Littlest Pet Shop: Wolfified

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When Littlest Pets Sunil and Vinnie hear some howling from the inside of the pet shop while watching a scary werewolf movie, they suspect their friends of being secret werewolves! When they hear the howls again, and see their friend Russell's shadow they jump to the conclusion that Russell must be turning into a werewolf. However, when they come after Russell with a mirror and garlic, he informs them that those are for repelling vampires, not werewolves, and that if anyone is a werewolf, it would be a dog named Zoe, since she is related to the wolves. Eventually, the solve the mystery!

1 Season, 5 Episodes
April 6, 2013
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Ashleigh Ball, Sam Vincent, Peter New, Kyle Rideout
Littlest Pet Shop: Wolfified

Littlest Pet Shop: Wolfified Full Episode Guide

  • Blythe comes down with a bad cold and finds she can't understand the pets anymore while Vinnie is accidentally transported to the dump and has to find his way back home through the dangerous city streets.

  • Russell hitches a ride to school with Blythe inside her new backpack and promptly gets lost while back at the pet shop, a temporarily bandaged Zoe asks Penny Ling to relay her true feelings to a handsome doggie day camper, Digby.

  • Sunil switches places with Shahrukh, a famous movie mongoose and discovers that the life of a film star isn't all it's cracked up to be while the pets find spending the day with the pampered and demanding Shahrukh to be exhausting and annoying.

  • When Mrs. Twombly discovers that she's been outbid at an auction for a highly coveted doorknob by Fisher Biskit, she and Blythe take a visit to the Biskit mansion to see it in person.