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  • 2013
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.6  (624)

Wizards vs. Aliens is a British television series that aired on the Hub channel from 2012 to 2014. Created by Russell T. Davies and Phil Ford, the show followed the adventures of a young wizard named Tom Clarke (played by Scott Haran) and his friend and science-fiction fan Benny Sherwood (Percelle Ascott) as they battled an alien race known as the Nekross.

Set in modern-day Britain, the show began with the arrival of the Nekross, a race of extraterrestrial beings who feed off magic. Their presence threatened to expose the existence of wizards, who had been living in secret among humans for centuries. Tom, a young wizard who had lost his family to the Nekross, vowed to stop them at all costs, aided by Benny and his own magical abilities.

Over the course of three seasons, Tom and Benny faced a variety of challenges and adventures as they battled the Nekross, who were led by the ruthless warlord Varg (played by Michael Higgs). Along the way, they encountered a number of other magical creatures, including the friendly Tylers, who lived in an alternate dimension, and the powerful rogue wizard Randal Moon (played by Brian Blessed).

One of the show's strengths was its use of mythology and folklore from around the world. Although the wizards were primarily based on the Western tradition, the show also introduced elements from other cultures, such as the Chinese myth of the Monkey King, who appeared as a recurring character. The Nekross themselves were inspired by the stories of witches and vampires, as well as classic science-fiction concepts like the Borg from Star Trek.

Another key feature of Wizards vs. Aliens was its character development. Tom and Benny were both complex and likable protagonists, with distinct personalities and flaws. Tom struggled with his grief and anger over his family's death, which at times led him into dark territory. Benny, meanwhile, was a geeky outsider who found acceptance through his friendship with Tom, but still struggled to fit in at school and at home.

The show also had a strong supporting cast, including Tom's mentor, the wise and enigmatic wizard Ursula Crowe (played by Annette Badland). Ursula was a key figure in the wizarding world, and proved to be a valuable ally to Tom and Benny throughout their battles with the Nekross. Other notable characters included Tom's love interest, Katie (played by Gwendoline Christie), and Benny's mother, played by Arsher Ali.

In addition to its compelling characters and imaginative world-building, Wizards vs. Aliens also boasted impressive production values. The special effects were top-notch, with the show's wizards and aliens rendered in impressive detail. The show also made excellent use of its locations, with many scenes taking place in real-world locations around Britain.

Overall, Wizards vs. Aliens was an entertaining and engaging show that combined elements of fantasy and science fiction in a unique and compelling way. Although the show was aimed at a younger audience, its engaging characters, exciting action scenes, and intriguing mythology made it enjoyable for audiences of all ages. Despite its relatively short run, the show left a lasting impression on fans, who continue to celebrate the show's legacy to this day.

Wizards vs. Aliens is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (38 episodes). The series first aired on May 20, 2013.

Wizards vs. Aliens
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Twlight Falls: Part 2
10. Twlight Falls: Part 2
November 25, 2014
Using the Chamber of Crowe as his gateway, Warlock threatens to destroy the Line of Twilight and take his revenge on the Dayside, once and for all. Trapped aboard the Zarantulus, Tom must overcome his deepest fears to save world.
Twlight Falls: Part 1
9. Twlight Falls: Part 1
November 24, 2014
When Moon learns that Lady Lyzera intends to use the Key of Bones to bargain with, and release, Warlock from his centuries-long imprisonment on the Neverside, he races to Blackhawk Abbey to stop her, leaving the Chamber of Crowe in danger.
The Key of Bones: Part 2
8. The Key of Bones: Part 2
November 18, 2014
Tom, Michael, and Simeon are trapped with Varg and Lyzera in a deadly quest for the Key of Bones by the Quest-Master. Negotiating a maze of puzzles in an abandoned castle, the group must work together, knowing any mistake could be deadly.
The Key of Bones: Part 1
7. The Key of Bones: Part 1
November 17, 2014
Tom finds himself torn between the exciting world of his grandfather and the grounded, yet unenchanted influence of Michael. When Simeon discovers further evidence of the growing tears in the Line of Twilight, he proposes a great quest.
The Daughters of Stone: Part 2
6. The Daughters of Stone: Part 2
November 11, 2014
Tom and Ursula are stunned when Tom's grandfather, Simeon Swann, returns from the Neverside after 30 years. The family reunion is cut short when Old Bethesta kidnaps Ursula to drain her Magic to help free her own daughters from a spell.
The Daughters of Stone: Part 1
5. The Daughters of Stone: Part 1
November 10, 2014
With Benny in America, Katie contacts Tom to express her belief that the Blackberry Theatre is haunted. Tom believes otherwise and is proven correct. A tear in the Line of Twilight has brought the witch Old Bethesta back to the Dayside.
The Quantum Effect: Part 2
4. The Quantum Effect: Part 2
November 4, 2014
Jathro's master plan to rule Earth by harnessing light energy quickly unravels, and the energy begins to leak out into the Earth's atmosphere. Worse still, the energy begins to impact the atomic structure of the entire human race.
The Quantum Effect: Part 1
3. The Quantum Effect: Part 1
November 3, 2014
While Ursula and Michael investigate reports of a red demon on the moors, Benny receives an invitation from eccentric scientist Adam Wright to visit Brook Mill Radio Telescope. Adam is close to reversing the effects of climate change.
The Secret Room 12: Part 2
2. The Secret Room 12: Part 2
October 28, 2014
The Nekross are back and have brought a new threat in the form of Varg's manipulative new wife, The Lady Lyzera. With the alien Consolidation drilling beneath the school to extract the Earth's core, Tom must strike a deal with Varg.
The Secret Room 12: Part 1
1. The Secret Room 12: Part 1
October 27, 2014
With the Nekross gone, Tom and Benny's lives return to normal. However, when everyone at Kings Park School begins to behave as if they have become possessed, Tom and Benny fear that their enemies have returned.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 20, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (624)