby Kelly from biting a dingo. At the ball Boxter is receiving his award when Tara and Mega Monkey arrive and freeze everyone with Taras freeze gun. SheZow arrives and fights the villains. In the process, Tara accidently freezes Mega Monkey and baby Kelly squirts Tara with the anti-aging cream. This turns Tara into a baby and she flees into a portal with a frozen Mega Monkey. Sheila tells SheZow that if he removes the anti from the cream, Maz and Kelly will age back to normal. It works! Everyone unthaws and Kelly tells her parents what a wonderful babysitter SheZow was.Sidekick name: NoneMain villain(s): Mega Monkey & Tara

  • SheZow tries to help his favorite wrestler overcome his fears.

  • After watching a chick flick, SheZow gains super-empathy and can no longer use violence against enemies.

  • After Guy wins the trillionth fortune cookie from the Number One Chinese Restaurant he must face mob boss Big Chow Slim and his ninjas.

  • Family Tree: Guy, Kelly and Maz are in class when their teacher tells Kelly she must help Guy on their family tree report. At home, Guy accidently destroys Kellys report in a paper shredder. Sheila tells Guy that Mega Monkey has gone back in time and is causing trouble. SheZow and Guy use the SheHicle to travel back in time where they encounter several SheZows, including a 1920s flapper and a sheriff from 1878. The boys chase Mega Monkey all the way to the dinosaur times. There they are attacked by a T-Rex when Sheanderthal, the first SheZow, appears and rescues them. Together they defeat Mega Monkey and get safely back to their time. Guys teacher gives him an A+ on his paper.Sidekick name: Time Travel BoyMain villain(s): Mega Monkey

  • Stuck Up: Maz plays an awesome YouTube video that he shot of SheZow kicking bad guy butt which has three million views. Just then Sheila tells them that Megadale has created a stamp in SheZows honor and a holiday called SheZoween. SheZow gets so stuck up that things literally start to stick to him. Kelly tells Guy that in order to cure this he must learn to be humble and that means being her servant. Guy does everything she asks but it still isnt helping and now his head is growing in size. At the SheZoween festival, Guy gives an arrogant speech that makes his head grow so large it almost explodes. Before this can happen the crowd boos, giving him a slice of humble pie which cures him of his ego-itis.Sidekick name: NoneMain villain(s): Mocktopus, Cold Finger, & SeƱor Yo-Yo (Cameos only)

  • Glamageddon: SheZow appears on a TV show hosted by the very jovial Gideon Gushy to a packed studio audience including Kelly and Maz. Gideon brings out a very special guest from SheZows past, Tara , a former sidekick. Filled with jealousy, Tara attacks SheZow with her blasters. After SheZow leaves the battle before the police arrive, Boxter invites Tara to join the Hamdons for dinner. Over dinner Tara announces that shell be challenging SheZow to fight in GLAMAGEDDON! SheZow trains with Droosha for the event. All of Megadale is in attendance as Tara and SheZow duke it out with chop socky moves and crazy laser sword action. SheZow triumphs over Tara and ends up the number one hero.Sidekick name: The GripMain villain(s): Tara

  • Cold Finger: Guy and Maz make a user-generated video for Buttwipe. Kelly insists SheZow speak at SheZow Con. Guy resists speaking as SheZow at SheZow Con until he is certain that Sheila, his supercomputer, will feed him the answers in the Q&A. Appearing at SheZow Con, SheZow pleases his fans then ends up battling a kooky villain named Cold Finger. SheZow and Maz win the Buttwipe video contest and use the grand prize to vanquish Cold Finger.Sidekick name: MEAT-eor ManMain villain(s): Cold Finger

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